About Me

Hey there, I’m Martin. A car audio passionate, founder and editor at ImproveCarAudio, with over two decades of experience in this fascinating field.

My journey began back in 1993 while still attending a technical college in automotive technology. I was captivated by both the engineering marvels that make up our vehicles and the science of sound that powers their audio systems.

From the moment I purchased my first single DIN radio – a vintage Pioneer cassette player – I was hooked.

I immersed myself in all things car audio, devouring every piece of information I could get my hands on and always thirst for more, so soon I graduated to amplifiers.

My first was a 2×120 W Mac Audio Ninja, a fantastic piece of engineering still with me today. This early interest evolved into a hands-on exploration as I began experimenting with speakers of different sizes, types, and locations within the car.

The first experiment I remember was installing a free-air subwoofer on my car’s rear deck. I was so happy with this achievement. Unfortunately, it did not perform to my expectations (to be more specific, the sound was horrible, haha), but it was an important part of my learning journey.

This experiment eventually led me to buy a monster 15″ Pyle Driver subwoofer. Installed in a ported enclosure that blew air directly onto the rear window of my VW Scirocco, this setup nearly caused my license plate to fall off due to the powerful vibrations, so I had to put longer screws and rubber distance rings behind the plate.

This experience was awesome, and the beast of a subwoofer transformed my car into the loudest in town back then.

As I delved deeper into the world of car audio installations, I became a go-to advisor for those looking to improve their own car audio, leveraging my hands-on experience to guide their choices. It was a transformative time in the industry – larger radios were beginning to appear, CDs and multimedia were taking the stage, and touchscreens were still a future innovation.

In response to these rapid changes and my growing passion, I took a decisive step and became a car audio installation expert at MECP. This certification not only validated my hands-on experience but also solidified my commitment to stay at the forefront of the industry’s developments.

My motivation to start ImproveCarAudio stems from my ambition to create the world’s number one go-to source for all things car audio. While there is a plethora of information people can find, the level of detail, clarity, and passion I desire is often missing. Too many resources are vague and lack the hands-on expertise and love for car audio that I’ve cultivated over the years.

My goal with ImproveCarAudio is to fill that gap. I’m committed to testing equipment, providing detailed reviews, drawing insightful comparisons, and continually learning and growing in this field. The journey might be challenging, but my passion for car audio is the driving force behind it.

Over the years, I’ve been humbled and motivated by the positive responses I’ve received. Numerous individuals have reached out with heartfelt thanks, expressing how my advice and support have helped them navigate the intricate world of car audio. Their words mean a lot and fuel my dedication to continue providing in-depth, accessible information about car audio systems.

I understand that diving into the world of car audio can bring up many questions and if you have any, do not wait. Reach out to me through the contact form or email at [email protected].

You can also contact me directly at [email protected].