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Are car speakers waterproof?

We all know that while driving in the rain, there are few things as relaxing as listening to favorite music.

With the rain outside or worse when someone is spilling water or drink inside your car, you may be wondering if the speakers would be safe.

Typical car speakers are not waterproof and can even be damaged by rainwater coming into your car through the windows. Speakers installed in your car are meant to be enclosed and protected by the plastic that covers them. Most speakers are not flush against their covers either, allowing any spilled liquids to simply runoff.

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This then creates the question of how there can be cars flooded when driving through rivers, but their speakers still work. Or, in rare cases, cars that are left open to the weather and are still able to play the music.

While standard cars do not have waterproof speakers, there are cases where the speaker systems have been made waterproof and are more than capable of withstanding water.

Here’s how to make your speakers survive a bath in any liquid, or just how to know when you should replace them.

What makes speakers waterproof?

When an audio system is initially installed in a car, several locations are built for them, and sometimes these areas are made weatherproof. These areas can have installed standard speakers, which become waterproof when placed in the sealed boxes. These are not waterproof speakers, but their enclosures are.

are car speakers waterproof

Waterproof speakers can be identified by their complete housing, with rubber or silicone seals around all cables. These speakers have plastic or are covered with special coating cones, and completely sealed magnets, including all wiring.

Waterproof car speakers are heavier than standard ones and usually require more power from the amplifier, especially those placed in the sealed boxes.

Waterproof speakers will often come in complete housings, requiring you to install them with only a few screws, unlike normal speakers where you may have to install complete wiring.

Is waterproof the same as water-resistant?

There are many ways to make products safe from water, with many labels confusing those who need to buy the products. When it comes to installing speakers in your cars that need to survive harsher conditions knowing what the misleading labeling can be and what they mean is vital to building a proper sound system.

Water-resistant speakers are similar to waterproof with a small difference:

  • Water-resistant simply means that small spills and high humidity will not damage the speakers.
  • Waterproof means that the speaker can be submerged to certain depths of water and not be damaged.

Many people who are not aware of this difference will buy the wrong speakers and install them incorrectly, causing their damage or worse, damage to the entire audio system.

Water-resistant speakers can withstand some heavy water for short periods of time. However, water will likely cause more or less damage, and speakers have to be entirely dried before further playing the music after contacting the water.

Damage can include anything from components rusting after being submerged, to the cone breaking apart in the water.

Do waterproof speakers sound good?

The most important thing about all speakers is not how complex they are to set up or how much water they can resist before finally giving in.

The universal thing that all speakers must be able to do is to deliver great sounds and music. It is worth remembering that speakers are always judged by the quality of the sound they eventually produce.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on the speakers, the quality can be equal or greater than their standard counterparts.

However, with two similar sizes speakers, one being normal the other waterproof, the waterproof speaker will usually deliver softer sounds than the standard speaker. This is owing to the way waterproof speakers are designed and the restrictions in their surroundings.

For waterproof speakers to function properly, they must already be in sealed compartments. This means that the speakers can have some type of casing that limits the sound that they can produce, but on the other hand, they are usually louder than their standard equivalents because if designed for playing the music in the open air, they have to deal with all sort of surrounding noises including winds.

Fortunately, any sounds limitations in modern speakers are rare, and their design does not compromise sound quality.

Can I use waterproof speakers in my car?

It is easy to say that there are as many combinations of speakers in the world as cars driving every day. Owners are always trying to make new additions or improvements to their car audio system, therefore it is not easy to find two identical sound systems installed.

If you own an off-roading vehicle or live in a part of the world where the rain can be constant, you may be wondering if you can save your speakers from being damaged, and the easiest way to do this is to purchase waterproof speakers.

If you take the time to purchase the right speakers, you can install waterproof speakers in your car that might sound even better than the standard speakers used in normal conditions.

Although the majority of the speakers have a standard size, waterproof speakers can be more massive and will require changes to the mounting positions or other modifications that standard cars will not always be compatible with.

The easiest way for offroad cars is to install waterproof speakers on the roof bars, but finding good speakers for standard car locations is also not difficult.

For example, great ones are 6.5″ coaxial Polk Audio DB652 that can be mounted in the standard 6.5″ mounting holes but have marine certification. They are available on Amazon, so if you want to have good waterproof speakers, click this link and see the latest price.

what makes car speakers waterproof

Why would I install waterproof speakers in my car?

While you are wondering what the benefits of waterproof speakers in your car, you may find yourself wondering why anyone would do so. The benefits could be limited, not allowing you to easily understand why someone would decide to install them.

Many people install waterproof speakers in their car because they live close to coastal regions where the high humidity damage their current speakers.

Some people like to smoke while driving even when it rains, or on the more extreme side, people with older cars live in areas where flooding occurs. These examples are all on the extreme side, and many people will simply prefer knowing that their speakers are safer to bring them through the day.

Having waterproof speakers in your car will mean that you can feel a lot more at ease, not letting your speakers ever be damaged by liquids inside or outside your vehicle.

Car owners who like to show off their speaker systems often install them to ensure that they can blast music to impress those around them even in the rain.

Can I make speakers waterproof?

There are several ways of making existing speakers waterproof, with some sealants or special casings that let you keep water away with ease. When you install the normal speakers in your car, you can sometimes see easy ways of making the entire compartment waterproof as well.

Simply creating a box where water cannot reach your speaker will get you to have a waterproof speaker in your car. While the sound can sometimes be distorted if done wrongly, you should be able to easily build a system that sounds good and keeps most water away.


Car speakers are not waterproof but that is not the end of the world. Keeping water away from them is however much easier than making them waterproof.

As you see, installing waterproof speakers could save you money, headaches, and a lot of time. Just be sure to have the right song playing when you first test the full system together.