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Are Focal Car Speakers Worth the Money?

I was looking into upgrading my car’s stereo system recently and came across the Focal range of car speakers. At this price point, I asked myself if they were worth the price, so I started doing some more research.

As an active audiophile, I wanted to make sure that the speakers I was upgrading to were high quality in their sound and structure while not compromising on price.

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Focal speakers are definitely worth the money. From their longstanding history of well-built and high-quality speakers to their focus on customer experience by ensuring their lines are specific for car brands, it’s clear to see why their company has the reputation they do. Without a shadow of a doubt, Focal speakers are some of the most durable, dependable, and solid speakers I’ve used in my car that are worth their price point.

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Tip: Everyone deserves the highest quality of the car audio system. Focal speakers provide us with the feeling that we have installed something special, a little bit of unique luxury in our car.

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Why Focal Car Speakers Are Worth the Money?

are focal car speakers worth the money

On the market since 1979, Focal has been at the front of creating benchmark acoustic equipment of quality.

They mix technology, mechanics, materials, and design to produce a truly unique listening experience that is tailored to your wants and needs. 

The speakers rank highly on people’s lists because they offer amazing sound clarity and handle a high amount of power. This pair with a protective, stable housing to keep all components safe and the lightweight rubber surrounds absorb the shock created while you drive or from the speakers’ sound vibrations.

Focal has put a lot of effort into the engineering of their speakers – both inside and out. The internal components work together to create a speaker that sounds amazing in any setting.

Whether you’re using them in a home theatre or in your car, you’re always getting the same high quality across their entire range. Their outer components and material are made with quality in mind as well. 

are focal good speakers

Are Focal speakers good?

If you want to understand this car audio masterpiece better, watch this short video, where Mark from Car Audio Fabrication explains Focal quality:

Sound quality

Focal produce, without a doubt, high-quality speakers that any audiophile would be familiar with. And this is not just the car speakers. Also, their floor-standing models are already a fan-favorite and offer excellent sound quality for their price.

You can trust Focal to deliver the same high-quality build and sound across any range of models, from home speakers to car speakers. 


Made to withstand both driving and the vibrations caused by sound levels, Focal has designed car speakers in a way that protects them while in your vehicle.

The materials they use for each component of their speakers are of high quality to ensure they last and withstand while keeping the sound quality pristine. There are some technologies that are unique to each line of speakers, which is why it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right system for your needs. 

why focal car speakers are good

Why are Focal speakers so expensive?

Focal car speakers are made from a solid French design and manufacturer. They can handle a lot of power and sound natural compared to other systems on the market.

If you really care about the quality of your car audio system, then investing in the top shelf and long-lasting speakers is better in the long run. 

What makes Focal speakers good is what makes them an investment. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that goes into the speakers allows them to be of much higher quality, producing better sound and quality for you.

They are solid speakers that deliver on their message of exceptional sound.

are focal car speakers worth it

What are the Focal lines in car speakers?

They offer a range of speakers depending on individual wants and needs out of a car system.

The Plug & Play line is 100% compatible with factory systems and makes it incredibly easy for you to install it yourself in your car. The kits are designed to help you with your specific vehicle, so you shouldn’t face any issues with this.

This line is made for those who want a high-quality sound system that is easy to install and can be done quickly to get you moving with your improved audio. This is the line I ended up choosing in the end.

Elite Line

The Elite line is produced with precious materials and boasts exceptional acoustic qualities. This also uses their new Utopia M line, which boasts a sound experience elevated to a level that hasn’t been achieved before. 

They’re handmade in Focal’s French workshops and use a high-end cone profile and unique chassis to create a subtle mix of tradition, performance, and elegance. 

Performance Line

The Performance line is all about looks. If you’re trying to achieve a beautiful, powerful sound system, then this is the line for you.

The assertive design doesn’t compromise on sound quality either, so you know that you’re getting the same level of sound quality that you would expect from Focal in a beautifully designed system for your car.

Access Line

The Access line performs just as well as the Integration. These feature Focal’s patented inverted-dome tweeters, which disperse high frequencies evenly with fine resolution.

Most of their tweeters feature this same technology, which allows you the peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the same high-quality experience across all of their lines. They’re strong and lightweight, allowing them to easily have unimpeded cone movement and quick heat dissipation, as well as plenty of venting to help with cooling.

Access line from Focal offers speakers in standard sizes that can be installed in any car. A couple of weeks ago, I replaced my door speakers with Focal 165 AC Access 6-1/2″ and could not be happier with a choice. 

Integration Line

Their Integration line uses the same audiophile-grade high-fidelity car audio system technology as you would find in their home speakers.

This means you get the same pristine quality you’d hear at home in your car. Their cones are made out of Polyglass, a material that allows them to stay rigid and avoid distortion, which is important at high volumes. They also allow you the flexibility to adjust the tweeters and aim them towards the driver, so you get the best audio experience from these.

The integration line offers not only standard size speakers, but also customized “Plug & Play” factory replacement for brands like BMW, Ford, Toyota, or Harley Davidson. For example, a great speaker is ICC-BMW-100, which can be installed in the majority of BMW and Mini vehicles.

Focal speakers are available on Amazon, so if you are looking for a top-class replacement for your factory speakers, click this link and check the latest price.

How to choose the right line for you

Focal has gone the extra mile with designing car audio systems that are specific to car brands to ensure optimal compatibility and to make installation as easy as possible.

By choosing your car’s brand from the list on their website, they’ll tailor the list to show you exactly which speakers are compatible with your vehicle.

This takes the guesswork out of choosing which speaker is right for you to make sure you get it right the first time.

Their coaxial and component kits can be combined with a subwoofer and an amplifier (depending on requirements and taste) to give your car subtle acoustics. Such a combination allows you to tailor the experience; however, you would like to make sure your car’s sound system is exactly how you want it to be.

This flexibility, paired with the quality not only of the speakers but also of the sound quality coming through them, is what makes Focal speakers such a frontrunner in any audiophile’s speaker inventory. 


Focal speakers are definitely worth the money. From their longstanding history of well-built and high-quality speakers to their focus on customer experience by ensuring their lines are specific for car brands, it’s clear to see why their company has the reputation they do. 

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What else do I need in my car’s audio system? 

Other than speakers, replacing the car’s factory radio can also make a huge difference.

From here, you can add an amplifier for more power and a subwoofer for more bass. These combined will elevate your car’s audio system to the next level.

My speakers are distorted, are they broken? 

First of all, check your audio inputs. If it’s a radio or MP3 player/cell phone, check the source first. Ensure that the source volume is high before raising the volume on your speakers.

If this doesn’t help, check the wirings as the distortion could be coming from faulty installation. If this still isn’t the cause, maybe it doesn’t have the wattage capacity. In this case, it might be time to look into adding an amp to your audio system.

Even a small 2-channel amp can drastically improve a speaker’s performance.