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Are Infinity Kappa Car Speakers Good? A Detailed Review

Reliable car speakers bring life to your music. They make your long journeys more bearable, especially when coupled with a fully functional, high-quality amplifier working behind the scenes. 

While searching for your speakers, you’ve probably come across Infinity Kappa. But are Infinity Kappa speakers any good?

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Infinity Kappa CSX do not only look classy and stylish but also play really well. Thanks to the textile dome tweeters, music sound clear, natural, and not too crispy and sharp like from other speakers with metal tweeters.

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Tip: Before you can even think about bringing new speakers onboard, you need to consider a few things:

How much do the speakers cost?

Where are you going to install them?

How much space is available?

What brand do you trust the most?

Remember, choosing good car speakers is not as easy as it seems. There are tons of speakers in the market with some crazy good specs you can’t miss out on.

In this article, I dive deeper into two types of Infinity Kappa from its top CSX series, the 6.5″ Infinity Kappa 60CSX and 6×9 Infinity Kappa 90CSX. I will show you their strengths and weaknesses to help you determine if they are the best choice for your car.

Infinity Kappa 60CSX

Infinity’s reign over the car speaker industry has been nothing short of iconic. Since the late 1960s, the company has continuously released successful car speakers and other accessories, making its mark among the top car audio equipment producers around the globe.

From the looks of it, Infinity aims at making top-quality speakers with premium features available to its customers at a reasonable price.

If you love detailed lows and highs in your music, then you’ll definitely love the Infinity Kappa 60CSX car speakers. Behind the beautiful, black, elegant enclosure, you’ll find a wide range of features specially designed for you.

Even better, Infinity doesn’t stop at beautiful designs, using top-quality materials, or attempting to deliver the ultimate listening experience to its buyers. Instead, they go a step further and put their products through a series of tests to push them to their limits. 

Infinity Kappa 60CSX General Specs

  • 6.5″ speakers
  • Uni-Pivot Tweeter
  • Edge driven textile dome tweeter design
  • Three-way upgradeable crossover
  • 2-Way Component speakers
  • 100W RMS, 300W peak power handling capacity
  • 45Hz-35kHz frequency response
  • Terminals can accept up to 12 gauge bare wire

Infinity Kappa 60CSX - 6 1/2” two-way car audio component system w/gap switchable crossover

Infinity Kappa 60CSX come with two tweeters, crossovers, and woofers. The textile dome tweeters are widely appreciated for playing smoother sound than metallic tweeters that sound harsh at a high volume.

They’re also edge-driven dome tweeters that promise better performance and minimized distortion at high volumes


As expected, Infinity did not disappoint with the Kappa 60CSX design. The speakers look incredible.

Their simple, rounded shape and modern flawless design states business; thanks to the top quality materials used on the outside and inside, you can expect yours to last for a long time.

Even the woofer cone itself is made from a lightweight fiberglass material which happens to be easier to drive compared to other speakers. 

Infinity’s patented Plus One technology tops it all by providing a larger bass output. This means good quality sounds, especially from the lower end of the spectrum. Kappa CSX produce deep, distortion-free bass at higher volumes.

Amplifier and Power Requirements

The Infinity Kappa 60CSX proudly stand at 100W RMS and can go up to a 300W peak.

They also reach 93dB sensitivity at 2.83 volts, which can be considered excellent compared to ordinary speakers. Therefore, when it comes to loudness, you can assume that the Infinity Kappa 60CSX would crush most of its competitors’ similar products.

However, don’t forget that you still need a good, compatible amplifier to push these speakers to the limit. Your system needs to be equipped with an amplifier capable of driving a 2.5 Ohms load without overworking it. 

One amplifier that will for sure put Kappa speakers to their limits is the four-channel AudioControl LC-4.800 with 200W RMS at 2 ohms.


If you expected the Infinity Kappa car speakers to have ordinary crossovers, think again. Instead, the speaker’s external crossovers are made using top-notch materials; hence they promise optimal performance at all times.

The manufacturer has significantly invested in premium external crossovers to ensure that every user enjoys more detailed music. 

What’s even more interesting is that you can now convert yours from a two-way component system into a three-way system with the provided bandpass crossover.

If you are not satisfied with a two-way setup, you can use the optional Infinity KAPPA-20MX midrange speakers to turn it into a three-way. It can easily fit in with the other factory components.

The Infinity Kappa car speakers allow users to drop the bass and, at the same time, enjoy detailed sounds at high output.

Their power handling capacity at high volume is nothing out of the ordinary, but you should not use a low-quality amplifier to power them.

The edge-driven dome tweeter design dissipates heat into the surroundings more efficiently through their large voice coil surface area.

The Downside

Like all good things, Infinity Kappa CSX60 speakers have their shortcomings. For instance, the crossovers might not be perfect after purchase.

This is not to say that yours will be faulty, although you need to check your speakers for any issues immediately after buying. 

You might also need to replace your amplifier if it wasn’t designed to handle a 2.5 Ohm load. Anything less could lead to costly damage to the speaker or the amplifier. So, it would not be wise to use an amplifier that cannot handle low impedance.

But at such a fair price, the Infinity Kappa 60CSX speakers are truly worth your consideration. Just remember to power yours with an external amplifier. They will sound better, and your ears will thank you later.

Lastly, you might need some help with the instructions, especially if this is your first-time installation. Infinity Kappa car speakers are easy to install, and best of all, they fit in most cars. But there is no shame in asking for help if the installation process sounds too complicated.

Infinity Kappa 90CSX

These speakers are almost identical to the Kappa 60CSX. They are a two-way 6×9 component system with a gap switchable crossover.

Like the 60CSX, Infinity Kappa 90CSX undergo thorough testing to ensure that anyone who uses them gets a detailed bass at high output volume.

The Infinity Kappa 90CSX speakers also deliver a tighter bass. Still, you need a good aftermarket amplifier that is able to work in the low impedance to get this kind of result.

Thanks to the top-quality materials used, your speakers can endure blasting sounds for quite some time.

Even after taking on harsh volumes and massive power from the amplifier, they’re still able to outlive other speakers while producing crystal clear, detailed sounds from every corner of your car. 

Infinity Kappa 90csx General Specs

  • 6×9 Component Speakers
  • Gap-switchable crossovers
  • 2.5 Ohm impedance
  • 135 watts RMS, 450W peak
  • 35 Hz – 35kHz frequency response
  • 94 dB sensitivity at 2.83 volts

Infinity KAPPA-90CSX 6" x 9" Two-Way Car Audio Component System w/Gap Switchable Crossover


The difference between the 90CSX and 60CSX models is not that big. 90CSXs come in rounded woofers and tweeters as well.

They are also made using premium materials to deliver good results throughout their lifetime. These speakers also feature Infinity Plus one technology which extends the cone to the edge of the basket.

This improves the low-frequency output, and you can enjoy redefined bass and minimized distortion regardless of the volume.

Power and Amplifier Requirements

Blasting at an average 135W RMS and 2.5 Ohm impedance, you’re going to need a powerful amplifier capable of sending that much power to the 90CSX’s.

Of course, you can feed them from your factory stereo, but I would not waste such a fantastic potential of detailed sounds. The speakers also come with upgradeable crossovers to turn your 2-way system into a 3-way system.

The glass fiber cones are lightweight, and the 90CSX’s can fit in a wide variety of car models.

The biggest differences between the 90CSXs and 60CSXs (on top of the size, of course) are their frequency responses, sensitivity, and power handling capacities.

The Infinity Kappa 90CSX comes at a steep price tag and requires you to upgrade to an external amplifier to get quality music.

But that’s a small price to pay considering that you’re getting high-quality speakers made from premium materials and excellent power handling and sensitivity enclosed in a stylish design. 

How Good Are Kappa Car Speakers Compared to Similar Class Speakers?

You have already seen how Infinity Kappa speakers set the industry standard through their rugged construction and excellent performance. In addition, the glass fiber cones give the Kappa 60CSX, and 90CSX’s a larger cone area than most of the other similar class products. 

All these features combined with great power handling and minimized distortion at high volumes make it sound almost impossible to find another alternative.

But the truth is that there are some other suitable options if you don’t mind digging a little deeper into your pockets. So, how good are Infinity Kappa speakers compared to different types of speakers?

The table below shows how the Infinity Kappa 60CSX and 90CSX compare to the JBL GTO620, which I think is their closest competition. Although GTO620 are the coaxial speakers, let’s check some technical parameters to show you the actual differences.

Speakers Infinity Kappa 60CSX Infinity Kappa 90CSX JBL GTO620
Impedance 2.5 Ohms 2.5 Ohms2.5 Ohms
Frequency Response45Hz – 35kHz35Hz – 35kHz45Hz – 25kHz
Tweeter DesignEdge driven textile dome tweetersEdge driven textile dome tweetersEdge driven dome tweeters
Sensitivity93 dB at 2.83V94 dB at 2.83V95 dB at 2.83V
Woofer materialGlass FiberGlass FiberGlass Fiber
Power Handling 100W RMS, 300W peak135W RMS, 405W peak75W RMS, 225W peak
Comparison Infinity Kappa CSX with JBL GTO620 speakers

Both Infinity Kappa speakers have a low impedance voice coil which efficiently uses the power supplied by your amplifier. For better performance, use a high-quality aftermarket amplifier that can support low impedance.

JBL is a leading brand with quality products and one of my favorites. However, when compared with Infinity Kappa speakers, there is a noticeable difference in power handling and high-frequency response thanks to using textile dome tweeters in both Infinity speakers.

Final Verdict

Infinity Kappa car speakers are ideal for detail-oriented music lovers with a heart for top performance. So whether you’re a picky audiophile or love any good performance speakers, the Infinity Kappa 60CSX and 90CSX deserve a place in your top picks.

A good reason why customers love Infinity speakers so much is because they deliver what they promised.