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Are Jl Audio Speakers Worth the Money? Here Are the Facts.

JL Audio is a very well-known name in the car audio field, and they have been in the industry for so long that it is hard to imagine car audio without them. However, the speakers that JL audio produce are notoriously expensive, which leaves many asking, “are JL Audio speakers worth the money?”

JL Audio speakers are worth their high price, but only if you have a system to support them well. JL speakers should be placed in an overall high-quality car audio system to operate at their peak performance. In a more budget system, other speakers may be a better option.

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JL Audio is very well known, but are the high prices of their speakers justified? This brand has a large variety of speakers available, and there are many who swear by these speakers, but are they worth the money? To me, JL speakers are worth every dollar, but why? Let’s take a closer look.

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Tip: JL Audio are prestigious speakers and not for everyones’ wallet. The great thing is, you do not have to spend a fortune on the top C7 series speakers. 

If you want to install in your car something unique with top quality that will add more personality to your sound system and you are on the budget, you can pick one of the JL C1 or C2 Serie in either coaxial or system combination. Both series are conveniently available on Amazon, so why do not check the latest price? 

Are JL Audio Car Speakers Any Good?

JL Audio is a brand that produces industry-leading quality speakers and has developed a reputation as one of the best-sounding speaker brands around.

This company has been developing and designing speakers for car audio systems since the 1970s. They have proven themselves to be of top-level quality, both in regard to the way the speakers sound and their build quality.

There are many aspects to these world-class speaker sets that make them sound as good as they do, but it can be narrowed down to a few specific attributes.

  • JL Audio has many years of experience. This is highly important when it comes to any type of manufacturing, especially in speakers and car audio.

JL Audio has been around for so long that they, along with a handful of other companies, have helped to shape the world of car audio into the thriving culture of excellence and competition that it is today.

Over the years, JL Audio has had the time to refine its speakers and develop them to produce the best quality sound and frequency response possible with the technologies and materials available to them.

It takes time and experience to hone a speaker to as good as it possibly can be, and JL Audio has had the time to improve every one of their car audio speakers to the best they can possibly be.

  • Another factor that contributes to why JL Audio Speakers sound so good is the level of quality that these speakers are built to. This brand has always maintained the highest level of quality in regard to the materials and design of its speakers. To produce high-quality sound requires high-quality materials.

JL Audio engineers have spent real time developing their speakers, making even the slightest adjustments to the shape, dimensions, and specifications of every speaker type that they produce to ensure the best possible audio output.

Everything from motor design, cone and surround profiles, and even the materials of the smallest, seemingly most insignificant components of the speakers have been precisely engineered for optimum sound quality.

The way that these speakers are built makes them compatible with almost all stock speaker holes and mounts. This means that JL Audio speakers are optimized for premium sound quality and placement as a standard.

The fact that they can be installed in the pre-designed speakers’ positions that the manufacturer deemed best for the car means that JL Audio speakers are already set up to sound great from day one, as speaker placement is vital for good sound.

There are so many reasons why JL Audio speakers sound as good as they do. But, in the end, it comes down to how well they are built, the engineering and development that goes into making and optimizing the speakers, and decades of experience in built high-end car audio speakers.

Which Are the Best JL Audio Car Speakers?

The extensive range that JL Audio offers makes it very difficult to nail down a definitive “best speaker,” as they produce perfect speakers for every type of system out there.

The best speakers are not defined by the speaker itself but by the whole system that it is being installed into. A good speaker installed into a system that can not fully utilize it is wasted and will not live up to its name.

A lower-quality speaker in the same system may be enough to take the whole system to the next level, being the best speaker for that particular system.

JL Audio does have a flagship range of speakers known as the C7 range.

The C7 range is the reference offering from JL Audio, making them the best speakers that the brand has to offer. The technologies built into these speakers are mindblowing, including corundum ceramic-coated aluminum diaphragms suspended by treated silk.

The JL Audio C7 range is the range of reference speakers produced by the company. When speakers are called referenced speakers, they are considered to be of a higher standard than other speakers, having as close to flat frequency response as possible.

There are very few speakers that compare with the reference range of JL Audio speakers.

The C7 speaker range includes the C7100-ct, the C7350-cm, and the C7650-CW.

The C7100-ct is a 100W, 1-inch component tweeter which is ceramic-coated with an aluminum dome. It is designed for incredible high-frequency performance, and there are very few other speakers that can match this tweeter when used in the right system.

The C7350-cm is a 3.5-inch, 100W component midrange speaker that performs at 86.5 dB – 92.5 dB depending on the impedance set up. This speaker is best suited for use in a three-way system with a sub and tweeter, but it is a heavy-hitting speaker with pristine audio quality output even on its own.

The woofer in the series is the C7650-CW. It is a 6.5-inch with a solid mid-bass performance as well as precise mids. This speaker is also best-used in a three-way but performs perfectly well with only a tweeter in a two-way system.

The C7650-CW is capable of 87 dB – 97 dB SPL depending on the impedance wiring, making it one of the leading woofers on the market in this regard.

The entire C7 range offers the best that JL Audio has and uses the most cutting-edge technology, materials, development techniques, and manufacturing possible.

Does JL Audio Make Good Subwoofers?

When compiling the perfect car audio sound system, one of the most important factors to consider is subwoofers.

A good subwoofer makes all the difference to the audio quality of a sound system, and without a good sub, the system will never sound as good as it possibly can.

Whether you are looking for a premium subwoofer or something a little more budget-friendly, JL Audio makes a wide range of subwoofers that are well suited for every system and every budget.

JL Audio produces some of the best subwoofers on the market. JL Audio has raised the standard of good subwoofers with their high-end range while still keeping great quality subs available for reasonable prices for those with a lower budget.

The subwoofers produced by JL Audio have been tried and tested by many, and they have been found to be as good as they are advertised to be. 

JL Audio has earned a good reputation for the sound quality and build of their subwoofers, and there are only a few others who can compete with them.

The range of subwoofers that JL Audio produces includes full-frame and thin-line subs that will meet the needs of any car audio system.

Full Frame Subwoofers

The JL Audio full-frame subwoofer range begins with the W0v3 series subwoofers contain either 10″ or 12″ woofers and perform at a much higher level than their price bracket and are designed to be affordable and outperform every other sub in this price range.

Next up is the W1v3 range, which is designed to pack a punch into a small enclosure. These subs are perfect for small speaker enclosures, and they come in a range of sizes to suit every system.

These subs are excellent at what they do, delivering high performance from a very small form factor, as they have been developed with cutting-edge technologies by JL Audio.

The mid-range JL Audio subs are the W3v3 range. This range of subwoofers is reliable and produces overall excellent audio quality. These are the subs to go for if you want the best subwoofer for your money, as they employ the features of premium subs but at a lower cost.

The two high-end sub-ranges from JL audio are the W6v3 and the W7AE range. The W6v3 is JL Audio’s high-end sub for small enclosures, is designed to have the output of the highest-end speakers but built into a very small size. These subs are really impressive and outperform many in their class.

The W7AE is the flagship subwoofer range for JL Audio. They have packed these subs with everything they offer, providing industry-leading subwoofers for every car audio system. Unfortunately, there are very few subs that can match the performance of the W7AE range, but they are on the more expensive side of the spectrum with a price over $1000 per woofer.

Thin-Line Subwoofers

JL Audio has a range of three different thin-line subwoofers that are all designed to have a very shallow mounting depth while still performing at high levels.

The first and least expensive sub in this range is the TW1 range of thin-line subs. The TW1 range is built for tiny speaker enclosures. These subs are perfect for the smallest mounting spaces but still perform at incredibly high levels for a sub of this size and cost.

The mid-range thin-line JL Audio subwoofers come from the TW3 range. This range is built to be as versatile as possible, with the lowest possible profile, with the highest possible performance.

There is a limit to the audio quality that can be coaxed out of a low-profile sub, but the TW3 range sounds excellent for this class of subwoofer, and they will perfectly suit any car audio needs.

The TW5v2 sub-range takes up the high end of the thin-line sub-range. These subwoofers have the shallowest mounting depth of the thin-line range while offering the highest performance and best quality audio output. These subs are expensive but worth the cost.

How Long Do JL Subs Last?

JL Audio is known for its high quality and craftsmanship regarding its speakers, speaker housings, and speaker mounting systems.

However, the subwoofers that JLAudio produces are more expensive than many others on the market, which leaves prospective JL Audio users wondering if the price of the subwoofers will be outweighed by how long the subs will last.

This is an important question, as it is very easy to spend a lot of money on a sub that will only last a few years before burning out or shaking itself to pieces, requiring a replacement long before you expected.

The good news is that JL Audio subwoofers are built to last. There are reports of JL Audio subs lasting for more than 10 years, with nothing more than a speaker housing replacement needed.

The level of quality that JL Audio subwoofers are built to means that they are designed to last as long as possible while retaining the high standard of audio quality for their entire lifespan.

However, as with almost everything else, the subs do not last this long on their own. They must be looked after and well maintained to perform at optimum levels for such a long time.

If the sub in your system blows because of a bad setup op or because it was misused, it was no fault of the subwoofer.

Look after a subwoofer built by JL Audio, and it will last you for many years to come without any hassles.

What Is JL Audio Best Subwoofer?

JL Audio has an impressive range of subwoofers, and all of them perform at outstanding levels of clarity, power, and sound quality.

That being said, if you are looking for sheer loudness from a sub, there is no subwoofer in the JL Audio line-up that is louder than the 13W7AE-D1.5 sub.

The 13W7AE-D1.5 is a 13.5″ (345mm) subwoofer driver with dual 1.5 Ohm impedance. This 1500W speaker is easily capable of producing audio levels of 86.3 dB SPL (deciBel Sound Pressure Level). 

This is louder than many other subwoofers in the same class, but this sub offers more clarity and quality along with loudness than other subwoofers of this type.

For the loudest subwoofer offering from the JL Audio team, look no further than the 13W7AE-D1.5 sub.

Are JL Audio Speakers Worth The Money?

After all this, one question still remains: Are JL speakers worth the high price tag?

Generally speaking, yes, JL Audio speakers are worth the money you pay for them, as they are very high quality, very high performing speakers. However, they must be used properly as part of a high-performance system to achieve their true potential.

These speakers are not worth it for a simple upgrade of only the door speakers in your car, but if you are overhauling your entire audio system or building a competition-level car audio system, then JL Audio speakers are well worth the money.

These are brilliant speakers made by a well-respected brand that routinely outperforms its competitors in many ways. JL Audio speakers are worth the money if your system can push them to peak performance.


This has been a deep dive into whether or not JL Audio speakers are worth the high price charged for them, and ultimately the choice depends on what you want from the speakers in your car and the overall sound system you are building.

JL Audio speakers are not for those who have a small budget but for those who can afford these industry-leading speakers and have the system back them up. There are very few speakers that can compete with JL Audio.

The speakers that are built by JL Audio, from their subs to their tweeters, as purpose-built to be the best speakers possible in terms of quality engineering and manufacturing, as well as audio quality.

If you are looking for speakers for your high-end car audio system build, JL Audio speakers are worth the money without a shadow of a doubt! Just be sure to choose the right speakers for your system, as they have an extensive range that is tricky to navigate.