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How to Bypass Parking Brake in Pioneer Car Stereo?

Are you wondering why the Pioneer car stereo does not play whenever you drive but works perfectly when you park the car?

Pioneer car stereo is never meant to cause a distraction to the driver, with its primary purpose being to entertain the passengers. Also, many governments prohibit the installation of DVD screens at the front for safety reasons.

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But, how can you bypass the parking brake in Pioneer car radio? Let’s find out.

To bypass the parking brake, connect the brake wire to the stereo ground. Once the parking brake is bypassed, you can view the video screen and control the car stereo while driving. It is also possible to use a toggle switch, or a relay, which will do the same job.

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Tip: One thing to know about bypassing the parking brake is that it allows you to watch videos while driving.

Blocking the video from using while driving is a safety measure to make sure that you are not distracted while driving, meaning you should never watch movies or Youtube unless the car has stopped.

If you still want to find out how to bypass the parking brake in the pioneer car stereo, continue reading.

How Parking Brake Triggers Pioneer Car Stereo?

If you have a pioneer stereo, you will notice a long green wire coming from the harness. When connected with parking brakes, the wire will send a negative signal to the pioneer radio.

You can ground the wire to the chassis or harness ground, and the radio will all hidden functions available while driving, and this method works for most JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer stereos.

How to Bypass Parking Brake in Pioneer Car Stereo?

Parking brake mode has been implemented to help prevent drivers from watching videos when driving. The proper method of bypassing the DVD player differs from one car model and DVD player to another.

Below are some popular ways to bypass the DVD player allowing the passengers to watch the videos while driving.

Grounding the Head Unit of the DVD Player

It is a popular method in most old cars and DVD players wired to the brake interlock system.

When using this method, the player can detect whether the parking brake is activated and display videos only when the brake is engaged.

To bypass such a DVD player, you will have to disconnect the head unit from the interlock system of the brake and ground it. After that, you must connect the wire to the black ground wire.

The method can also work on aftermarket DVD types, and before the start, remember to turn the ignition key off. 

#Step 1

Remove the plastic trim around the head unit using the correct removal tools.

After releasing the trims attachment point, remove the radio from the din slot and pull it away from the dash.

#Step 2

With the radio removed from the dash, get the black 12-volt ground wire and light green parking brake wire at the head unit’s back.

If you are unsure, refer to the user manual for the DVD player to help you identify the parking brake and ground wires.

#Step 3

Disconnect the parking brake wire from the interlock system or consider cutting it off mid-length.

Next, wrap the remaining end using electrical tape. To expose the ends, you will have to strip the end of the parking brake wire coming from the head unit.

Get the ground wire that connects the DVD player head unit to the car chassis, and cut it halfway. Strip both ground wire ends. Ensure you strip the insulation of the three ends leaving ¼ to ½ inch of the wires exposed.

#Step 4

Join the exposed ends of the wire with solid tape so there are no gaps between them, and apply an additional layer around each connection point.

#Step 5

Once you have securely mounted your car’s head unit, use the screws you removed in step 2 to mount it firmly.

Next, put one side of plastic trims (come individually) and install the other side before starting the vehicle. If all goes according to plan, this should work!

Some recent DVD players can detect the hack and stop playing videos for some time. If the radio was working after bypassing and stopped, this might be the issue.

For the bypass to work well, the head unit must detect the ground before being turned on. Disconnecting the parking brake wire and reconnecting the brake to the ground wire should solve the problem.

Using Toggle Switch to Bypass DVD Player

If you are not comfortable using the above method and your DVD player is older, you can consider using a toggle switch to bypass the player when driving.

Follow steps 1 to 3 of the above method to help expose the correct wires. 

After that, connect one end of the toggle switch to the parking brake wire from the head unit and the other end to two ground wires. 

You can now replace the stereo player, trim cover, and secure them in place, ensuring the toggle switch is accessible and exposed.

To play a video while driving, flick the toggle switch off, start your car and drive before flicking the switch back on. 

Using Relay to Bypass Parking Brake

The grounding tricks I have shown in previous methods work on older DVD players but are not effective for newer Pioneer models.

For the new DVD players, you will have to install a relay to help bypass the parking brake.

Before you start, you will have to get the right relay switch and follow the steps below to install a relay switch to enable you to bypass the DVD player when driving.

#Step 1

Cut the remote signal wire connecting the amplifier and connect it to the relay’s power pin (pin 86). Next, run a ground wire from one side of the coil (pin 85). All ground connections can be wired to the car chassis.

#Step 2

Take another ground wire and run it from the open contact.

#Step 3

Connect pink or green parking brake wire that comes from the head unit to pin 30 on the relay switch. The connection type will remain an open circuit until such a time when the DVD player will be powered.

After the unit has been powered on, it will check the parking brake wire first and, after that, engage the remote power after booting to completion. Next, it will power the amp on and trip the relay switch.

When tripped, the relay switch will throw ground onto the parking brake wire. The DVD player will bypass the parking brake sensor whenever it is turned on.

Can I Watch Movies in My Car While Driving?

There’s no simple answer to this question – it depends on a number of factors, including the laws in your state and the type of vehicle you’re driving.

I would advise against watching movies in your car while driving, as it can be a distraction from the road and cause an accident.

If you live in a state with strict distracted driving laws, then watching a movie in your car while driving is likely to be illegal. Even if you’re not breaking any laws, watching movies while driving is still not a good idea.

Movies require your full attention, and taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, can be dangerous.

If you’re going on a long road trip and want to watch a movie, I recommend pulling over to a rest area or parking lot and taking a break. That way, you can give your full attention to the movie without worrying about distracted driving.


Although you can use different methods to help prevent the driver from watching video on a DVD player whenever they are driving, a parking brake connection is the most popular.

One can bypass the connection between the DVD player and the car’s brake interlock system. The proper procedure of bypassing parking brake connecting varies from one DVD player model to another.

I hope you can now bypass the parking brake in the pioneer car stereo, but you still should not use it while driving.


What Colour Is the Parking Brake Wire on a Pioneer Radio?

The standard colour of the parking brake wire on a Pioneer radio is light green. When the green wire is grounded, it will open up some currently unavailable stereo functionality.

You can test this by touching the green wire to the chassis and watching some stereo buttons fade in and out.

How Does the Parking Brake Sensor Work?

The parking brake sensor turns on whenever you pull the parking brake handle, warning you the brake is engaged whenever you are starting the car.

How Does the Parking Brake Switch Function?

You have to notice only one wire comes out of the switch. The switch is grounded directly to the car chassis hence there is no need for any ground wire.

Whenever the hand brake is down, it will push on a little black pin that will complete the circuit, grounding the black/red wire.

The black/red wire will always be at 0V whenever the handbrake is down. However, when the hand brake is up, the black/red wire will be at 12 V constant. 

What Is the High Low High Signal Needed by Pioneer?

Grounding green wire is all that is needed to do to get the stereo to work well. However, despite this working in some situations, it will fail to offer high low and high signals whenever required, thereby disabling some stereo functionality. 

In certain situations, when starting the stereo, Pioneer will always prompt that you will have to pull the hand brake upwards, downwards, then upwards again to comfortably use the feature.