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Can I Use Car Speakers on a Motorcycle?

Installing an audio system on your motorcycle will allow you to enjoy long rides even more. You can listen to your favorite tunes while relaxing on your bike the same way as you relax in your car. But can you use car speakers on a motorcycle? 

Typical car speakers cannot be used on the motorcycle. Firstly because of their size, and secondly, speakers for motorcycles have to be water-resistant and handle higher vibrations than typical car speakers. 

Also, the battery of a bike is not nearly strong enough to drive speakers and radio systems of these sizes. Bike speakers have several requirements and regulations that car speakers do not adhere to.

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Here’s everything you need to know about motorbike speakers and the ones you can use on yours!

What are the differences between car and motorcycle speakers?

There are many differences between car speakers and those found on bikes. Some are more obvious than others, which is why some people have mistakenly said you can use the two interchangeably.

can i use car speakers on motorcycle

While you could use some bike speakers in a car, the same cannot be said for car speakers, as they are not nearly as robust as bike speakers.


The size is probably the most obvious difference. Bike speakers are relatively small speakers that can easily be fitted to the handlebars of a bike. Car speakers are much larger, need larger amps, and have to be permanently installed.


Bike speakers will work whether it’s a nice sunny day or absolutely raining down a storm outside. While car speakers are perfectly okay being inside a car in these conditions, even too much sun can damage them. Car speakers are much more sensitive to the sun, humidity, and surrounding temperature.

Moisture will settle into the electronic components in no time, and in effect, speakers will short out. Thankfully, there are many types of waterproof speakers you can find on the market that are designed specifically for motorcycles.

Volume Level

Car speakers can easily become really loud, with enough volume to give entire rugby fields a soundtrack. Bike speakers may never be so loud or dynamic. Because they are small, the sound they provide when played alone will be much clearer and cleaner.

Power Consumption

Bike speakers that are not permanently powered by the bike’s battery can be used for several hours with simple lithium batteries. Car speakers, on the other hand, need quite a bit of power. Some powerful ones can draw enough energy to drain a car battery when the engine is turned off.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Something else to consider when choosing speakers for your motorcycle is whether or not they have Bluetooth connectivity. 

If you plan on listening to streaming music like iHeartRadio, Pandora, or Spotify right from your cellphone, Bluetooth is invaluable. Furthermore, Bluetooth allows us to use GPS navigation services.

Just connect your smartphone to the speakers via Bluetooth, and you will hear everything from the smartphone.


When searching for motorcycle speakers, you have to consider mounting options. Some motorcycle speakers are designed to mount on the rear of a motorcycle, whereas others mount on the handlebars or highway bars.

Handlebar-mounted speakers are ideal because of their ability to project sound directly in front of the rider. Still, it is not always easy to install them in all motorcycles types.

Ease of use

Pay close attention to the buttons’ placement and the types of buttons used in the motorcycle speakers or stereo system. If they are not in handy positions, they may be hard to use, especially while riding your motorbike. All controls should be designed to allow easy control even with gloves on.

How do motorcycle speakers work?

Unlike boats or cars, motorbike speakers have two distinct types available, and each type has different advantages.

These are either mounted and amplified speakers or removable Bluetooth speakers. 

Permanent Speakers

These are some of the more popular speakers. If your bike has classic Harley Davidson or chopper stylings, they are often shaped to look like rearview mirrors and can be mounted right next to your hands.

  • If you want to have a chrome design, check GoHawk TN4-Q on Amazon. They will definitely add chrome style to your motorcycle.
  • For touring motorbikes, definitely worth considering are Rockford Fosgate TMS65 that have hi-end quality and are fully waterproof. If you fancy long weekend trips, check the current price on Amazon.

Connecting to your phone with Bluetooth, these speakers use small amplifiers and the battery of your bike. 

This can make them quite comfortable to have on longer rides as they will never go flat and provide you with music, podcasts, or any number of things as you drive. However, many bike owners have started moving away from them. The complexity of having to route cables through your bike, trying to hide a small amplifier, and ensuring the smaller parts don’t get wet in the weather has made them unfavorable.

While there are now many variations in their size, other more portable speaker solutions have become much more popular these days, as speaker technology has improved.

how to install speakers on motorbike

Bluetooth Speakers

One of the most popular and new to the market speaker solutions for bikes have become the speakers that require you always to keep them charged. However, many bikers prefer to install Bluetooth speakers due to the possibility of their fast removal and lack of wires. If you also prefer Bluetooth speakers, try GoHawk RD8. You can also find them on Amazon, so click this link and check the latest price.

These speakers are Bluetooth speakers that you can use around your house or campsite, with simple clamps that have been installed on the handlebars of your bike.

Which car speakers are good for motorcycles?

While it is almost impossible to put car speakers in a bike, there are some tricycles and bikes with sidecars that can be fitted with car speakers. However, these are unique cases and often require serious modifications. 

You may be wondering then what speakers are used in these vehicles. Many people prefer to use high-end speakers for their bikes for their durability and sound quality. However, creating systems that cost almost as much as the bike itself is not always an option.

The problem usually comes from car speakers not being weatherproof or vibration resistant to that level; therefore, it is easier to install speakers designed specifically for bikes.

Many people that want to install full audio kits on their bikes prefer to use marine speaker systems, allowing them to easily and smoothly build an audio system that can withstand any weather. As an example great car speakers that are also waterproof are

How to install car speakers on a motorcycle?

Installing cars, or rather, marine speakers on your bike can be a complicated process. It often requires customized design and manufacturing of lightweight enclosures for the speakers later being mounted on the back of the motorbike.  

Installing car speakers on your bike also requires a fair bit of knowledge of how your bike’s electrics currently work and how adding an amplifier will affect the bike’s overall performance.

Suppose you install car speakers on your bike. In that case, you will need to be sure that the power draw will not overpower your system and that you can easily and effectively install everything without losing the balance your bike needs to drive safely. 


There are many solutions to the sound systems you can have on your bike; however, one of the trickiest ones is adapting something from your car.

It will always be better to buy purpose-built speakers that can work with complete ease on your bike than it will be to build a system yourself.

Either way, be sure you don’t blast the speakers of your new bike while driving around too early in the mornings, and if you do, you may get a ticket!