Can I Use Marine Speakers in a Car?

Every time I pass a marina, I hear fantastic music quality from marine speakers installed in speedy boats. That made me wonder if I can use marine speakers in my car? Let’s find out.

Most of the marine speakers can be used in cars because they have standard car speakers size. Furthermore, marine speakers are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion when crossing rivers or driving in the rain with the roof down.

Some marine speakers are built in the enclosures, and they perfectly fit the roof bars, especially in ATVs, 4x4s, or Trucks.

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What are marine speakers?

Typically used in boats or near lakes and oceans, marine speakers are explicitly made to withstand water and high humidity environments. Many people that use marine speakers are aware of the damages that water can cause to the speaker system. 

can i use marine speakers in car

Many new speed boats have a basic set of marine speakers installed, allowing the driver and passengers to enjoy listening to music while driving on a lake, dam, river, or the ocean.

Some of these speakers are built in the boat like these from KICKER KM series, while others have special housings to ensure they do not get damaged by the environment they are in, for example, BOSS Audio MRWT69 (links to Amazon open in the new window).

These housings not only protect the back of the speakers but also work as enclosures and cause created music to become stronger and more dynamic.

Many people decide to install marine speakers instead of car speakers because of their long durability.

You should know that because of marine speakers are made for the humid and salty environment, they have different features.

An important reason for using marine speakers is that they produce an extreme amount of better audio quality on the boat. You can experience the same in the car, especially in the convertible.

What is the difference between car and marine speakers

Before installing marine speakers in your car, you have to understand the differences between them and the typical car speakers.

Although marine speakers and car speakers are like the same thing, they have a significant difference, especially the conditions they can withstand.

Marine speakers have different durability, sound projection, and of course, cost. Sound projection is the major difference that makes people installing in their cars marine speakers instead of car speakers. 

It should be remembered that car speakers are unable to produce quality sounds in an open space because they are designed to work in small closed areas like car cabins.

Marine speakers, on the other hand, are much better when dealing with an open area or wind noises. 

how to install marine speakers in car

Is it worth buying marine speakers?

Many people ask whether or not it would be worth installing marine speakers in their cars. The question is not hard to answer, but there are still several options to choose from. 

When it comes to finding permanent solutions to your car, marine speakers may be one of your best options. Owing to their size and quality, when you install them in something as small as a car with noise-canceling materials, marine speakers can be perfect. 

However, it may not be worth installing marine speakers if you ever plan on installing other speakers down the line.

What to check when looking for quality marine speakers?

Will they fit in your car.

The first thing that we need to check while installing marine speakers in cars is its compatibility with the vehicle.

As we already know, marine speakers work best in the boat, but it is not the same when they are installed in a car. 

Furthermore, marine speakers are more expensive than typical car speakers because car speakers are not designed with any special requirements. Although their internal circuitry system is the same, most of the components vary significantly and will not handle either extreme temperatures or high humidity.

Before installing marine speakers, you need to understand these differences and how they affect installation and later sound quality. 

If you will install marine speakers in the truck, then they can work better because of the larger cabin space. In smaller cars however, you may find them not working properly or being too loud.

Compare speaker size with mounting locations. 

You also need to check the speakers’ size and understand if they will fit in your car.

There are many types and sizes of marine speakers to choose from, and you need to select the one which goes with your car space.

Whether you want to install marine speakers in the door or dash, you need to know what size do you need. You do not want to buy 6.5″ speakers if your vehicle has a place for the 6×9″.

Check Durability

Marine speakers have better durability than simple car speakers. Before place on the market, marine speakers have to pass various detailed and demanding tests:

  • salt resistance test
  • water resistance test
  • UV resistance test

Are the marine speakers loud enough?

The volume of the marine speakers is different from the car speakers. The reason for that is that the marine speakers are designed to play the music in the free air on the water. The marine speaker’s sound gets dispersed into an open environment, which requires more dB than in a car. This is why most of marine speakers have sensitivity over 92 dB, while car speakers have usually less.

Waterproofing and water resistance

Because marine speakers are designed to work in an outside environment, they can perform well in extreme temperatures, whether hot or freezing. Inside of the car, where the temperature is usually hot with high moisture, marine speakers have the best fit.

When you live in a coastal area or with heavy seasonal rain, I suggest buying excellent moisture-resistant marine speakers that can be both waterproof and moisture resistant.

The thing you need to check while installing the marine speakers in your car, is the difference between the water-resistant and waterproof speakers.

Some of the people get distracted, and end up buying moisture resistant speakers instead of water resistant. Moisture resistant speakers may not work great in the wet conditions, it is therefore recommended worth checking marine certification. 

Can marine speakers get wet?

One of the best and most critical features for any set of marine speakers is their ability to be entirely waterproof. Because they are made for boats, they should withstand water quickly and effectively. 

This feature makes many marine speakers more expensive than standard car speakers. 

It does not mean that having installed marine speakers in your car that can survive even if your vehicle is carried down a river is a bad idea.

How to install marine speakers in a car?

There are many advantages to installing marine speakers in a car.

  • It gives the best experience with the sound quality system. 
  • It has many features that make it unique yet affordable.

There is not much difference in the installation process of Marine Speakers in the car.

It may take a while, but you can install marine speakers in your vehicle the same way you would standard car speakers. It is recommended that you go through the manual before starting this process.

There are cases, at marine speakers have different wiring than car speakers, so you may need to buy additional adaptors that will allow you to connect with car wiring.


Marine speakers will sound amazing in your car if you have the right equipment to power them, and they are correctly mounted. If you are ready and know where you would like to have marine speakers in your vehicle installed, get the best ones you can afford and install them correctly. 

Blasting the sound in your car with marine speakers will mean that you can get close to the edge of bursting your ears! 


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