Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup Front Door Speakers Buyers Guide




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If you are the owner of a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, then I am sure you want to listen to music from top brand speakers and enjoy the music while driving such an excellent vehicle. But which are the best front door speakers for a Dodge Ram 1500?

Dodge Ram 1500 offers a lot of space when it comes to the front speakers. With 6×9 locations, there is a wide range of speakers on the market to choose from. However, in such a large cabin, the best sounds effect will make speakers with high sensitivity.

When it comes to design, we can choose between coaxial and component systems.

Although coaxial speakers will be easier to install, a 2-way components system with separated tweeters will better fill a large Ram’s cabin with your favorite music.

I listened to many 6 “x9” speakers in both coaxial and component systems, and from dozens of them, I picked four. In my opinion, these speakers are the best ones that will create outstanding sound effects inside the car, and I would not use anything else for my Ram 1500.

dodge ram 1500 front speakers

Best 2-way components systems for Ram 1500

Separated woofers and tweeters can create an incredible music environment that we can enjoy for hours, and never want to leave a car.

Installation components system in the Dodge Ram is straightforward and can be done within less than an hour, without any unusual skills or tools.

Below the speakers that are worth considering, all will move your audio experience to another level.

JBL Stadium GTO960C – enjoy outstanding stage performance in a large cabin

JBL Stadium does not need an introduction. This flagship series of speakers from JBL are simply incredible, and GTO960C is no different. Although they are not the cheapest, I never regretted buying them. The sound quality is outstanding, and with adjustable tweeters in the dash, you can really enjoy music in a large Ram 1500.

Speakers in Dodge Ram are mounted at the bottom of a large door, so having ones that create dynamic sounds is critical. With the sensitivity of 94 dB, you will not compromise any portion of power JBL GTO receives.

You can tell the quality of these speakers just by looking at their design. The hefty magnet with the oversized voice coil that is packed inside a lightweight basket says right away this speaker is special. Just imagine how this cone moves and what kind of sounds it creates.

There is more, GTO690C that are in standard 6 “x9” size, has an oversized cone that can make stronger “kicks,” and does it well. The bass starts so low, at 35 Hz, a typical value for much larger subwoofers.

Dynamic, which these speakers can create, is something you do not always have a chance to experience. In addition to the larger than a standard size, cones are made of glass fiber, which means you need less power to make the best of the speaker.

The quality of the bass is outstanding, and the tones are sharp and precise. Mid tones and highs are also bright and strong thanks to PEI polymer dome tweeters, making sounds smoother and without distortion even at the high volume.

And this is exactly what we want, perfect sound at the higher volume and feel like in the center of the stage. If you think lows are too little, press a small level control button and make them brighter and louder.

JBL GTO690C is the system, which means you have to connect tweeters and woofers to the crossovers. Crossovers direct sound signals to separated speakers, but there is more. They have an open port if you would like to add a midrange speaker.

This feature is fantastic. Which other speaker systems can be upgraded so easily without replacing crossovers with the new ones?

I do not know any other than from the JBL Stadium series. Adding 2″ midrange speaker to the system makes it a little more expensive, but the music becomes real. They are available on Amazon, so if you are interested in finding out how great they are, click this link and check the latest price.

You can mount an additional GTO20M 2″ speaker in the dash and enjoy all details, and it does not matter which music type you listen to. Besides, each crossover has a button allowing you to adjust the sound level to meet your needs.

GTO690C are not hungry for power. Although you could power them directly from the head unit, the real performance you will hear with the amplifier because these are low impedance speakers. And, it should be a high-quality amplifier, ideally A/B class with around 150W RMS per channel.

  • Power – 135W RMS ( 405W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 35 – 25,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 94 dB
ram 1500 speakers

Focal ISU 690 – amazing performance without an amplifier

Focal is class on its own, it is like Bugatti in cars, and if you drive Ram 1500, you deserve the best. Speakers Focal ISU 690 are made in the same technology, which you can find in the audiophile systems, so you can be sure they will not disappoint you.

When I listened to these speakers for the first time, I closed my eyes, and I was in the middle of the sound stage surrounded by musicians playing their best.

If I were buying a 6×9 2-way system for my car, Focal ISU690 would be ordered today. And if you would like to check them out, they are available on Amazon, so click this link and check the most current price.

You may ask if Focal is so good, why did I choose ISU speakers, and not, for example, audiophile K2 series, or Utopia? Well, the answer is simple. ISU is the top Focal series available in the 6×9 size.

This ISU690 2-way separate system has been developed for simple installation in the original locations and can create incredible sounds without using an amplifier. Speakers have higher than previously reviewed JBL impedance, which means they require less power for similar performance. And they have a lot to show.

Thanks to the polyglass cone and lightweight surrounding made from thin butyl rubber, sounds they create are more sensitive and a little softer than in JBL GTO, which makes them better fit for classical or live-type music. 

They will play any type of music with the highest quality, but these instrumental ones with violins or saxophones are simply perfect.

Responsible for such perfection is not just a cone. Magnesium tweeters made in inverted technology also do outstanding work in creating hi-end trebles.

For more dynamic music, they are better when supported by subwoofer because of lack of strong and as deep as in JBL GTO bass.  

ISU690, as I mentioned earlier, do not require an amplifier. I listened to them from the standard radio, and I do not want more. I can only imagine what they are capable of with extra wattage. So, if you do not have an amplifier in your Ram 1500, or have only for a subwoofer and want the best speakers to match the system, I recommend Focal ISU690.

  • Impedance – 4 Ohm
  • Power – 80W RMS (160W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 55 – 21,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 93.6 dB
dodge ram 1500 speakers

Best front coaxial speakers for Dodge Ram 1500

When you do not want to play with dash tweeters, it does not mean you have to compromise the quality of your favorite tracks. You can still enjoy it with quality coaxial speakers below that, in my opinion, are the best in the class.  

JBL Stadium GTO930 – direct sound towards your ears and enjoy rides even more

Hey, would it be another JBL for Ram? Yes, and you do not want to miss this one. GTO930 is another from JBL’s elite Stadium series, which means oversized fiberglass cones for deeper bass, oversized voice coils for more power, and adjustable tweeters to meet every wish you have.

JBL GTO930 are speakers for dynamic music that reflect the temperament of RAM drivers. They are available on Amazon, and if you want to give them a try, click this link and check the latest price.

Bass starts at 35 Hz and is strong, deep, and precise. Thanks to the lightweight glass fiber cone, you do not need a power station to make GTO930 loud. However, with the strong amplifier, which should be not less than 150W RMS per channel, they show their full potential and exceptional performance that is definitely worth listening to.

Like all speakers in the JBL Stadium series, also GTO930 can adjust the level of the high tones. But GTO930 are three-way speakers. You do not adjust only high tones, but also mid-ranges, which is fantastic. Imagine having the speaker installed at the bottom of the door and hearing sounds coming from a higher level.

Not every speaker can make these effects, and there is more. Every Stadium GTO930 has a little button that allows you to make already bright high tones even stronger and louder up to 3 dB. When I listened to these speakers for the first time, I could not believe how big difference can be just by pressing a small silver button on top of the tweeter. You can turn the volume all way up, and there is no single distortion.

  • Power – 110W RMS (330W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 35-30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity -96 dB at 2.83 volts
jbl speakers ram 1500

Kicker 43DSC69304 – excellent quality for a lower price

When your budget is limited, you do not have to worry about sound quality in a Ram 1500. This is the time when Kicker comes with great 3-way 43DSC69304 speakers.

With their low profile design, these speakers will also fit in rear Ram’s rear door, and you do not need an amplifier to power them because thanks to the design and high 92dB sensitivity, they can be really loud.

Especially highs that come from the bottom of the door have to be strong, and Kicker 43DSC69304 makes these highs amazing thanks to the PEI dome tweeter and super tweeter. I did notice any sound distortion coming out of these speakers, even at the high volume.

Bass is equally good, and it starts at 30Hz, which is the result of the first prize. 30Hz “kicks” from 6×9 speaker? This is an outstanding achievement. Kicker did an excellent job keeping price low, in my opinion, these speakers with the quality they have are worth more.

If you are searching for reasonably priced speakers to replace the factory system in your Ram 1500, do not look further. They are available on Amazon, and if you want to try, click this link to check the most current price.

  • Power 90W RMS (360W peak)
  • Frequency Range – 30-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 92 dB
kicker speakers ram 1500


Replacing factory speakers is always exciting, and until you start playing the music, you do not actually know what to expect. I am going through this every time when I replace speakers and with another Ram 1500 project, excitement will be the same.

All for recommended speakers have outstanding performance, and by choosing one of them you have an option to power them with the head unit or an amplifier.

These four alternatives are the best ones I saw in their classes and because I listened to them I know exactly what they are capable of.

I would not use any other for Dodge Ram 1500, and I wish you all the best with your new speakers.