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How Do You Reset a Pioneer Car Stereo?

Pioneer car stereos, like any other electronic equipment, can break down. 

This issue could be due to external influence or internal faults, but instead of removing it from the car and taking it to the service, you may try to reset it.

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But, how can you reset a Pioneer car stereo? Let’s find out. 

To reset the Pioneer car radio, search through settings to find a factory-setting function on the screen. If that doesn’t work, try pressing the reset button hidden behind the faceplate of your stereo or disconnect the radio from the power source if necessary.

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Tip: In some cases, for example after replacing the battery, you may notice a LOCK or CODE displayed on the radio screen, which means you have to enter the code to unlock the stereo. 

You can locate your car radio security code in several ways:

  • Check in the owner’s manual
  • Visit your manufacturer’s website
  • Use online services

In this article, I will explain how to reset popular Pioneer radio, and the whole process is less complicated than it seems to be.

There are several ways that you can use to reset your audio system to factory settings, depending on the model of your stereo:

How to Reset a Pioneer DEH Car Stereo?

If you have a Pioneer radio with a model number beginning with “DEH,” this method is perfect for you.

Below are the examples of the DEH models:

  • Pioneer DEH-S1100UB + ALPHA
  • Pioneer DEH-S4100BT

Step one:

Click and hold the SRC key.

Locate the SRC toggle, which should be on the top left part of the speaker. Press it down until the stereo enters Demo state.

Step two:

Hold down the Selector Button.

Do you see the large selector toggle? Now, push and hold until you see “Menu” on the Display unit.

Step three:

Hold the button down, and the “Initial” option will appear on display. Use the selector key to choose this option.

Step four:

After selecting the initial option, you must flip the button once more to get the “System Reset” option.

Then, when it appears on display, choose it by clicking the button again. The reboot cycle will begin immediately.

How to Reset AVH Pioneer Car Stereo?

The Pioneer AVH is another superb stereo category. The procedure for this model is also pretty simple, and it includes the following steps.

Below are the popular examples of the AVH models:

  • Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX
  • Pioneer AVH-210EX

Step one:

Tap the Gear Option icon on the upper right side of the display.

To access the reset button, navigate to the stereo’s options menu. It’s found on the top right side of the display, next to a gear-like symbol.

Step two:

Tap on the wrench and screwdriver symbol in the settings icon to access the system options.

Step three:

Swipe down and Click the Restore Settings icon to reset your AVH Pioneer stereo options.

How to Reset a Single-Din Pioneer Car Stereo With a Reset Button?

If you’re confused about how to reboot a Pioneer automobile radio with a single-DIN transmitter, this approach is for you.

Below are the examples of the Single DIN Pioneer radios that require a button reset.

  • MVH-S320BT
  • MVH-S322BT
  • MVH-S720BHS
  • DEH-S5200BT
  • DEH-S4200BT
  • DEH-S4220BT
  • DEH-S7200BHS
  • DEH-S6200BS
  • DEH-S6220BS
  • MVH-S522BS

Step one:

First and foremost, gently remove the model’s top faceplate panel. Then, all you have to do is tap the remove icon on the side.

Step two:

When you remove the cover, you’ll notice a tiny opening, which could be the reset hole.

Next, push the button using a paper clip or hairpin. Then, slowly remove the pin.

Step three:

Put the faceplate back in its actual position.

How to Reset Double Din Car Stereo With a Reset Button?

As with the single DIN radios above, some double-DIN models also have a reset button allowing to quickly restore the stereo to the factory settings:

  • MVH-S620BS
  • MVH-S622BS
  • FH-S520BT
  • FH-S722BS

Step one:

The first step is similar to the Single Dine version, and the only difference is that you won’t have to detach the cover.

The reset hole is precisely next to the USB port. There is a button inside that you should push.

Step two:

Push the tiny reset button within the opening using a toothpick, needle, or similar small object. You shall feel the key pressed in, indicating that you have reset the microprocessor.

How to Disconnect Power From Pioneer Car Stereo?

In most cases, you do not have to do this. However, there are some instances where the radio is locked, and the standard resetting won’t help.

In these cases, you have to disconnect the Pioneer radio from the battery to reset its internal memory permanently. This will allow the radio to come back to its factory settings.

Below are a few simple steps of disconnecting the radio from its power source:

Step one:

Open your vehicle’s hood, and using the screwdriver, detach the battery’s negative terminal.

Step two:

Wait around a minute, and connect the ground wire back to the battery’s negative terminal.

The two above methods should be sufficient for resetting your Pioneer vehicle stereo.

If the above methods don’t work for you, the Pioneer transmitter can be damaged, and you may need to replace the radio.

How to Know That Pioneer Car Stereo Needs Resetting?

If your radio is acting in the ways listed below, make sure to reboot it as soon as you can.

The Stereo Does Not Turn On

This fault could be due to a wiring problem or a shattered fuse.

The Radio Turns on and off by Itself

It indicates an issue with either the voltage or ground connection.

Both the Stereo Display and Music Turn On and off Simultaneously.

It clearly suggests that the head unit may not be receiving sufficient power.

The Radio Turns off When Navigating a Corner or Driving Over a Bump.

A loose cable could cause this issue at the system’s back.

In Which Instances Should I Reset Pioneer Stereo?

These are some common reasons you may need to reset your car stereo, even if it seems to be working well.

  • When you need to change the settings on the stereo, or something is blocking the desired functions. A reset may be the quickest option to restart the radio without knowing which settings to adjust.
  • In some cases, you may make accidental modifications to your Pioneer radio setup. If you end up in this situation, reset the system.

What Should You Do if Car Stereo Stops Working?

Before you even think of getting rid of your failed car radio, it’s good to take the following steps to see where the issue could be.

If you feel that the ground connection could cause the automobile radio’s problem, please ensure that the cables aren’t weak or rusty.

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Additionally, you can check the fuse using a multimeter to see whether it is blown. To do so, take these steps:

Step one:

Ensure you have turned off the device. 

Step two:

Configure the ohms setting on the multimeter.

Step three:

Bring the fuse’s iron cap into line with the multimeter’s test lead. 

Step four:

Check if the reading pops.

If the multimeter displays a measurement, the fuse is good, and if it doesn’t, the fuse is damaged.

If that’s the case, you’ll have to replace the radio fuse to get your music back on course.

What Is the Cause of Your Pioneer Car Stereo Not Working?

Whenever there is a malfunction with any power sources or any component where energy flows through, your car stereo will not operate effectively. So, what might be the root of this problem?

Blown Fuse

A broken fuse is among the most common causes for a car stereo to cease operating. An excess of the applied voltage is frequently the cause of a blown fuse.

The damaged fuse must be identified and replaced. Replacement fuses are available online and at almost all stores with automotive parts.

Antenna Damage

As the car’s antenna protrudes and stands outside the vehicle, it is highly prone to breakage or damage. 

Consequently, the device will not pick up signals from channels and can get switched off.

If, after repairing the antenna and resetting the radio, it still does work, you may need to replace the stereo.

Damaged Wiring

Another factor that could cause your car radio to malfunction is spoilt wiring.

The stereo is connected to the energy source using wires, generally positioned beneath the dashboard.

If you have recently done some electrical work in the car and the radio does not work since then, you may need to take the radio to the service.

Where Is the Reset Button in a Pioneer Car Stereo?

Usually, it’s hidden beneath the faceplate. To be precise, you require a model number since not all Pioneer units have a reset button.

How Long Should you Take to Reset the Pioneer Car Stereo?

The time it takes to restore is determined by the person resetting it— the drive to get it accomplished, the person’s intelligence, and their ability to pay attention to instructions?

It’s also dependent on the Pioneer stereo version installed in your vehicle. If it’s a standard radio with no visuals, it should not take more than a minute.

Additionally, if the car radio displays visuals, the maximum time it should take is three minutes.

Nevertheless, if you choose the third alternative where you turn off the whole system, it could take you an average of six minutes to finish.

How Can You Restore Car Stereo Without Code?

If the factory-installed safety system in your car has been enabled, the stereo will most likely lockout.

This innovation prevents anyone from gaining access to your sound device, but it also can keep out the car owner.

This typical car stereo problem is simple to resolve. If you have purchased a brand new radio, the codes are usually found in the owner’s manual.

If you don’t have access to the code, you can find it by checking one of the following:

Visit Manufacturers Website

Many automotive producer websites include an online database where you may obtain your radio security code.

You can also have it mailed to you by inputting your vehicle’s year, version, serial number, and VIN.

Check in the Local Dealership

Consult the dealership where you bought your automobile or any other local retailer selling a similar.

To get the stereo code from the dealership, you’ll need to show ownership of the car by providing the necessary certifications.


The Pioneer radio includes several options that you can change to improve your experience of enjoying good music in your car.

If used carefully, the reset option is powerful and can be helpful in several contexts. 

The two ways we described above should let you restore your Pioneer car stereo and have it running again in seconds.

If these procedures fail, it is possible that your car radio is damaged and you must replace it immediately. We hope that this post was beneficial. If you require any additional support, please leave a message below. We will be delighted to assist you.