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How Much Does It Cost to Install Subwoofer in Car?

Having installed subwoofer in the car is a fantastic experience, but not everyone is aware of the costs associated with installing and connecting the car subwoofer.

There are subwoofers of different ranges, sizes, or prices, but how much does it cost to install a car subwoofer? Let’s find out.

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Installing a small single 8″ or 10″ car subwoofer costs between $60 and $120, with most people paying an average of $75 for a professional installation. Installations of larger subwoofers 12″ to 15″ range between $100 and $200. Installation costs do not include the price of the subwoofers, amplifiers, wiring, or other accessories, which can be anywhere between $300 to several thousand dollars depending on the type.

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Tip: Most of us want a large subwoofer and powerful amplifier, but you have to use quality wires to make the sound system work right.

The best installation kit worth considering for any car audio installation is the BIG 3 Kit which makes all electrical connections much stronger than serial in any car, especially those under the hood, between the battery and the alternator. This improves the subwoofer’s electrical flow, making it work more efficiently.

In the article below, I will explain the subwoofer installation cost and provide tips to help you save money on the total cost.

The Different Types of Car Subwoofers and Their Installation Costs.

Although costs of installing subwoofers of a similar size, the crucial role in the total cost plays the equipment class you use, and its quality:

Budget Subwoofers

These are subwoofers that cost less than $100. They are often made with average quality materials but can still provide reasonable sound quality. The installation cost of budget subwoofers is between $60 and $80.

Mid-Range Subwoofers

Mid-range subwoofers usually cost between $100 and $300. They offer better quality than budget subwoofers but are not as good as high-end models. The installation cost of mid-range subwoofers is between $80 and $120.

High-End Subwoofers

Top-class subwoofers cost over $300. Most are the largest ones making the deepest high-quality bass, but they are also the most expensive. The installation cost of high-end subwoofers is between $120 and $200, depending on the exact model.

Powered (Active) Subwoofers

Active subwoofers are the cheapest ones to install, as the subwoofer and amplifier are all in one unit, so there is no additional wiring required. The installation cost of powered subwoofers is between $60 and $100.

What do You need to Know About Car Subwoofer Installation Cost?

Although it can add significant value to the overall car sound system, the subwoofer installation cost is not the most significant portion of the total money you have to spend.

In most cases, subwoofers and amplifiers are much more expensive than installation costs. The table below shows a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for each element of your subwoofer system:

  • Subwoofer: $60 – $600
  • Amplifier: $100 – $500
  • Wiring & Other Accessories: $50 – $200
  • Installation Cost: $60 – $200
  • Total Cost: $270 – $1500

As you can see, the installation cost is only a tiny portion of your sub-system’s total cost, and the table shows only the subwoofer and the amplifier, without new speakers or the stereo.

The cost of subwoofer installation will also depend on how complex is the system you want to install and what other tools and equipment you need to do the job. In most cases however, installing a subwoofer will cost you between $60 and $200.

If you are thinking about installing a subwoofer in your car, then the best way to get an accurate estimate of the total cost is to contact a professional installer and get a quote.

Car Subwoofer Installation Cost: DIY or Professional?

This is the most common question we all ask before installing any element of the car audio.

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. You have to consider several factors before deciding whether to install the subwoofer yourself or hire a professional.

There are some important points you have to answer before making a decision:

  • How confident are you about your car subwoofer installation skills?
  • Do you have all the necessary tools and equipment to do the job?
  • Are you willing to risk damaging your car’s installation during the installation process?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it is probably best to hire a professional.

Hiring a professional installer has several advantages:

  • They have the experience and knowledge to install your subwoofer correctly.
  • They have all the necessary tools and equipment.
  • They will warranty their work in case something goes wrong.

The cost of hiring a professional installer varies depending on your location but is usually between $60 and $200 for most subwoofer types.

Installing a subwoofer at home may save you some money, but it is not recommended unless you are confident about your skills and have all the necessary tools.

How to Save Money on Car Subwoofer Installation

Saving money is the goal of all of us, and installing a car subwoofer is no different. I mean, why would you spend $200 on something if you can have the same thing for $100?

There are several ways you can save money on subwoofer installation costs:

Install the Subwoofer by Yourself

If you have the skills and tools, then you can install the subwoofer yourself and save the money you would have spent on hiring a professional.

Ask a Friend or Neighbour

If you know someone good with car audio systems, ask him to help you. He may be able to do it for free or for a much lower cost than a professional.

Shop Around

Get quotes from different installers in your area and compare prices. You may be able to find a cheaper option if you look hard enough.

Research Several Car Audio Shops

Many car audio shops offer subwoofer installation services, and they may be able to do it for a lower cost than a professional installer.

Even if you buy a subwoofer at BestBuy, using their installation service will save you some money.

How Much Does Geek Squad Charge for Subwoofer Installation?

To install a subwoofer, the Geek Squad will charge $19.99 before tax.

This, however, doesn’t include any wiring kit or vehicle-specific parts, so be sure to ask about those costs when planning a visit.

They also have extensive labor rates that vary significantly from car model/year depending on how complicated things get, so your total cost of installing the subwoofer can be way more than $20.

Car Subwoofer Installation Cost: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Installing a subwoofer is not a difficult task, but some mistakes can cost you a lot of money.

Here are some costly mistakes to avoid when installing a subwoofer:

Not Using Proper Tools

Using the wrong tools can damage your car or subwoofer. Therefore, it is important to use the right tools, especially when installing wiring or mounting equipment into the car chassis.

Not Following Instructions

Every subwoofer is different and has its own set of instructions. Therefore, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any problems.

This is especially critical when installing a low impedance or dual voice coil subwoofer.

Not Testing the Car Subwoofer

It is not mandatory for the new subwoofers with a manufacturing warranty, but more for second-hand items or from questionable sellers.

In those cases, it is crucial to test the subwoofer before installation to ensure it works properly. Otherwise, you may have to pay for another one if you find any damage after installing it.

Not Using a Correct Subwoofer Box

A subwoofer box is necessary to install the subwoofer, and without it, the subwoofer will not work correctly.

The good thing is that most subwoofers are already installed in the factory enclosures, so in the case of those, there is a slight chance that the used box is wrong.

A much higher risk is purchasing a separate subwoofer and a box, especially from different manufacturers.

There is one exception to this rule: the free air subwoofers.

Still, for most subwoofers installed in the cars, the correct box type and size are mandatory for a quality sound and an optimal subwoofer performance.

Not Using Proper Wiring

This happens often, trust me.

Improper wiring can damage your subwoofer or your car’s electrical system because of overheating issues. Therefore, it is essential to use wires of a proper gauge to avoid any problems.

Too thin wires can cause overheating and subwoofer’s sound quality degradation.

Not Using an Amplifier

An amplifier is not always necessary for all subwoofers installed, but if you use a standard passive subwoofer, having at least a powerful monoblock is a must.

Factory stereos, although some have a subwoofer output, cannot provide enough power needed by the subwoofers.

It is also important to match the subwoofer and amplifier properly in terms of both impedance (standard 4 ohms) and power (RMS) to avoid any damage.

Not Taking Care of the Subwoofer

Subwoofers can last for a long time if they are handled with care. Avoid hitting or dropping them, and keep them away from moisture and dust.

Also, be careful when cleaning them and do not damage the cones.

For subwoofers installed in the trunks, a good practice is to use covering grills to protect the cones from mechanical damage.


The cost of installing the subwoofer varies depending on its type and the complexity of the car audio system. Installation of most subwoofers costs between $60 and $200.

Active subwoofers are the cheapest to install, as they come with built-in amplifiers.

If you are thinking about installing a subwoofer in your car, the best way to get an accurate estimate of the total cost is to contact professional installers and get several quotes.

You will be surprised how much difference in the price you will see.

Hiring a professional installer has several advantages, including experience and knowledge, access to tools, and warranties.