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How to Find a Car Radio Serial Number?

The serial number usually includes information about the manufacturer, model, and year.

You can also use it to track down the car’s original owner if it was stolen, but how can you find the car radio serial number? Let’s find out below.

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The car radio serial number is usually printed on a label attached to the front or back of your car radio and may also be included in your car’s owner’s manual. In addition, you can use the serial number to identify the manufacturer of your car radio and the year and model of the vehicle.

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Tip: If you can’t find the serial number on your car radio or anywhere else in your car, try searching for it online.

Many car manufacturers provide a tool on their websites to look up information about your car based on its VIN or license plate number.

In the article below, I will discuss some methods for finding the car radio serial number and some tips on using this information when trying to track down a stolen car or car radio.

What Is the Car Radio Serial Number?

The car radio serial number is a code used to identify the manufacturer of your car radio and the year and model of your car.

What is a Car Radio Code?

A car radio code is a four-digit code used to unlock your car radio if it has been locked.

Where to Find the Car Radio’s Model Name?

It is possible to get information and services that are only available to you based on the model name of your device. Among these areas, you can find the model name and serial number in:

  • A label with the car radio serial number can be attached to the back or bottom of your car radio.
  • It comes with a printed guide on using it, and the car radio serial number is packaged in its original packing.
  • You may find the serial number in the upper right-hand corner of the screen for graphical applications, such as your vehicle radio.

“Model name” refers to an alphanumeric and a numerical identifier for a model (e.g., JK-67VH899 or TX-8767RT6).

Numbers are the only characters in a serial number (e.g., 8774564). Therefore, it helps in the identification of your car radio. 

How to Find the Radio Serial Number?

Imagine that you recently had a battery replaced or service performed on your vehicle. Then, when you turn on the radio, you realize that it has stopped working.

What’s next? First, do not panic.

Anti-theft security systems are commonly responsible for radios malfunctioning in most circumstances.

Unfortunately, this common problem may be easily solved if you have access to the radio code issued to your particular year and make and model and, in some instances, a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

How Do You Get the Radio Code for Your Car Radio?

There are a few simple methods for obtaining the radio security code.

With the correct code in hand, you will be able to restart your stereo and resume listening to music while driving. The following steps will help you find the radio code for your car’s audio.

#1. Retrieve the Serial Number

You need your radio’s serial number before we can unlock it.

To find the label on the radio cover, you’ll need to remove it and look at the top or side of the radio. Manufacturers place the radio’s serial number inside the device in some instances, but this is rare.

To remove the radio, you need radio release keys, which you can purchase online if you do not have them in hand.

In some cases, you may use small screwdrivers to remove the radio; however I do not recommend this due to the potential damages to the equipment.

A combination of buttons is required to display the serial number on specific devices; other devices need the radio to be removed.

I recommend that you first visit the website’s page dedicated to the particular model or manufacturer of your car/radio to acquire further information.

#2. Check Your Car Radio’s Manual

To get a radio code, you can also check the vehicle’s owner handbook or paperwork from the aftermarket stereo.

The owner’s handbook has an alphabetically-arranged index at the back.

You can find out if this information is documented by searching the handbook for radio, stereo, or security sections.

Owner’s manuals or the handbook’s cover may contain a plastic or cardboard card that includes a radio code.

Consider checking the “notes” section of the owner’s manual if you bought the car from a private owner or a used vehicle dealer. Former owners may have recorded the radio’s security code on occasion.

#3. Visit Your Car Radio’s Manufacturer’s Website

If there is no radio security code in your glove box or owner’s manual, you will need to check your car’s manufacturer’s website to locate it.

In many cases, you may input your car’s VIN and serial number into an internet database to acquire the security code or have it emailed to you.

However, if your radio is an aftermarket model, you should contact the manufacturer for assistance.

#4. Contact the Local Dealership

As a last option, you might check with the dealership where the car was purchased or a dealership affiliated with your vehicle’s manufacturer to obtain the radio security code.

To obtain the radio security code may be required proof of ownership, such as car registration or the purchase invoice.

How to Find Serial Number on Ford Radio?

  • When the radio is on, push the preset buttons 1 and 6 for two to three seconds to start the coding cycle. Wait until the serial number is displayed and take note.
  • If buttons 1 and 6 do not work, press and hold buttons 2 and 6 instead.
  • The serial number starts with V or M and is followed by six digits.

How to Find a Nissan Radio Code?

  • Turn on the car’s ignition.
  • The message ‘Code:’ will be shown.
  • You must enter an incorrect code three times to collect the data necessary for decoding your radio. 1-2-3-4, for example, is a good starting point.
  • The serial number, device number, and date should be displayed on the radio’s display.
  • To unlock the radio, you must fill out a form on the next page and enter this serial number.

How Do I Find Honda Radio Code?

  • Turn on the car’s ignition.
  • The “Code” will appear on the display when the radio is turned on.
  • Remove the radio from your car and turn it off.
  • Keep preset buttons 1 and 6 pressed while the radio is on.
  • A 10-digit serial number will be displayed on the radio’s screen formatted as four digits after the letter ‘K,’ then followed by four digits after ‘D.’
  • On the screen, you will see, for example, K4321 D9876, which may also appear divided into two lines.
  • Or, it will be shown just the eight digits, for example, 87659087

Importance of the Car Radio Serial Number

If a radio asks you to enter a code, there are many different reasons, but in most cases, it is due to the power outage, for example, after disconnecting the battery.

To check if the radio is functioning, you have to turn it on and off.

This is the most common reason. To use this anti-theft system, you will need the car radio serial number, a series of numbers to get your radio’s memory bank back up.

You can get to your saved stations and EQ settings with your car radio serial number. Then, put in the code again to get the radio to work again.


How Do I Find My Radio Serial Number?

Inside the body of the radio, you will find the serial number. To start, put the radio away. If you don’t know how to get the radio out, check your manual or take your car to the shop.

What Is a Radio Code for a Car?

To keep your car radio safe, you’ll need to remember a few numbers. These are radio codes for cars.

When you remove the battery from a head unit that has been stolen, you can’t use it again. Instead, you’ll need to type in the code to start the head unit again.

Do All Car Radios Need a Code?

Anti-theft radio codes are often found in the audio systems of cars. For your radio to work again, you must enter the anti-theft code that comes with it. You can get the radio back in your vehicle by following a few simple steps.


You can identify your car radio by its serial number, which is a series of digits unique to your vehicle. Unfortunately, some modern vehicle radios don’t have this feature.

For the most part, your vehicle radio will ask for a code if it hasn’t had power from the car battery since the last time it functioned.

In most cases, when you plug in your radio, you won’t even realize that it has a code because it has already been programmed.

Here are some cases where the radio in your car may ask for a code:

  • When your automobile battery fails or has to be changed, even a damaged lead wire might be a problem if you’re having issues with your automobile audio system.
  • When your automobile radio has a short and malfunctions, The gadget will most likely request a code after the issue has been resolved and switched back on.