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How to Install ATV Speakers?

There is nothing more exciting than taking your ATV for a ride, but the fun doubles if you have your favorite playlist playing while you are crossing a tree-lined trail on your ATV.

The basic sound system setup includes a receiver and a pair of speakers, but how to install speakers on ATV? Let’s find out.

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ATVs have specially designed speakers that can be mounted on the handlebars or a rack using the mounting accessories. Power up the stereo from the ATVs cigarette lighter port or directly from the battery, then connect the speakers with the receiver, and you are good to go.

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Tip: If you want a robust solution with minimum wiring, I recommend Boss ATV25B ATV UTV Waterproof Soundbar with 6.5 Inch Speakers.

This audio tube contains woofers and tweeters which are powered by a built-in amplifier. It also supports Bluetooth and AUX connectivity with your mobile device so that you can listen to your favorite podcasts or tunes.

Many ATV owners nowadays are installing sound systems on their off-roaders, and if you are also thinking about adding speakers to your ATV, do not wait any longer.

In this article, I will show you detailed information about installing a sound system on your off-roader and answer the most common questions regarding ATV speakers.

Can I Put Speakers on a Four-Wheeler?

There has been a trend going on for the last couple of years that many ATV owners are upgrading their ATVs with sound systems.

You can put speakers on four-wheelers, and in fact, many renowned brands have introduced special marine grade speakers for different ATV models designed to withstand harsh conditions like wind, mud, UV rays, etc.

BOSS MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speakers are the perfect example of an easy way to add or upgrade the sound system of your ATV.

They come in 4-inch size, which makes them easier to fit on mirrors or handlebars of ATVs. Most importantly though, they have decent output and are capable of playing music around 400 watts.

BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System - 400 Watts of Power Per Pair, 200 Watts Each, 4 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Marine grade Weatherproof, Sold In Pairs

These days you can control most of the ATV speakers with your mobile devices, and some of them include extra features like lightning and remote control.

Below are few key points that you should keep in mind before buying speakers for your ATV:

Wireless vs. Wired

When you start shopping for ATV speakers, you will find two types available in the market: wired or wireless.

I recommend choosing wireless speakers instead of wired ones because they are easier to install, but also, when you go through ups and down on an ATV, there is more chance of failure of the wired sound system than wireless speakers.

  • Wireless Speakers are easy to install, and they come with mounting accessories. You don’t have to set up additional wiring, just plug them into a power source, and you are good to go. Wireless speakers support Bluetooth, AUX connectivity and can be controlled with a remote as well.
  • Wired Speakers need stereo for producing sound. To install wired speakers on your ATV, you will need the help of a professional because of the complexity involved in mounting, wiring, and connecting the sound system. 


The ATV speakers have to go through a considerable amount of wear and tear while off-roading. That’s why many companies design speakers which can handle mud, rain, wind, UV rays, corrosion, and high humidity.

Their body is made from polyurethane that helps keep the inner components of speakers dry.

Some ATV speakers also have rubber surrounds (a layer of rubber) inside, which helps produce quality sounds without distortion and makes them weatherproof.

Size of the ATV Speakers

The size of most ATV speakers ranges from 3 inches to 8 inches. The speakers should not be too large, otherwise, you will face difficulty in mounting them.

The ideal size for selecting ATV speakers will be 4-6 inches.

The Output of the Speakers

The output of speakers is measured in watts, and more watts equals more power.

While selecting speakers for ATV, always check or compare the RMS wattage, not the peak wattage.

Good speakers for ATVs are those which are loud enough to cancel the noise of the engine. Ideally, 400 watts 90dB speakers are suitable for high-quality sound on your ATV.

Easy to Install 

The most challenging task is to install ATV speakers because ATVs come in various sizes and shapes. In addition, many speakers come with handlebars brackets that allow you to mount speakers in multiple positions.

Once you have installed speakers, you just have to plug them into a power source of 12-volt port or battery and start playing them instantly.

Speakers come with installation manuals, so do not forget to read the instructions before installing them on your ATVs in case of any specific tricks.


The budget plays a huge role in selecting speakers for your ATV, and it is the most important thing for any sound system. If you are searching for ATV speakers under $100, most of them are smaller with not the most robust materials and do not include an amplifier.

Between 100$ to 250$, you will get a pair of solid speakers like Rockville WB65 or a low-power set of 4 speakers. You will also find some speakers with features like Bluetooth connectivity and LED lighting in this price range.

Above 250$, you will get a powerful high-end soundbar, for example, fantastic waterproof BOSS ATVB95LED with 8″ speakers, installed amplifier, Bluetooth connectivity, wide LED light bar and remote control.

BOSS Audio Systems ATVB95LED UTV ATV Speakers - Weatherproof, ATV Soundbar, 8 Inch Speakers, 1.5 Inch Tweeters, Amplified, Wired Remote for Bluetooth Connectivity, LED Light Bar, Storage Compartment

How to Connect ATV Speakers?

ATV speakers can be connected through your smartphone either via 3.5mm AUX or via built-in Bluetooth. Some of them even have USB ports for pen-drive and also have microSD card slots. 

To connect the ATV speakers on Bluetooth with a smartphone, you have to press the power button and hold it for three to five seconds. This will turn on the Bluetooth light on the speakers, and now it is ready to pair with your mobile device.

For AUX connectivity, you need a 3.5 mm AUX cable compatible with your mobile device, iPad, iPod, or MP3 player. 

If you regularly use music streaming apps like Spotify or Pandora, make sure you buy speakers that support Bluetooth if you want to take advantage of these apps.

The specific instructions to turn on the Bluetooth mode of ATV speakers for particular models are different and are listed in the product manual, so make sure you read the instructions before pairing the speakers with your smartphone.

Do ATV Speakers Have to Be Waterproof?

The ATVs are designed for off-roading, so their speakers must go through harsh riding and rough environmental conditions.

The ATV speakers have to be waterproof and weather resistant because only then will they resist mud, rain, dust, rusting, corrosion, and UV damage.

This is why all the top ATV stereo systems in the market use marine-grade speakers with an IPX rating of at least 5. IPX 5 rating speakers are specially designed for the outdoors and work in severe environmental conditions.

You should clean your ATV speakers with a damp cloth every time after coming from the trail. It will not only improve sound quality and volume but also increase their lifespan.

Extended exposure to UV rays makes the rubber and plastic casing of the speaker softer. This further opens the way for water to come inside and damage internal components.

To overcome this, marine-grade ATV speakers are made from special plastic cones, which makes them waterproof. Also, they have a layer of rubber inside to properly seal the enclosure.

The seal protects the voice coil and other electronic components from corrosion and rusting. Some of these speakers also have water drainage channels into the grille.

When buying marine-grade speakers, you should look at two standard tests: the ASTM-D4329 UV exposure test and the ASTM-B177 test.

  • The products that have passed ASTM-D4329 had shown no significant degradation after 200 hours of exposure to high UV radiation.
  • The next test is the ASTM-B177 test, also known as the salt exposure test. Any speakers before passing this test are exposed to fog or spray containing 5% NaCl to ensure that the electronic component used for manufacturing speakers does not corrode or rust.

Do I Need an Amplifier for the ATV Speakers?

The role of an amplifier in a sound system is to amplify the low-level signal from the stereo and move the speaker cones to produce sound.

You should add an amplifier for ATV speakers because the engine’s sound of ATV is loud. To cancel the engine’s noise, you need powerful output from speakers, which is only possible if you have a good amp.

The good thing is that most of the ATV soundbars come with an internal amplifier, so there is no need to install an external amp. For example – BOSS ATVB95LED has an internal 700-watt amplifier installed in the enclosure.

But if you are using basic stereo speakers or selected customized sound kits, you should include an amplifier in your sound system.

The NOAM NUTV4 ATV Speakers Stereo System comes with a stereo, 4″ sealed watertight speakers, and a compact amplifier. The amplifiers in this sound system come with an on/off switch so that it can be turned off when not in use and saves your ATV battery.

The complexity of the sound system increases with the increase in the number of speakers.

You cannot use a typical car amp for an ATV because it will not be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Instead, ATVs have specially designed amplifiers that are waterproof, sealed, compact, and easy to install.

What Is the Best ATV Bluetooth Speaker?

There are many popular brands like Boss Audio, NOAM, Sound Storm, GoHawk, etc., that sell ATV Bluetooth speakers.

My favorite is speakers for ATV are BOSS Audio ATV8BRGB that you can connect via Bluetooth and 3.5 mm AUX for iPad, iPod or iPhone, smartphone, or MP3 player. I like it mainly because of the balance of the price, and the sounds quality.

Below are the key features which prove that 8BRGB is worth considering:

  • Large 8″ marine grade speakers, with 1.5-inch tweeters, and 450 Watt built-in class D amplifier.
  • It needs to be connected to the 12 V battery, and thanks to the mounting straps, you can install it on either front or back of your ATV.
  • It is equipped with multi-color illuminating lights that change colors with sounds.
  • It is manufactured using the latest waterproofing techniques, which protect it from external conditions.

BOSS Audio Systems ATV8BRGB ATV UTV Weatherproof Sound System - 8 Inch Speakers, 1.5 Inch Tweeters, Built-in Amplifier, Bluetooth, Multi-Color Illumination, Easy Installation for 12 Volt Vehicles

Which Are the Best ATV Speakers With a Light Bar?

A LED light bar is installed on an ATV and helps see during the night or in the dark. 

BOSS ATVB95LED is number one when it comes to making a sound, but also (or more importantly) when you want to make a track visible while riding at night.

On top of the dual raw wide LED light bar, it has two 8 inch speakers with 1.5-inch tweeters, built-in Bluetooth, and AUX connectivity. Thanks to the 700 Watts amplifier, it makes impressive sounds, and it puts off-roading to the next level.

BOSS Audio Systems ATVB95LED UTV ATV Speakers - Weatherproof, ATV Soundbar, 8 Inch Speakers, 1.5 Inch Tweeters, Amplified, Wired Remote for Bluetooth Connectivity, LED Light Bar, Storage Compartment


There are various types of options available in the market when it comes to ATV speakers ranging from the basic receiver and speaker setup, sound system tubes, soundbars, and custom-made sound skits.

Most ATV speakers systems include two speakers, and some have four. 

You cannot install any speaker on an ATV because they have to be specially designed and handle harsh conditions. The speakers also need to have a compact design and have a good sound quality at the same time.

It is recommended to power down your ATV speakers at regular intervals. Otherwise, they can overheat and cause audio problems.