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How to Install Car Speakers in a Rear Deck?

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality in your car, one of the best ways to do it is by installing new speakers.

Installing car speakers in a rear deck is not as difficult as it might seem, and it’s a great way to get better sound all around the car cabin, but how to install speakers on the rear deck? Let’s find out.

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#1. The first step will be to remove the back panel covering the rear deck. In many cars, you can pry up around the hard-plastic edging, which is made easier if you purchase a trim removal tool. This will pop out plastic rivets that are holding the panel in place.

#2. Once the back panel has been removed, locate the bolts holding the current speakers in place to find out what size socket you will need to remove them.

#3. Remove the bolts and set them aside with the plastic rivets to reuse with the new speakers.

#4. Carefully pull the old speakers up and out of the deck, being sure not to pull too hard on the wiring. The speaker wires will be connected to the main wiring via a plug. This plug will have a small plastic piece that you will need to lift as you pull them apart. Do this for both the left and right speakers.

#5. Installing the new speakers will be the reverse of the first four steps, the first of which will be connecting the new speaker harness to the existing car wiring with the same plug.

#6. Once the wiring is connected carefully, place the speaker down into the deck and line up the predrilled holes.

#7. Using the existing bolts, fasten the new speakers into the rear deck. Make sure not to overtighten these bolts as they can crack the plastic lip of the speaker. Do these steps for both the left and right speakers.

#8. Place the back panel over the rear deck and fasten it with the plastic rivets, pushing them down until you hear them snap. All the paneling should be flush, especially any parts around the door frame.

Tip: Installing speakers in the original locations may not be a problem, but when the car is not equipped originally with the rear speakers, you may need to cut holes for the speakers.

The best tool to make the holes in metal car chassis is a cordless recipatacing saw (link to Amazon).

In the article below, I will guide you through the process of installing car speakers in the rear deck.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Speakers In The Rear Deck?

If you are installing them yourself, the cost is far less than going to a professional. The most expensive part will be the speakers themselves.

installing car speakers on rear deck

At the end of this article, you will see a range of speaker prices and the pros for each. Most speakers come with the needed wiring, but in some instances, you may need an adapter, although you should be able to easily research this part.

The trim removal tool is extremely useful during installation and only costs a few bucks online. All said and done, and you are looking at about one to two hundred dollars depending on speaker choice.

How Long Will They Take To Install?

Depending on how many pieces of paneling your car has that need to be removed, installation could take up to a couple of hours.

It will likely take about 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish, but that also depends on the car and level of modification.

In most cars, the actual removal and installation is fairly quick; the panel removal and making sure to not snap the rivets as you remove them is what will take the most time.

Can I Install Rear Deck Speakers In Any Car?

Most cars these days have speakers already installed in the rear deck, and replacing them is extremely easy as outlined above.

customized rear deck for car speakers

Many car components are plug-n-play and make the switch almost effortless. If you are working on an older vehicle, you may not have speakers already positioned in the rear of the car, which makes installation a lot trickier.

The most complicated installation is in the saloon cars because their rear decks are parts of body shape and do not always have mounting holes for speakers.

If holes are existing, you can simply measure the size and buy matching speakers. If not, you will have to cut holes for the speakers in metal panels what can be more time-consuming.

Making holes in the car body can also affect a car’s warranty for the body, especially in relatively new vehicles.

If any fabrication work needs to be done, I would recommend going to a professional.

How Do Rear Deck Speakers Affect Sound?

Having rear deck speakers makes a huge difference in the sound quality in your car. It gives you a surround sound effect, and you can pick out subtle differences in your music as well.

The rear speakers are also generally the larger of the four that are in most vehicles, making them more powerful and able to pump more decibels through the system.

You can always test this by turning the fade effect on your stereo to full front, which will only allow playback through the front speakers. You will definitely see the difference.

Do I Need An Amplifier For Rear Deck Speakers?

In short: no. However, adding an amplifier will drastically improve your car audio. An amplifier will make your music much clearer and crisper, as well as allowing the volume to be turned up further without distortion.

Amplifiers are a good addition to any car audio system, and you can find them on the web reasonably priced.

Do I Need To Replace The Front Speakers If I Am Adding Speakers To The Rear Deck?

While you don’t necessarily need to change out your front speakers at the same time you add rear speakers, it is generally a good idea to have all of them the same brand and changed or added at the same time.

You may see some slight differences in audio quality if you place new speakers in the rear deck and keep the factory speakers upfront. Plus, the front speakers are most likely older and will not have the same volume capabilities as the new ones, causing distortion when turned up high.

As an overall recommendation, it is good practice to replace your front speakers at the same time you add to your rear deck.

Which Car Speakers Are Good For The Rear Deck In My Car?

There are so many options out there; it can be hard to decide on one that works great and is in your budget. Based on personal experience and a lot of research, here are my top four speakers for a rear deck.

All are quite powerful and play well in a large enclosure, which is a trunk. Also, they do not need an amplifier, so if you do not have an advanced car sound system, or just starting a car audio journey, these are the best speakers for your rear deck.

All are available on Amazon, so if you would like to give them a try, click the links and check the latest price.

Alpine R-S69.2 (R-Series 6″ x9″ 2-way car speakers)

These speakers are extremely clear and pack in 100W RMS. Thanks to the increased voice coils they can create incredible dynamic sounds, especially in large cars.

What has drawn me to these the most is the pure clarity of the music when using them, no other speaker that I have heard has come close. It has plenty of power as well, so nothing is lost there. This is my number one for the rear deck in any car.

alpine speakers for rear deck

Infinity Reference REF-9632ix (Reference Series 6″ x9″ 2-way car speakers)

Another great speaker with 100W RMS, but at two-thirds the price of the Alpine. The sound is not as crisp, but it is still head and shoulders above the average speaker and if you are on a budget but still want to get all from your car audio, REF-9632IX are speakers for you.

infinity reference speakers for car rear deck

Polk Audio DB 692 (DB+ Series 6″ x9″ 3-way car speakers)

The DB 692 packs 150W RMS for some hard-hitting bass, that’ll rumble your trunk. These bad boys will let everyone know you’re coming from a mile away, and there is more. They are waterproof which means this is a great choice for a convertible or Targa.

how to cut speaker holes in the car rear deck

Rockford Fosgate P1692 (Punch Series 6″ x9″ 2-way car speakers)

A more economical speaker that still wows with 75W RMS. This is a good starter speaker if you are looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank and do not have an amplifier.

rockford fosgate rear deck car speakers


Upgrading your rear deck speakers is a great way to add more enjoyment to your daily drive, and you shouldn’t be intimidated by installing them yourself.

Just follow the eight steps outlined above, and you will be on your way to better bumpin’ tunes!