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How to Install Door Speakers in Mustang 2006?

When we drive Ford Mustang 2006, the chances are that the sound system is no longer in great shape, and speakers need replacement. But how to install new door speakers in Mustang 2006? Let’s find out.

To install door speakers in Mustang, you have to remove power mirror panels and door panels to access the speakers. Next, remove and disconnect the old speakers. In the original places, install replacement 6×8 speakers, or by using adapter panels, you can install smaller 5-1/4″.

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Installing new door speakers in the 2006 Mustang can really amp up its music and bring it a little closer to modern car designs. The article below will drive you through this process in detail, so if you are about to install new speakers in your Mustang, stay tuned. 

How to replace door speakers in Mustang 2006?

how to install door speakers in ford mustang 2006

Replacing factory speakers is straightforward and does not require any special tools, except Torx and flat end pliers. When you follow the steps below, you will mane change in less than half an hour.

  • Remove the power mirror panel and disconnect the wire harness.
  • Remove the plastic plate behind the door handle and remove the T30 Torx screw.
  • Remove the cover plate in the door compartment and remove the T30 Torx screw.
  • Remove mirror controls from the door panel. Make sure not to damage plastic locks on both sides of the control panel and disconnect the wiring harness.
  • Remove the window control bracket by gently pulling it from the door panel.
  • Remove all 7mm bolts from the back and bottom of the door trim and one from the inside of window controls.
  • Lift the door panel and disconnect the power lock wire harness from its top side. Remove holding cable from the door panel using needle-nose pliers.
  • Remove four T20 Torx screws from the speaker.
  • Remove the speaker and disconnect the wire harness.
  • Install a new speaker and test it. If you are installing 6×8 speakers, just screw the speaker in its position. However, if you install 5-1/4″ speakers, you need an adapter ring. For example, the quality choice is adapter Scosche SA68.

If everything works OK and speakers play the music, now is the time to assemble all door panels in reverse order. With any problems in removing the door panel, the video below will show you all steps needed.

What size are door speakers in Mustang 2006?

The sound system in Ford Mustang 2006 models include speakers, woofers, and subwoofers. The standard door speakers are 6″x8″, the same size you will find in the rear deck.

This does not mean, however, that you are limited to the 6×8 speakers. You can also install 5.25″ either coaxial or system, but you need to add adaptor plated to the original speakers’ locations to do this.

I would stay with the 6×8 speakers, and you can find excellent speakers in this size, but finding the right speakers is based on the individual sound experience. From the speakers that I can recommend, two really nail sound quality (Amazon links open in the new window):

  • JBL Stadium GTO860, with their adjustable tweeters, will make you hear the perfection of every single tone. These powerful and dynamic speakers will show their best when powered by an amplifier with min 120W RMS per channel.
  • Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch are still an excellent but cheaper option of the coaxial speakers. With 65W RMS, they play amazing with the factory head unit, so you do not need an amplifier. Well, unless you have a subwoofer in the car and need to give your speakers’ real boost.

If your Mustang is equipped with a Shaker audio system, you will have placed 8″ woofers in the door. You can leave the original woofers in their places, together with the amplifiers, and they will provide your sound with solid bass.

If you would like to replace woofers as well, great options are Kicker 43CWRT82 that will fit Mustang perfectly thanks to their shallow mount.

How to connect new speakers with factory speaker wires?

Connecting new wires to the factory wires is the only complicated part of this process, and only if your speakers have different from the factory harnesses. 

But do not worry, even if your new speakers are not equipped with the wires, you can get a wiring harness adaptor for them. 

Connect the speaker wires to the wiring harness, making sure that the polarity is correct. Follow the manual of the harness if needed. Then just connect the speaker wiring harness to the stock wiring harness of your car. Check if the connections are working before reinstalling the grill and the door panel.

Should You Replace Factory Door Speakers in Your Mustang?

Most premium cars come with stock speakers that do the job fairly well. They are not state of the art, but they are not obsolete either. The later the model, the better the stereo system. If you drive a 2006 Ford Mustang in 2020 or thinking about getting one, you might also want to think of getting better aftermarket speakers.

Aftermarket speakers deliver better sound quality than most stock car speakers. They are also highly durable with better design that can be placed easily in the stock cut out. And all of these come at a reasonable price point. Of course, there are expensive options, but you don’t have to look at those.

The price, time, and effort you invest in replacing the stock speakers are worth it if you are a music enthusiast or your car speakers are damaged beyond repair. If you are reading this article, I am guessing you belong to one of these groups.

You might also have to change the amplifiers if you choose to replace the woofer and subwoofers to feel any significant difference in sound quality.

So, you do not need to replace factory door speakers unless you want to or have problems with current speakers.

Do I need an amplifier for Mustang door speakers?

It can happen that changing only the speakers may not bring you the expected results.

Amplifiers convert the electrical signals into audible sounds that we hear from the speakers. It is not easy to find a car stereo that will include a quality amplifier to give you a better audio experience.

If you choose to replace only the speakers for some reason, not opting for a new amplifier is still OK, but for some top-shelf speakers like Focal or JBL Stadium, getting a better amplifier is a must. 

Without adding the amplifier, such powerful speakers may sound flat, and you will experience a lack of the dynamic in your favorite tracks.

Good amplifiers let you hear music at loud volume without cracking or any distortions. This is particularly applicable to hard rock music lovers. If you want clean audio, you need an amplifier.

In Mustang 2006, the stock amplifiers are precisely calibrated to deliver the right power to the subwoofers to produce the perfect bass. If you only change the subwoofers, you will get a low audio output as the amplifier is already designed to deliver low power to the drivers. There is no way to adjust the amplifier for the new subwoofers manually.

So, if you change speakers in the 2006 Mustang together with the subwoofers, and want them to play at their best, the amplifiers should also be changed. 

Should I sound deaden my doors for the new speakers?

The short answer is yes. If you have plastic door panels already removed, and you have invested in the quality speakers, the last thing you need after installing them is to hear metal vibrations from inside the door. 

It does not take much effort or money to sound deaden a door, and the final effect is really worth it. If you would like to go through the process of sound dampening car doors, I wrote a detailed guide in this article, so check it out.


Many Mustang owners replace the stock speakers. That is OK as most serial speakers come with pretty average sound quality at their best. 

Replacing them with an aftermarket stereo system brings excellent results at an affordable price. Mustang 2006 is a fairly old model, so changing the speakers isn’t a bad idea.