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How To Remove Roll Bar Speakers From Jeep Wrangler?

Making changes to the sound system in your Jeep Wrangler is an essential step in the process of customizing your ride. And fortunately, removing the roll bar speakers doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Here’s how you can remove the Jeep Wrangler roll bar speakers in 7 easy steps:

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  1. Identify the speaker.
  2. Remove the three screws with a screwdriver.
  3. Pull down the speaker.
  4. Remove the speaker cover.
  5. Release the power connector.
  6. (Optional) Install new speakers & tighten screws.
  7. (Optional) Repeat with additional speakers.

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Tip: Replacing speakers is a simple task, but when upgrading them with stronger and louder ones, it is worth placing the new speakers inside the foam baffles.

This will not only add a little boost to the music dynamic, but more importantly, it adds a cushion between the speaker itself and the roll bar. In effect, you will reduce any potential vibrations or rattling noise.

Also, when you want to change speaker size and install a smaller 5.25″, you will need an adapter rings SCOSCHE SAC656.

In the article below, I will explain all steps in detail, so continue reading. 

Identify the Speakers

The first step before removing the speakers is being able to identify them. If you’re familiar with your car and know where the speakers are, then you can skip this step. 

The speakers can be found on the internal roll bar. It is a very pronounced circle with three projections around the edge that house the screws. If you have a 2015 model or newer, the factory sound system will include two sizes of speakers. It will consist of a larger woofer and a smaller tweeter. 

Remove the Three Screws With a Screwdriver

The next step in the removal of the speakers is going to be very straightforward. You need to take a screwdriver and remove the screws surrounding the speaker. Most models have three screws, but that may be different if you have a used Jeep with any modifications. 

Because of the different size speakers, you will need to use different size screwdrivers. 

Tools Required: If you work with a model older than 2015, you will need the Torx T-15 screwdriver. Models older than 2015 required a T-15 for the smaller tweeters and a T-20 for the larger woofers.

If you don’t already have T-xx screwdrivers, you can get the Torx Screwdriver Set by Teckman on

Note: Be sure to place the screws in a safe place like a cup or bowl while you’re working. This will ensure that you don’t lose any of the parts during the process. Also, if you’re working with a newer model of Jeep, then be sure to separate the two sizes of screws from each other. 

Pull Down the Speaker

Now that the screws have been removed, you should be able to freely remove the speaker from the roll bar. 

If the speakers have never been removed before then, they may be mildly stuck in place. Removing them may require a bit of force to get them to budge.

Remember that there will still be wiring attached to the other side of the speaker, so don’t pull too hard, or you may damage the connectors when pulling speakers too hard. 

Remove the Speaker Cover

The speaker has a cap cover on the back which protects the connection terminal with its power source. You won’t be able to remove the power connector without removing the speaker cover.

Once the speaker has been pulled down from the roll bar, turn it upside down, and you should see the power cable going in the back of the speaker. This cover should pop off just like a cap. 

Similar to the speaker itself, this cover may be a little stuck, so that it may require some gentle prying. Again, be cautious and do not damage wiring connections. 

Release the Power Connector

Once the speaker cover is removed, it will expose a small, white tab on the power connector. This tab acts as a release on the cable. 

All you need to do is press down on the release tab, and then you should freely remove the cable from the back of the speaker. 

After you’ve completed this step, the speaker should be free from the roll bar. You should be left with an empty hole in the roll bar with a power cable hanging from it. 

(Optional) Install New Speakers & Tighten Screws

If you’re trying to remove the speakers from your roll bar, you will likely upgrade to some new ones, which means you will need to install your new speakers back into the roll bar. 

Doing this requires you to follow all the steps in reverse. 

You must first plug the power cable into the back of the new speaker. Ensure that the speaker cover securely fits onto the speaker’s back, so the wire doesn’t come loose. 

Next, you need to place the speaker back up in the housing and place the screws into their holes. Hopefully, you kept track of all of them! 

Remember that if your Jeep is newer than 2015, you will have two different size screws, so be sure to keep track of which screws go with which speaker. 

Don’t over-tighten the screws so that replacing the speakers is easy if necessary in the future.  

(Optional) Repeat With Additional Speakers

As needed, repeat the previous steps with other speakers on the roll bar. You can follow a similar process with the speakers throughout the vehicle. 

The size and location of the speakers will depend on the model of your Jeep, but if you follow the tool recommendations given earlier, you should be able to cover your bases. 

If You Want To Remove All of the Roll Bar Wiring

If you’re not trying to replace the roll bar speakers and instead of trying to remove all of the sound systems wirings, then here’s what you do. 

Once the speakers are removed, you need to follow the wiring to the driver’s side. You should see a connector clip at the corner that connects the soundbar wiring to the rest of the vehicle’s power. 

Once you disconnect the connector, the wiring should be free, and you should remove it through the hole where the speaker used to be. 

This Youtube video shows how to disconnect the wiring. Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t the best, so be sure to turn up your brightness.