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How to Replace Door Speakers in Chevy Silverado?

If you own a Chevy Silverado, then do you not only own one of the most loved pickup trucks in the United States, but you also own a part of American History.

Thus driving in style needs the best quality sound, you may be deciding to replace your Silverado speakers. But how do you replace speakers in Chevy Silverado, and which speakers should you choose? Let’s find out.

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To replace speakers in the Chevy Silverado:

  1. Use a plastic panel tool and remove all plastic clips and door lock knobs.
  2. Use a 7mm socket wrench, unbolt the door panel and remove it from the door by lifting it.
  3. Remove original speakers from the plastic speaker holders and replace them with new ones.

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In the article below, I will take a look at Chevy and the Silverado’s History. Then I will explain all the different speakers’ sizes for all the models of Silverados ever made and then detail how you replace the speakers for a Silverado model from 2015 upwards and then from 2014 downwards, including a step-by-step tutorial and the tools you will need.

Chevy Silverado Overview

The Chevy Silverado is synonymous with adjectives such as large, powerful, robust, heavy-duty, as well it should be. For the better part of two decades, the Silverado has been one of the most famous selling pickup trucks in the United States, recently crossing the mark of selling over 40 000 models every single month across North America. 

The Chevy Silverado’s history is long and illustrious, and if you are reading this article, you undoubtedly know that and love your Silverado. Introduced in 1999, it was the successor to the Chevy C/K line taking its name from this model’s top trim levels. 

What Size Speakers Are in a Chevy Silverado?

Chevy Silverado models 1999 – 2006

Depending on the model, the Chevy Silverado will have different size speakers. Models produced from 1999 to 2006 have four speakers with a size of 6.75inches. 

Also, keep in mind that they have speakers of different sizes for different Chevy Silverado sections. 

Chevy Silverado model 2007 – 2008

The speaker size for the doors is 6.75inches and is both the same for the front and the back doors.

Chevy Silverado model 2009

The front door speakers for this model are 6.5 inches.

Chevy Silverado model 2010 – 2011

These speakers are similar to the size of an aftermarket 6.75inch speaker; however, you will need to use an adapter ring to fit the speakers.

Chevy Silverado model 2012

The 2012 Silverado sported 6inches front and 5.5inches rear speakers. 

Chevy Silverado model 2013

The speakers for a 2013 model featured 6.75inch speakers in the front door. However, once again, you would need to use an adapter ring to fit standard speakers correctly.

Chevy Silverado model 2014 – 2020

The 2014 Silverado featured standard-sized 6x9inch speakers in the front and 6.5inch speakers in the rear. Furthermore, Chevy started to implement this size speaker as their standard size from all models onwards. 

Are Front and Rear Speakers in Silverado the Same?

As you can see from the above list, the speakers’ size depends on Silverado’s model. Some feature the same size speaker in the back, and some do not. For the latter, the models usually sport larger 6×9 speakers in the front with smaller speakers situated at the rear; however, as you can see, some earlier models did feature the same size speakers for both the front and the back. 

Be sure to check out Crutchfield, where you can insert your Silverado model, and they will tell you precisely what speakers fit your Silverado model. 

How to Remove Speakers From Silverado?

Because of the major change in Chevrolet’s shape in 2015, I decided to make two guides about replacing door speakers. One variation is for models earlier than 2014, and the other for models 2015 and later. 

All of the tools needed are listed below, and the process is pretty straightforward. However, one thing to keep in mind is that even though the process is very similar, they might have a slight variation depending on the model.

For example, you may have the same Silverado model but with or without BOSE Sound System installed.

What Tools Do I Need to Replace Door Speakers?

Replacing Door Speakers in Silverado – Step by Step Guide

2015 Chevy Silverado and Newer

Before start, you will need to switch off your dome light when working with the doors open. The switch is placed on the ceiling panel in the center of the vehicle. By switching it off, the lights are not draining the battery while you are working on the door.

Removing the Door Panel

  • The first thing you will need to do is use your hook pick to peel away the compartments that are situated behind the door handles (the door handle lock and the handle used to push and pull the door). 
  • The next panel to remove is the side panel where all the window controls are installed. This may be a little sturdy, so you will need to tug at it a fair amount. 
  • After that, you will see a fastened panel to the door’s inner part with metal clips. Use the screwdriver to remove these and collect them before they fall into the door panel. If bolts do happen to fall into the door, there is no need to worry; you will just need to wait until the door panel is removed to retrieve them.
  • Now considering the large door panel, you have to remove 6mm bolts. These bolts are located behind the panel area that features the window electronics you already removed with the clips. You will see the other bolts underneath the door panel in the two places where you first initially removed the parts with the hook pick tool.
  • Using the 7mm socket with a ratchet and extension, continue to remove these all bolts. All in all, at this point, you should have removed six bolts from the door panel. 
  • The door panel is still clipped in place at this point. You will now have to pull the door panel from the metal door. Sometimes it may seem like you are about to damage the door panel. The interior panel is sturdy, and you should just work your fingers into the grooves, pulling firmly all around the door panel, and it will pop off. 
  • The door handle cable at his point is still attached to the door panel. It should just be attached to the door panel by a clip that you will need to press down on, and then it will be released.
  • An electrical connector is also connected to the panel for the circuitry inside the door (for all electronics, windows, etc.).
  • A connector is also attached via a makeshift clip. This clip is constructed in a form similar to a belt buckle. This means you will need to lift the one end up and slide the other end out for it to come loose.  

When you removed the door panel, the weatherstrip would have come off with it, and you need to remove that. Push the strip down from the panel and use a screwdriver again to detach the clips that are holding it in place. 

How to Remove and Replace Speakers in Chevy Silverado

The speakers are just held in place by one 7mm bolt, which you can remove by using a socket wrench with a 7mm socket. The speakers are held in place still by brackets, and you will need to lift the entire frame with the speaker up and out to remove it. 

Once it is removed, a wire will be attaching the speaker to the door, and all you need to do here is press the tab down located behind the speaker to loosen the attached wire. 

What you have to do now is to replace the old speaker with the new one and reverse the steps that I just laid out for you. It is really simple, and there is no other way to do this.

If you prefer a visual aid, watch this short video that will guide you through the steps of replacing door speakers on a 2015 Chevy Silverado.

2014 and Earlier Models of a Chevy Silverado

If you drive Chevy Silverado produced before 2015, the part below is for you. Although replacing speakers is almost identical, there are some detailed changes but do not worry. I have this covered. 

How to Remove the Door Panel in Chevy Silverado?

The door design is more curved in the older models, but the process will be the same, and instead of a panel situated within the door handle lock, you will be removing the entire door handle lock with a plastic pry tool. 

This will be easier, and you will get the job done more efficiently. 

Now just as with the door handle lock, you will need to remove the panel from behind the door handle with the plastic prying tool. 

Unlike with the 2015 models, where there are six 7mm screws to remove, the older models only have two, which you can find at the bottom of the door panel and one within the door handle behind the plastic cover.

Once you have removed the two screws with your socket wrench, all you need to do to remove the door panel altogether is stand and holding the door panel firmly, push it in, and pull it upwards. 

The next thing you need to do, just as with the 2015 models, is to remove the electrical switch from the door, and you do this by removing the clip.

Some models may be held in place by a screw, so you will need to use a screwdriver to undo those. Now you should have access to the speaker. 

Removing and Replacing the Speaker

In older models, the door speakers are round and bolted to the plastic speaker’s cover by four screws.

You need to use a screwdriver or socket wrench fitted with the appropriate screw-head to remove the speaker from the door. 

There are also three 10mm bolts similar to the new models, holding the speaker in place. The bolts are located at the top of the speaker and then towards the bottom on each side. 

Once the bolts have been removed, you can pull the speaker from the car door. One thing to note is that the speaker may be glued to the bracket holding it in place. In this case, it is up to you whether you want to pull the speaker from the bracket or utilize some other method of mounting the speaker to the door. 

Usually, the speakers are mounted to the bracket via two-sided tape, and it should not be that difficult to pry loose. 

At this point, you need to remove the wire attached to the speaker, and you can do it by using a screwdriver and manipulating the clip that is connecting it to the speaker to get it loose.

Another thing to note, and this goes for all models of Silverados, is that depending on which speakers you choose to purchase, they may not have the same connection points, and thus you will need to cut the wire and solder the connections together. 

Which Are the Best Door Speakers for Chevy Silverado?

When you wonder which speakers to choose, this depends mainly on your car’s year due to the different sizes used in factory installations. 

Furthermore, suppose you are looking to upgrade your OEM factory standard speakers of your Silverado with aftermarket speakers. In that case, there are hundreds to choose from that will be phenomenal, and no one will outperform the other at the high-end levels. 

Consider reading some of my other articles where I detail how to match speakers to car amplifiers, are your old speakers worth keeping, and what to look for in purchasing new speakers (RMS watts, Peak Watts, and speaker efficiency). As well as what speakers are suitable for various types of music, like rock and metal.

All these factors come into play when determining which speakers will be the best for your Chevy Silverado. 

Furthermore, you also get different speaker types such as coaxial and component speakers, and these will play an integral part in the production of your audio. 

Which speakers can I recommend? Well, without much thinking, the first that comes into my mind is JBL Stadium GTO930 with a fantastic coaxial design.

JBL Stadium GTO930

GTO930 is the biggest coaxial speaker from JBL’s elite Stadium series, and unless you are new to the car sound system, they do not need much of an introduction.

Their key features are:

  • Oversized fiberglass cones for deeper bass
  • Adjustable tweeters to direct high tones towards your ears
  • High tones can be made louder by pressing the small button at the tweeter’s cover
  • Power – 110W RMS (330W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 35-30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 96 dB

I bought mine GTO930 around three years ago, and they are still available on Amazon, so if you want to give them a try, click this link and check the recent price.

Thanks to the lightweight oversized glass fiber cone, the bass starts at 35 Hz and is really strong, deep, and precise. The great thing is you do not even need a strong amplifier to power the 930s, and even a factory head unit will be enough. However, when you use an amplifier, you will experience its full potential with exceptional performance.

GTO930, like all other speakers in the JBL Stadium series, has adjustable loudness of already bright high tones. This feature is convenient when speakers are mounted at the lower part of the door.

Extra 3dB means trebles can be twice as loud at the same power level, and the difference is huge.

But this is not all JBL has to offer. Tweeters are adjustable, so you can change their angle on top of the woofer and steer-produced sounds towards your ears.

All JBL Stadium speakers are ideal for dynamic music but not only for the music. When you are on a long journey and your kids are watching TV, GTO930s will create a tremendous mobile cinema effect in your cabin, especially in something as large as Silverado.


The Chevy Silverado history is a long and illustrious one starting with the first model in 1999 (over 20 years ago).

Since then, the Silverado has gone from strength to strength and is one of the most favorited cars in the United States still today. If you are the Silverado owner, you undoubtedly hold a piece of American History in your garage.  

Changing the speakers on any Silverado model is pretty straightforward. If you did not quite understand the process of replacing the speakers in the various Silverado models, then the linked videos throughout the article should help you achieve the results you want.

The only factor you will need to consider is what Silverado model you have. That will determine what size speakers you will need to replace the old ones, what tools you will need, and then what the process will be for replacing the speakers of the specific Silverado model.