How To Replace Door Speakers In Ford F150? A Complete Guide




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Replacing the speakers in your Ford F-150 is pretty straightforward when compared to that of its rivals, the Silverado or the Sierra.

In some ways, it is even easier because of a few key elements that Ford has implemented, so how do I replace door speakers in Ford F-150? Let’s find out. 

As a general rule, replacing F-150 speakers requires removing plastic door panels using a pray tool and removing bolts that hold speakers in place. Next, unplug the speakers from the speakers’ wires, and when removed, replace them with the new ones. Finally, to assemble all back together, repeat all previous steps in the reverse order.

Tip: F-150 models from 1997 till 2017 have standard 6×8 speakers requiring no mounting brackets, so their replacement with the same 6×8 size is easy. If you want to use 6×9 or round 6.5″ speakers instead, you must use additional adaptor rings.

In addition, it is worth placing speakers in the foam speaker baffles, which will protect the back of the speakers from the water and allow sounds coming out of the speakers to become more dynamic. 

My favorite baffles that will fit either 6×8, 6×9, or 6.5″ speakers are BOOM MAT from Design Engineering. They perfectly fit the speakers’ size, and I never had any issues with them. 

In the article below, I will explain why you should replace the speakers in your F-150. Also, I will highlight which are the best speakers to get.  

What Size Speakers Are In a Ford f150?

Depending on the model of your F-150, the speakers will be different. Furthermore, the audio format has changed somewhat over the years, so in the table below, you find the overview of all speaker types and sizes historically placed in Ford F-150. 

Currently, there are seven trim grades when choosing a Ford F-150: XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch®, Platinum, Limited, and Raptor. Additionally, each of these trim levels has different speakers installed.

For XL and XLT, the number of speakers also changes, depending on how many passengers your model can carry.

The basic regular cab models for the Ford F-150 from 2020 and later have four speakers. Larger SuperCab and Supercrew models are equipped with six speakers, while the biggest ones, Lariat and Raptor models, have installed a seven-speaker system. 

Below I have listed all Ford F-150 models with corresponding door speaker sizes.

YearModelFront Door Speakers’ Size
1997 – 2000F1506×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2001 – 2004F1506×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2004 – 2008F1506×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2012Platinum6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2012 Lariat6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2012 FX46×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2012 King Ranch6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2014 STX6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2014 XL6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2009 – 2014 XLT6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2010 – 2012 FX26×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2010 – 2012 Harley Davidson6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2010 – 2012 Raptor6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014FX26×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 FX46×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 King Ranch6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 Lariat6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 Limited6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 Platinum6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 XLT6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2013 – 2014 Raptor6×8; 5.25″; 6.5″
2015XL6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015XLT6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015 – 2020King Ranch6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015 – 2020Platinum6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015 – 2020Lariat6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015 – 2020XL6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2015 – 2020XLT6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2016 – 2020Limited6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2017 – 2020Raptor6.5″; 6.75″; 6×9
2021 – Pickup6.5″; 6.75″
Ford F-150 Door Speakers Size

B&O Sound System (Bang & Olufsen) 

If your trim model is either the King Ranch, Platinum, or Limited series, then your pickup has installed a sound system designed and manufactured by Bang & Olufsen.

This customized audio features tailored speaker placement, tuning, and calibration to the cabin of the F-150. The whole system produces an incredible 750W to power a total of 10 speakers placed within the cabin.

Bang & Olufsen system consists of 8 high-performance and two ultra-performance speakers

  • Four mid-woofers (two 6″x9″, and two 6.5″) 
  • One 8″ DVC subwoofer 
  • One 3.5″ midrange driver 
  • Four 1″ tweeters 

B&O Unleashed

From 2021, Bang & Olufsen offers an astonishing 18-speaker system called B&O Unleashed. This top-range audio is available in the F-150 Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and standard on Limited.

Is It Worth Replacing Factory Speakers in Ford F-150?

If you have models with the Bang&Olfusen system, you probably do not think about upgrading it, well, at least for now.

However, if your Ford F-150 is not one high-end model, and it is relatively old, there are several reasons why you may want to consider replacing the speakers:

  • F-150 models from 2011 till 2014 have relatively cheap mediocre speakers installed. Many experience problems with blown speakers, which happen at the increased volume. 

The short video below shows the exact process of replacing the speakers.

  • Before 2011, the Ford F-150 suffered from faulty wiring harnesses (harnesses attached to speakers) that would cause the speakers to sound horrible, get damaged, and blow. 
  • F-150s built after 2015 have standard OEM factory speakers, and there is also nothing special about them. If you are looking for real audio quality, then you should consider replacing them.

Which Are the Best Door Speakers for F-150?

Unlike Silverado and Sierra, the Ford F-150 mainly had a 6×8 configuration in their models from the start of production until 2017.

When searching for the right speakers, you do not just look at their size or brand. There are some critical criteria within the technical specification, and even materials used that can tell if speakers are worth buying or not. 

Most importantly though, a good practice is to hear the speakers before purchasing them.

I know that searching for the right and the best speakers can sometimes be overwhelming but do not worry. I did the job for you and listed below my best picks in each size to fit your F-150.

Best 6×8 Speakers for Ford F-150

If you would like to stay with the current 6×8 speakers’ size, several options are available to choose from, and I am pleased with their performance and quality:

Kicker 46CSS684 2 Way Component System

If you are looking for a 6×8 speaker system to bring you an excellent sound, the Kicker 46CSS684 2-Way system with adjustable tweeters is my favorite.

I am talking about sound clarity, especially highs. With these Kickers, you will not experience deep bass, but for bass, you should have a good subwoofer.

46CSS684s have adjustable tweeters and are really easy to install. Although you can power them by any head unit, the best results you will get when paired with a good amplifier, preferably in A/B class.

Kicker 46CSS684 Car Audio 6x8 Component Full Range Stereo Speakers Set CSS68

Infinity Reference 8632CFX 2 Way Coaxial

Infinity Reference 8632CFX speakers are the perfect choice for a clean and crisp listening experience. These are my favorite 2-way coaxials in this size.

With extraordinary 93dB frequency response and 60W RMS, these speakers will ensure that you can hear all of the sounds in your favorite tunes. In addition, they have multiple mounting holes, so their adaptation to the existing door panels is easier.

Although Infinity produces amazing mid-range tones with beautiful highs, their bass, when powered by a stereo, is not the greatest. But, if you decide to use an external amplifier, the bass produced is much stronger and deeper.

Infinity Reference 8632CFX have included in the package a self-stick foam strip to attach around the back rim of each speaker for extra sealing and cushioning, so do not forget to use it.

Infinity Reference 8632CFX 6"x8" 2-Way Car Speakers - Pair

Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 3 way coaxial

If you want to install 3-way coaxial speakers in your F150, do not look further because P1683 Punch are the speakers you are looking for.

These Rockford Fosgate speakers have built-in crossovers and are easy to install, thanks to their FlexFit basket design. They won’t disappoint with their incredible clarity and bass modulation, which is way better than in factory speakers.

These are the best speakers for this price. Their heavy rock-solid design will be a perfect fit in your vehicle while adding some extra boom that’ll make you proud of its quality.

The only downside I have found is that they are not equipped with grilles, but for Ford F-150, they are not needed.

These speakers are plug-and-play, so no worries about not having owners manuals or directions; all you need is two simple wires from your receiver’s channels to the input ports on the side of each speaker, a screwdriver, and some patience.

Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6"x8" 3-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)

Best 6.5″ Speakers for Ford F-150

6.5″ is the highest competition shelf, and to be honest, selectron is not easy, especially if you are ready to pay thousands of dollars for your speakers. 

Suppose you want to go towards the unquestionable top class. In that case, you will not ignore Morel Supremo, Morel Elate, or Focal Utopia, but when considering most users, including myself, the selection is slightly different because of the price.

One thing to remember is when you are replacing factory speakers with the 6.5″, you have to place them on the adaptor rings Metra 82-5607.

Infinity Kappa 60SCX

Designed to produce clear sounds, these Infinity Kappa 60SCX speakers have a low impedance 2.5-ohm voice coil, and they make an outstanding sound when powered by a good amplifier.

If you’re looking for something to add some knockout bass as well as full high notes, these may be the perfect speakers’ system for your F-150!

Infinity Kappa 60SCX speakers are designed to have sharp, responsive sound quality. They make sure the mid-bass is strong, which is especially noticeable with good door dampening.

Here is the best part, and because of that, 60SCX are my favorite. The Kappa 2-way component system crossovers are gap-selectable to accommodate a midrange upgrade.

In other words, you can add Kappa 20MX 2″ midrange speakers and turn the 2-way system into an impressive 3-way, which will make perfect tonal balance in all ranges of sound frequency. 

Infinity Kappa 60CSX - 6 1/2” two-way car audio component system w/gap switchable crossover

Focal 165 AC Access

Focal 165 AC Access speakers are designed to provide a great audio experience, with remarkable sound clarity, especially in the mid and high range.

These are not boom boxes, so be ready to get a subwoofer if you need some strong bass kicks. However, if you do not want to use the subwoofer, you will hear the best possible music details ideal for softer music types.

One thing I like about them is their power of 60 Watts RMS, which means that you do not need an external amplifier, excellent results you will hear with the serial head unit.

The 165 AC Access speakers do not only play great. They are of high quality and moisture resistant which means, you can use them with open doors during the rain or splash them while washing the car interior, and nothing wrong will happen to them. 

Focal 165 AC Access 6-1/2" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

If you want something in a similar class but a bit more dynamic, with deeper bass, try 2-way JBL Stadium GTO620, and you will not be disappointed. 

JBL GTO620 are one of the best speakers I have ever used, and although they do not have FOCAL’s highs, they are perfect for any dynamic music.

The downside is, that with JBL, you will need an amplifier that works with a stable 2-ohm mode because JBL GTO620 speakers, like all from the Stadium series, have low impedance and no existing radio in the World, which would give them enough power.

JBL Stadium GTO 620 - 6.5" Step-up Multielement Car Audio Speaker System

Best 5.25″ Speakers for Ford F-150

These are the smallest of all available speakers that you can mount in your Ford, but they still can give you enough pleasure from the ride. 

With such a small size, it is worth searching through the top shelf to not compromise the sound quality. 

Below are my two best picks, and to install 5.25″ in your F-150, you will need a pair of Scosche SA-68 speaker mounting brackets.

Focal ISU 130

The Focal ISU 130 have been designed to provide the sound of a professional audio system in audiophile quality. The best part is that you can drive them by your head unit without an amplifier.

The aluminum/magnesium inverted dome tweeter with acoustic horn design adds an authentic listening experience, while the polyglass woofer cone delivers a warm, natural sound. 

Focal ISU 130 are perfect for replacing factory speakers, and I am not sure I can find any better sound quality in this size. They are simply perfect.

This model is well-known for its clean punchy sound with clean, clear highs and mid-bass that allow hearing every separate tone and every single word.

Listening to them will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the concert hall. 

Focal ISU 130 Universal Integration 5-1/4" 2-Way Component Speakers

Focal ICU 130

If you want to install coaxial speakers, Focal ICU 130 is a high-tech solution for acoustic perfection in your F-150. In my opinion, they make some songs sound better than the above ISU130 component system.

This advanced tech allows you to create a perfect listening environment and get the best possible sound based on your needs. Two levels of tweeter adjustment mean you can find an optimal speaker placement depending on your factory install.

Focal ICU130 uses a technology known from the home audiophile systems, and you can have them powered by the serial car stereo. 

With the smart combination of sound quality and performance at a value price point, these speakers are sure to become your newest equipment investment!

Focal ICU 130 Universal Integration 5-1/4" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Best 6×9 Speakers for Ford F-150

If you drive F-150 made after 2017 and your speakers are 6×9, or you want to install this size in the older Ford, I listed my other two best picks for the oval speakers. 

Installing 6×9 speakers will require using adaptor rings Metra 82-5606, and if you do not have them, click the above link and check the latest price on Amazon.

JBL GTO939 3 way coaxial speakers

JBL GTO939 speakers are my absolute favorite, and I genuinely believe these are the best coaxial oval speakers without going too expensive. So if you need some vocals pushed or fancy dynamic tones, they are for you.

They are strong, and when powered by a good amplifier, you can feel their vibrations in the entire car. 

GTO939 have a lower impedance, so the amp should be a minimum of 2x100W RMS in A/B class, and with that, you will hear what they really can do. With a sensitivity of 94dB and frequency response starting at 46Hz, they are ideal for filling with a sound large cabin in F-150. 

With the solid Carbon-injected oversized cones and adjustable tweeters, there are tons of ways to experience your tracks as they were meant to be heard!

JBL GTO939 GTO Series 6x9" 300W 3 Way Black Car Coaxial Audio Speakers Stereo

Focal ISU690 2-way component system

Focal ISU690 are not as dynamic as the above JBL, but sound stage effect and clarity are exceptional. I do not think there are many better 6×9 speakers you can find.

The FOCAL ISU690 are compact speakers with high sensitivity of 93.6 dB that allows you to mount them in shallow locations. In other words, they are perfect for doors, and you will have enough room for additional gaskets or sound-deadening interior of the door panels.

The bass is not boomy but smooth and deep, which will give you the feeling of the concert hall.

Focal ISU 690 6' x 9 Inch 2-Way Component Kit, RMS: 80W - MAX: 160W

What tools do I need to replace the speakers in my F150?

For speakers replacement in your F150, you need some tools depending on the model.

If you do not have some of them in your garage, I listed below all I use, and I am happy with their quality.

In addition, you will need a soldering iron and rolling chair to make things much easier on yourself if you so choose. 

How to Change the Speakers in Ford F150 – A Step by Step Guide

Before start, remember to switch off the dome light. Otherwise, your battery may be drained if you leave the door open for a long time. 

For all Ford F150 models, the process of removing the door panels and replacing speakers is very similar. However, some panels and plastic covers may be located in various areas for specific models.

Replacing speakers is not too complicated, but it is not as easy as plugging in a new set. In addition, Ford Ford F150 uses speaker screws that are different from other car models, so you may be sure you have the right equipment.

The first step is to remove the door panels to gain access to the speakers. There are two screws on the top of each door panel that you must unscrew with a Phillips screwdriver.

Next, lift each side panel, then pry along the edges using a flat pry tool to avoid scratching the paint.

After the door panels are removed, you can see the screws that hold the speakers in place.

Remove the screws using a Ford F150 speaker removal tool. Speakers come equipped with special screws designed to hold the speakers in place, so try not to remove them by hand.

When screws are removed, you can pull out the door speakers and put new ones in their place. When you reassemble speakers, they will snap back into place.

Door panels come with a foam seal that should be replaced when you put the panels on again.

To make sure you will be pleased with the sound effect from your new speakers, it is worth installing them on the special foam baffles, and if you are willing to go a professional way, I recommend to sound deaden door panels in your car.

As you know, different speakers are used depending on the car model. To make the whole process easier for you and more transparent, I placed below short videos explaining all steps needed to make sure your new speakers will be installed without any problems.

How to Replace Door Speakers in 97-04 Ford F150

How to Replace Door Panel 05-08 Ford F-150

How to Replace Door Speakers in 09-14 Ford f150

How to Replace Door Speakers in 15-19 Ford f150

How to Replace Door Speakers in 20 onwards Ford f150


Depending on what Ford F-150 you have, there are different speakers installed, and even with a different size.

The best factory package, the Bang & Olufsen customized stereo and speakers, are standard in the high-end F150 models such as King Rang, Platinum, or limited series.

If your Ford is from the lower line or older, you may need to replace the factory speakers to achieve the sound quality you deserve, especially if you are an audiophile. 

The process of removing the door panel and replacing the speakers is pretty straightforward for any F-150 model that there is and what makes the F-150 stand out is that they had the same speaker configuration (which is a 6×8) since 1997 up until 2017.

This means you can purchase and replace the speakers in the F-150 pretty quickly, and there are many speakers available to choose from.

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