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How To Replace Door Speakers In GMC Sierra?

If you have a GMC Sierra and you like the music of high quality, you may want to replace the door speakers at some point.

When I replaced my speakers in Sierra, I thought the process would be identical to a Chevy Silverado, but it was not exactly like I thought. So, how to replace door speakers in GMC Sierra? Let’s find out.

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As a general rule, first, you need to remove the lock and the panels behind the side view mirror and also behind the door handle to get access to the bolts in the door panel. Next, remove the electronics unit, the interior door panel, and unclip the door handle cable to access the speakers.

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In the article below, I will compare the Chevy Silverado to the GMC Sierra to see why these are popular pickup trucks in the United States and differentiate these two in terms of how you should replace the speakers mounted within the doors.

I will also go through all the different sizes of speakers a Sierra has for every model and finally give you my top picks for the 6×9 replacement speakers. 

GMC Sierra overview

Besides the Chevy Silverado, the GMC Sierra is the other most popular light-duty pickup truck in the United States today. Technically, one is manufactured by GMC and the other By Chevrolet, but both fall under General Motors’ umbrella. 

replacing speakers in gmc sierra

Although today both Silverado and Sierra become standalone models, in the past, they were both trim-level models of the Chevy C/K line of trucks before that.

When you look at them, they are strikingly similar in their designs (their appearance), and then their drivetrains are very similar. Besides that, the two pickup trucks vary in many ways. 

If you think that the two vehicles’ exterior is similar, then you won’t be shocked to find out that the interior of these two is almost identical in every way. 

This brings us to the point that if you are looking to replace the speakers in your Silverado because these two vehicles are very similar, then you are in luck.

Please check out my article where I cover how to replace the door speakers of a Chevy Silverado here

What Size Are Door Speakers in a GMC Sierra?

In general, there are two types of door speakers in GMC Sierra. In cars produced before 2014, you will find round 6.75″ speakers, and models made in 2014 or later have installed in the door oval 6×9 speakers. 

If you don’t know what size speakers you have, all you need to know is in which year your Sierra was produced. Below you will find the detailed list of the speakers’ sizes for every model GMC released. 

GMC Sierra models 1999 – 2002

These models featured a 6.75inch front door speaker.

GMC Sierra model 2003

This model featured a 6.5inch front door speaker.

GMC Sierra models 2004 – 2013

These models featured a 6.75inch front door speaker.

GMC Sierra models 2014 upwards

These models feature the standard 6x9inch speakers.

If you are still unsure of what speakers your Sierra has, then you can always check out Crutchfield, where you can input your make and model, and they will tell you precisely what speakers fit into your vehicle. 

How to Change the Door Speakers in GMC Sierra?

In general, you have to remove internal side mirror panels, and these behind the door handles. With all panels removed, you will gain access to the 10mm bolts that hold door panels together with interior panels. 

The next step is to remove the bolts and then remove the electronics unit from the door. The last thing to do is to unclip the door handle cable to access the speakers. 

Below I will detail how you should remove your GMC Sierra’s door panels to get to the speakers so that they can be removed and replaced. Remember that even if GMC Sierra is similar to the Silverado, there are slight differences.

If you are worried that the replacement of your speakers will be difficult, do not worry. The only things you need are the few correct tools and a bit of time to get the job done.

You do not even need any automotive vehicle repair or car audio experience to replace the speakers in Sierra’s door. 

What Tools Do I Need to Replace Door Speakers in GMC Sierra

Step-by-Step Guide in Replacing Door Speakers in a GMC Sierra

When you are working on your GMC Sierra, make sure that the dome light is turned off. The dome light is the little light that comes on every time you open your car door, and you do not want this light to be running the entire time you are working on your vehicle.

Even though the power consumption is low, it can eventually drain your battery. The dome switch is located in the middle of Sierra’s roof panel towards the truck’s front. 

How to Remove Door Panel GMC Sierra?

The door panel, when compared to that of a Chevy Silverado, is a bit more tricky and labor-intensive to remove. However, don’t be deterred; the process is pretty straightforward, and replacing speakers on these vehicles will require a bit of time and the correct tools, and with both of those elements, anybody will be able to get it done. 

Remove plastic panels from behind door handles.

Like in Silverado, the first step is to remove the plastic panels situated behind the door handles. Take note that there are three-door handles located on the GMC Sierra front door panel. All of these door handles have a plastic panel either on them or behind them that you need to remove with a plastic pryer.

Try not to use a screwdriver to remove the panels or clips. Using a screwdriver here or a hook pick will chip, scuff, and damage the panels, which is not something you want to happen.

Remove 10mm bolts

Behind each removed plastic panel, you will find two 10mm bolts. You will need to use your socket wrench with the correct 10mm socket to remove a total of six bolts in each door and store them somewhere safe. 

Keep in mind that the Sierra has a few more parts, and they are smaller than in the Chevy Silverado. Hence it would be in your best interest to get a little tin or tub and put these small parts away for safekeeping. 

Remove electronic windows steering.

Now you have to remove the electronics section of the door panel that controls the windows. Once you have disassembled the door handles’ bolts, it will be easier to remove the door handle placed over the electronics panel.

Try to lift the electronics panel, and you will notice that the wires are connected to it from the door via clips (push-pull clips).

The easiest way to remove the wires is to unclip them and to remove the whole electronics panel. Once disassembled, put it in some safe place until you will need to assemble everything back together.

Remove the panel covering the side mirror.

Once you have removed the door handle panels, the electronics panel and safely stored the bolts, the next step is to remove the panel located above the door panel behind the side view mirror.

This is one of the differences between Sierra and Silverado because Chevrolet does not have these panels behind the side view mirror.

Nevertheless, using your plastic pry tool, you need to remove this panel, and it will come off just as quickly as the other door handle panels. 

Remove the lock of the door.

To completely remove the interior door panel, first, you need to remove the lock of the door.

Pulling the door lock up, you will notice a little plastic piece placed within the lock. Using a screwdriver, you will need to use some force to remove this small piece. 

Once removed, you will notice that the door lock slides up and out very easily. Be sure to store these pieces in the same place where you kept the door handles’ bolts. 

Remove the interior door panel from the door.

The last step is to remove the interior door panel from the door. You will need to take the plastic pry tool and shimmy it between the door panel and the entire door, moving it along the frame and unhinging the hooks that fasten them together.

You need to apply some force to loosen the panel from the door because it is fastened securely. After that, you will need to hold the door panel while positioned correctly (not at an angle of any sort), lift, and pull. This will release the board from the door.

Unclip door handle wire from the handle.

The last thing you need to consider before accessing the speakers is that the door’s panel is still connected to the door by the door handle wire.

There is a small push-pull clip located just behind the door handle, and using your needle nose pliers, you will have to reach and push this clip inwards, releasing the small ball joint connected to the door handle.

And this was the last step. Now you can pull the door panel away from the door, and you have gained direct access to the speaker. 

How to Remove Speakers in GMC Sierra?

To remove door speakers in GMC Sierra, you have to unscrew 7mm bolts that hold speakers to the door panels. This is different from the Silverado, where the door panels utilize a 7mm bolt, and the speakers use a 10mm bolt.

In Sierra, there is only one 7mm bolt that holds the speaker to the door, and once unbolted, the speaker will be easily removed. 

Also, you can notice that Sierra’s door speakers are mounted onto brackets. Unlike the Silverado, where the speaker is attached to the mount, speakers in Sierra are made together with the mount. 

This means that removing the speakers is not an option. Any new speakers you wish to put into your Sierra will require either original brackets or aftermarket supporting rings, depending on the type of speakers you want to install.

Check out below GMC Sierra adapter rings for door speakers on Amazon.

Adapter for oval 6×9 speakers

Adapter for round 6″ to 6-3/4″ speakers

The last thing you will need to do is to remove the push-pull clip connecting the speaker with the door. Then you will be able to remove the speaker.

One thing to note is that many manufacturers have different connection points that allow the speakers to connect to the vehicle. When you are replacing the old speaker with a new one, you will need to purchase the correct fitting (adapter) if available, or you will have to cut the wire and solder the connection point on the speaker together with the wire.

Once you have assembled your new speakers with the proper brackets and have connected the wires to the speakers via an adapter or by soldering, then you just need to reverse the entire process and put everything back together. 

If you found this tutorial a bit difficult to follow, then don’t worry.

Check this short video below, where you will find all details.

Which Are the Best Door Speakers for GMC Sierra?

Honestly, there are tons of car speakers out there to choose from. They all have different prices and performances, so choosing the right one might be a headache when considering all of the characteristics or combinations they are the best.

Remember that the best overall car speaker will offer a balance between top performance and excellent prices.

To give you a complete picture of all the possibilities, I probably ended up with a list of at least 20 speakers, but instead, I show you my two top picks for your GMC Sierra. I am using both of them, and I could not be happier with the choice I made a few years ago.

Depending on the size you are looking for, both will make your sound system outstanding without ruining your wallet.

The Best Overall- Focal PS165FX

Focal PS165FX or other from the PS series is my recommendation for the best overall car speaker. Why? It offers uncompromisable top performance, and it delivers a sparkling high-frequency detail with a smooth mid-range and powerful mid-bass. 

Focal can achieve all of that thanks to the precision-engineered woofer design and Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeters.  

It also has the top power handling and low impedance, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for maximum performance.

To understand this precision and sounds clarity, you have to listen to Focal speakers, and when you do, you will never look back at any other options. 

You can find the Focal PS165FX on Amazon, so if you want to install these fantastic speakers which will give you the sound quality you and your car deserve, click this link and check the current price.

If you would like to learn more about Focal car speakers, check out this article.

The Best for Price- JBL GTO939

If you find that Focal is still too expensive, or looking for a top-class 6×9, do not look further.

Although this is not the JBL from the Stadium series, the JBL GTO939 is classical and one of the best-priced car speakers you can find these days.

It has a patented woofer structure that extends the cone’s surface area to give you a better bass experience than most other speakers. It also has an edge-driven PEI tweeter, which expands the frequency range, so you get the best sound output. 

And on top of that, it has a low impedance, which means it safely draws sufficient power to give your music extra punch.

JBL GTO939 is also available on Amazon, so if you are on a budget and still want excellent quality, click this link and check their latest price.


When it comes to replacing speakers in GMC Sierra, the process is fairly straightforward, without much effort or many tools required. 

The main factor to consider is that the process is slightly different from a Chevy Silverado, so that is something to note if you think they are precisely the same. 

If you need additional help, then be sure to watch the accompanying video that demonstrates and guides you through replacing the speakers of your GMC Sierra.