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How to Stop License Plate Rattle From Subs?

Are you tired of your license plate rattle when driving your car with a subwoofer installed? You’re not alone.

License plate rattles are one of the most common issues when using a subwoofer in any vehicle, and it can seem impossible to get rid of those annoying rattles. The solution, however, is easier than you may think.

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To stop a license plate from rattling, use high-density foam tape. The foam tape will dampen the vibrations and stop the license plate from rattling. Alternatively, use a silicone license plate frame.

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Tip: When you want to protect your license plate from rattling and paint from scratches, I recommend fully covering your plate with the silicone frame (link to Amazon).

They are soft and flexible, and you can install them in a minute with just a screwdriver.

In this article, I will review two methods for stopping a license plate from rattling: high-density foam tape and silicone license plate frame.

How Can I Stop My Licence Plate Rattle?

There are solutions available to fix this problem and keep your license plate nice and steady.

#1: Using High-Density Foam Tape

High-density foam tape is a weatherstrip material that is easy to apply, and you can purchase it at a local hardware store or online.

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It is a quick and inexpensive fix for a rattling license plate, and to use it correctly, follow these steps:

#1. Remove the license plate from your vehicle.

#2. Place the license plate on a flat surface, such as a table or a workbench.

#3. Take the foam tape and remove the backing to expose the adhesive side.

#4. Apply the foam tape to the back of the license plate, covering all four corners. Press down firmly to ensure the tape has fully adhered to the plate.

#5. Once the foam tape is in place, place the license plate back on your vehicle and secure it with the screws.

#2: Using a Silicone License Plate Frame

A silicone license plate frame is another option for preventing license plate rattle.

The frame acts as a buffer between the plate and the car, dampening vibrations and reducing rattle.

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Installation is straightforward, like any other type of license plate frame:

#1. Remove the old license plate frame from the vehicle.

#2. Clean the back of the license plate and the front of the frame with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

#3. Place the license plate inside the frame, ensuring that it is centered and aligned with the edges of the frame.

#4. Place the frame on a flat surface and gently press down on the edges to ensure that it is fully seated against the license plate.

#5. Place the silicone license plate frame over your license plate and secure it with screws. Make sure that the frame is fully secured for maximum rattle prevention.

With silicone license plate frames, you can enjoy your favorite music without the constant rattle of your license plate.


If you’re having problems with your license plate rattling due to bass or other vibrations, there are solutions available to fix this issue.

You can use high-density foam tape, which is a weatherstrip material that is easy to apply and can be purchased at a local hardware store or online.

Alternatively, you can use a silicone frame for the plate, which is specifically designed to prevent rattling. It is slim, flexible, and available in various colors to match your vehicle.


What Can Cause a License Plate to Rattle?

A license plate can rattle due to several factors, such as bass or other vibrations in the vehicle, loose screws, or a bent or damaged license plate.

Can I Use Any Tape to Stop My License Plate From Rattling?

While you can use any tape to try and stop your license plate from rattling, high-density foam tape is specifically designed for this purpose and is likely to be more effective.

Other types of tape, such as masking or electrical tape, do not have the same density level and are too thin, which means they are not as effective at dampening the vibrations.

Is It Legal to Use a Silicone Protector on My License Plate?

Using a silicone protector on your license plate is legal in all states.

The protectors are designed to fit all standard-size license plates and will not cover any important information on the plate.

Can the Silicone Frame Damage My Paint Job?

The silicone frame is designed to be gentle on your paint job and will not cause any damage.

It may even help to protect your paint job by preventing the license plate from rattling and potentially scratching the paint.

How Long Will the Silicone Protector Last?

The silicone protector is made of a durable material resistant to harsh conditions, so it should last long.

However, it is always a good idea to check it periodically to ensure that it is still adhered to the license plate and functioning correctly. If you notice any issues, you can easily remove the protector frame and replace it with a new one.

Can Any License Plate Frame Reduce Rattling?

Using a license plate frame may help to reduce rattling in some cases, but it is not a guarantee.

A license plate frame can hold the license plate more securely in place, which may reduce the amount of movement and vibration the plate experiences.

However, a silicone frame or damping material such as high-density foam tape is more effective.