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How To Upgrade Stereo In Honda Accord?

If you love music, upgrading the factory stereo in your Honda Accord is one of the best ways to improve your driving experience.

A factory stereo can sound pretty good, but replacing it with an aftermarket stereo that offers many more features can impact your enjoyment of music. But, how do you upgrade the stereo in your Honda accord? Let’s find out.

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To upgrade the stereo in your Honda Accord, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
  • Remove the screw on the lower left side and the lower right side of the dash strip.
  • Pull and remove the dash strip from its position in front of the glove box.
  • Remove screws that secure the factory stereo unit in place.
  • Pull out and remove the factory stereo unit.
  • Connect cables of the new stereo to those of the factory stereo unit with corresponding colors.
  • Secure new stereo unit with screws and reassemble dash strip and glove box.

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Tip: When replacing the serial radio in Honda Accord, you can use a Double DIN radio for all cars produced between 1990 and 2015.

For Accords older than 1990, you can install only a Single DIN stereo, but it does not mean that you have to sacrifice a large screen in the car.

An excellent example of a Single DIN radio with a flip-out screen is the DVD receiver Pioneer AVH-3500NEX. Or, if you prefer a floating screen but no DVD option, I recommend checking out the BOSS BCPA10. You will get excellent sound quality with both, but BOSS is less expensive.

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about how to upgrade the stereo in popular Honda Accord models.

How to Upgrade Stereo in Honda Accord?

Many people enjoy the factory audio system in their Honda Accord, which offers a decent volume and clarity.

But some would like to upgrade their Honda Accord stereo with something better, either because they enjoy listening to music at higher volumes or because they demand an audiophile quality.

The easiest and least expensive way to upgrade your Honda Accord stereo is to install a new radio.

In older Accords, you can install a standard size radio, but for the new ones, you need to get the specifically designed for your Honda Accord, and for the installation, you may need an additional Dash Kit.

How to Upgrade Stereo in 2003 Honda Accord?

Honda Accord 2003 model is known as the 7th generation of Honda Accord.

The 2003 Honda Accord featured a standard double DIN stereo. The installation is similar to other models with a double-DIN dash.

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The steps below show installing an aftermarket stereo in a 2003 Honda Accord.

Step 1:

Disconnect the negative terminal on your car battery. This prevents you from accidental disconnects and shorts while you work.

Step 2:

Remove the factory radio by inserting a tool like a flat-head screwdriver into the side tabs of the radio face and prying it out.

Step 3:

Disconnect all the wiring harnesses from behind the radio (there are usually four, one for power, one for speakers, and two for illumination). Pull them out of the dash.

Step 4:

Remove the mounting brackets from behind the stereo.

Step 5:

Install your new aftermarket stereo by reversing steps 1 through 4 with the new stereo in place of the old one.

How to Upgrade Stereo in 2010 Honda Accord?

Honda Accord 2010 model is known as the 8th generation of Honda Accord, and as a standard, it is equipped with the double-DIN radio.

Below is a step-by-step guide on installing an aftermarket stereo in a 2010 Honda Accord:

Step 1:

Remove the plastic trim bezel surrounding the radio and climate controls using a panel tool.

Step 2:

Remove (4) 10mm bolts from the back of the stereo.

Step 3:

Pull the factory stereo out and unplug all the wiring harnesses and antenna cable from its back. Do the same with any other connectors that are attached to the radio.

Step 4:

Connect your new stereo’s wiring harness to those of your car, then plug in the antenna lead.

Connect any extra leads required by your new stereos, such as a Bluetooth mic, satellite tuner, or HD Radio tuner.

Using electrical tape, wrap up all wires and connect them to their respective ports on the back panel of the new car stereo with utmost care.

Make sure not to mix up wires while connecting them.

Step 5:

Install your new aftermarket stereo by reversing steps 1 through 2 with the new stereo in place of the old one.

How to Upgrade Stereo in 2014 Honda Accord?

Honda Accord 2014 model is known as the 9th generation of Honda Accord.

The 2014 Honda Accord featured a double DIN stereo. The installation is similar to other models with double-DIN radios.

The steps below show installing an aftermarket stereo in a 2014 Honda Accord.

Step 1:

Remove the trim pieces around the radio and climate control with a trim removal tool.

Step 2:

Pull the tabs on each side of the stock head unit to remove them from the dash.

Step 3:

Disconnect the wiring harnesses and antenna cable from the back of the radio.

Step 4:

Remove four screws securing the climate control unit, then pull it out of the dash and disconnect its wiring harnesses.

Step 5:

Connect a wire harness adapter to the factory wiring harness in your Accord and plug it into the radio’s harness.

Next, connect an antenna adapter to the factory antenna cable and plug it into your new radio’s antenna input.

Step 6:

Install your new aftermarket stereo by reversing steps 1 through 2 with the new stereo in place of the old one.

How to Upgrade Stereo in 2022 Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord 2018 – 2022 model is the 10th generation of Honda Accord, and in this model, the radio is installed inside the dash with the separate screen placed at the dashboard. Therefore, replacing this radio with the aftermarket is not advisable.

It has many features that make it stand out, ranging from its sleek design, which makes it look like a luxury car, to its USB ports that are iPhone compatible.

Pros of Upgrading the Stereo in Honda Accord

The factory stereos that come with cars are usually pretty basic, and they may not have the features you want, especially if your Accord is not equipped with the premium stereo.

For example, your car can play AM/FM radio, but you want to listen to the HD or Satellite Radio. Or maybe your car stereo is fine, but it doesn’t do an excellent job of reproducing music from your MP3 player or smartphone.

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There are many good reasons to upgrade your car’s stereo, and below I listed some pros of upgrading the factory car stereos:

Improved Sound Quality

The most obvious reason to upgrade your Honda Accord stereo is that you want better sound quality.

If you’re still listening to the stereo that came with your car, you’re missing out on the impressive advances audio technology has made in recent years.

Aftermarket stereos offer improved clarity, loudness, and bass response, giving you the best out of your favorite music.

GPS Navigation

Many aftermarket stereos have built-in GPS navigation systems that allow you to find destinations without pulling out your phone or using a separate device.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth audio streaming allows drivers to connect their phones wirelessly to listen to music or take hands-free calls while they drive.

Satellite Radio

If satellite radio is important to you, make sure that your new receiver has either built-in satellite radio capability or the ability to add it as an option later on.

HD Radio

HD Radio delivers better sound quality than regular AM/FM radio broadcasts by sending digital data along with the signal. The HD Radio logo on a receiver indicates built-in HD Radio capability.

CD Player

If you want to be able to play burned CDs and MP3 or WMA files. You need a CD player that can decode and play many different music formats, like MP3 or WMA.

Display Customization

Some aftermarket head units allow users to customize their colors or select from different display backgrounds.

Cons of Upgrading Car Radio in Honda Accord

You might have invested a lot of time and money choosing the right stereo system for your Honda Accord, but the effect was not what you expected.

Below are some cons to upgrading the stereo in your car:

Alarm Integration

Upgrading the factory stereo system in Honda Accord will cause it to become disconnected from the vehicle’s alarm system.

The factory-installed stereo system helps protect your vehicle from theft by integrating with the car’s security system.

Unfortunately, when you upgrade your sound system, you have to reset the alarm system, and the new radio will not be connected to this important protection feature.

Disconnecting Airbags

When installing a new stereo, you will have to disconnect many wires from your dash, including the airbag wiring.

If you don’t know how to do this properly, you could permanently disable the airbag, so getting the professional involved in the radio replacement process may be necessary.

Battery Drain

A high-quality sound system requires more power than the factory stereo that came with Honda Accord.

Although you will not need a stronger battery just for a new radio, a larger or additional battery may be required when you add an amplifier to the Accord sound system.

Lack of Expertise

Even if you’ve successfully upgraded a car’s stereo before, each vehicle is different and has unique features.

If you attempt to install the new stereo yourself but run into trouble, it can take longer than expected, and you won’t be able to listen to the new system until it’s working correctly.

If this happens frequently, the amount of labor involved could exceed that of having someone experienced with installing stereos do the work for you.


Another disadvantage of upgrading your stereo system is how expensive some components are.

For example, while a typical CD player with an iPod interface should not cost you more than $200-$300, a satellite radio receiver with a top-class capacitive screen and GPS navigation system may cost $1,500 or more.

What Tools Do You Need to Upgrade Stereo in Honda Accord?

When you purchase a new car stereo, you quickly realize that you need specific tools and supplies to complete the installation in the car.

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Although you probably have all of them in the garage but if not, I added links so you can conveniently order the missing items from Amazon:


While upgrading car stereos can be a fun, rewarding, and educational experience, some installers find it can also be messy, frustrating, and confusing.

However, by focusing on the fundamentals, you can simplify the installation process and hopefully have a fun time doing so.