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How to install an Amplifier in Jeep JK?

Every car owner wishes to have a good sound system with installed amplifier, which is no different from the Jeep Wrangler JK drivers.

But how do you install an amplifier in Jeep Wrangler JK? Let’s find out.

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Installing an amplifier in your Jeep Wrangler JK requires you to create some good space to place the amp, and many prefer placing it under the front seat. Then, after securing the amp space, get a better way of aligning the wires to different speaker locations across the car. Finally, supply the amp with stable and consistent power and ensure that wiring has been done correctly.

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Tip: When installing the amplifier, remember to match the amplifier with the speakers from the power and impedance side. 

Otherwise, the system may not work efficiently. When using an amplifier that is not powerful enough, you risk its permanent damage and, in the best case, shutting out and running in the protection mode.

When searching for the amplifier, one that is good and not too expensive and that can work with both 4 ohm and 2 ohm speakers is the 4 channel Rockville dB45, or 5 channel Rockville dB55 if you want also connect the subwoofer.

In this article, I will show you how to deal with the amplifier in Jeep JK and how to install it correctly.

How to Install Amplifier in Jeep JK With Aftermarket Radio?

Before installing an amplifier to an aftermarket radio, ensure you have all the necessities and precautions have been covered. The best place to place an amplifier is in the trunk, especially when mounting a large model.  

  • Secure the amp with screws inside the pre-drilled holes.
  • Connect the power cables to the battery in your Jeep’s cabin and extend them to where the amplifier has been installed.
  • Next, connect the ground wire to the amplifier and directly to the car chassis.

When installing the ground wire, ensure it gets in contact with the metal since it may affect the general performance of the amplifier.

  • Identify the wires connecting these speakers to the aftermarket radio and stripe them to open both the negative and positive wires.
  • Connect a speaker wire to the striped positions and tighten them together using electrical tape. 
  • Connect the wires to the amp and ensure every wire is perfectly positioned. Make sure you are connecting the right speakers to the right channels.
  • Reconnect the car battery terminals to check if the entire amplifier connection is on point.

Once you power on and nothing is happening, reconnect the power cable on the car battery and check the wiring. At this point, the amp is in an excellent position to coordinate with the aftermarket radio. 

Amplifier Installation

The installation of an amplifier in a Jeep Wrangler JK is not as easy as it may sound. You need to be content and have basic information regarding how the amplifier operates and how it works together with the car stereo.

Note that an amplifier is a vital piece of equipment that significantly contributes to the high-quality sound produced by the speakers.

You need to create some considerable space to fit the amplifier and accommodate the connection of wires. Most amplifiers are installed either below the seat or in the trunk, where you can secure some good space that is safe for its installation and also for other components.

Many people opt to install the amplifier under the passenger seat to avoid inconveniences. Also, installing the amp below the front seat is an easy task that does not come with many complexities, except for running wires through the cabin.

Besides, placing the amp on the floor of the Jeep Wrangler exposes it to a potential risk of being affected by moisture or dust.

What Tools Do You Need to Install an Amplifier in Wrangler JK?

Many amplifiers come with a complete wiring kit, reducing the additional search for the wires or connectors, but I prefer to get separate wires in the exact size I need for a specific system.

The great wires I use are from Knukonceptz, so if you want to get something of the best quality, check them out on Amazon.

KnuKonceptz KCA 1/0 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit

Another must-have when installing an amplifier is the inline fuse. Ensure that you use the type of fuse that the amplifier manufacturer recommends.

You will also require a ground wire, remote turn-on wires, RCA cables, the connector plugs, and the amplifier itself. Remember that the connectors should perfectly match the connection terminals and the wire sizes.

Besides, the size of the amp you purchase will automatically determine the amount of space you need, and if you have limited space in the car, consider mounting it under, behind, or between the seats.

Also, remember that amplifiers generate heat and need some form of cooling. This means that the position where you position your amplifier should allow free air movement.

If you are mounting the subwoofer, the excellent idea is to install the amplifier directly to the enclosure.

Consider how you will execute routing the wiring from the amp to the head unit of the stereo and the power from the car battery. It is good to pass the wiring underneath the floor trimmings across the bottom door sills.

The RCA cables should be tightly fitted on the opposite part of the car to the power wires to eliminate any form of interference. Locate the position of your amplifier fuse under the hood, and get the shortest route possible to access it.

The power cable should pass through the firewall for safety purposes. Try using the existing holes available to avoid drilling new holes across the firewall.

How to Fit the Amplifier in the Jeep Wrangler JK?

Before beginning the fitting process, ensure you have enough wiring to clear the job.

If the wiring is not enough, locate the best position to place the amplifier that will work perfectly with the wiring you have at hand.

Disconnect the positive terminal of the battery before beginning any work. Besides, ensure that you clearly understand what is behind the spot where you want to drill a hole. This will help you to avoid damaging any components.

To make a perfect hole, start by making a small pilot hole, then drill out the ideal hole size you need to use.

Next, fit a rubber grommet in the hole to prevent the sharp steel edge from damaging the wire.

Position the amplifier perfectly and mark the mounting holes with a pencil or any form of marker. Then, go ahead and drill the holes where the amplifier is located.

Run all the wiring in the perfect positions and cut them depending on the required length. Do not make wires too short. It is better to have a one foot extra than missing 2″. 

How to Wire the Amplifier in a Jeep Wrangler JK?

Eliminate the insulation from all ends of the wires to give room to attach the connectors.

Note that some amplifiers require a connection using only bare wires, especially for the power wires.

Connect the ground wire to a metal point connected to the Jeep’s chassis or the best grounding point available. The ground wire should be placed directly to the bare chassis metal, not the painted surface, so you have to clean any form of paint to ensure excellent ground connection.

Connect the RCA leads, speaker leads, and the remote turn-on system from the amplifier directly to the back of the head unit. However, some head units do not have the remote turn-on wire option. In this case, wire the remote turn-on of the amp to the power wire connecting the head unit or another wire running the accessory switch, or you may need to add an on/off switch on the amplifier power wire.

This is mainly meant to help avoid the amplifier remaining on once you have switched off your ignition, and it prevents the amplifier from draining off your car battery without your consent.

Connect the rear, front, and the wires of the subwoofer speaker from the amplifier to the other corresponding speakers.

Connect the inline fuse to the primary power cable holding all the connections to the end of the leads.

The fuse holder needs to be installed on a solid structure inside the engine space, ideally no longer than 18″ from the battery’s positive terminal.

Connect the amp power cable to the battery’s positive lead and reconnect the positive battery lead to the positive terminal.

After the power supply is on, secure all the wiring using the cable ties. At this point, you need to test all the amplifier operations using the fade, balance, and subwoofer settings on the head unit.

Ensure that every speaker is working independently without any static or distortion. 

Benefits of Using One Amplifier for Speakers and Subwoofer

Installing an efficient amplifier in your Jeep Wrangler JK comes with a bunch of benefits.

  • Using one amplifier for all speakers save the battery from draining, increasing its lifespan.
  • In addition, integrating one amplifier to the subwoofer and speakers is easier than setting up two amplifiers. This saves your time and the space to set up the amplifier. Remember, the amp needs some considerable space to accommodate the wiring.

A single amplifier is easy to balance and increases adaptability. This works better, especially if you have at least a five-channel amplifier.

Go for an advanced model with incredible power whenever you think about installing one amplifier to operate the speakers and the subwoofer.

Best Amplifiers for Jeep Wrangler JK

Boss Audio Riot

This is a classy mono-block from the Boss Audios Riot series which is is ideal for supplying power tot your subwoofer. The primary factor that makes it stand out is its low price and high quality. It’s made in the A/B class, with incredible abilities to generate exceptional output.

The amplifier can withstand high amounts of power output. It rocks with an impressive 1100 watts at only 2 ohms giving you a general RMS of about 825 watts. It comes with both high and low-level inputs that help it achieve an optimal performance.

This amplifier has a variable low pass filter that gives you total control of what penetrates through the car subwoofers.

The woofer levels can be easily controlled using a remote controller to boost the bass function. Its design can perfectly fit in the trunk or between the seats.

BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Riot Series Car Audio Subwoofer Amplifier - 1100 High Output, Monoblock, Class A/B, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Low/High Level Inputs, Low Pass Crossover, Mosfet Power Supply, Stereo

Rockford R300X4 Prime

Rockford is a fantastic four-channel amplifier choice that is also an excellent choice for Jeep Wrangler JK.

It is made in the A/B class, and it is equipped with a heat sink that ensures everything is running smoothly and does not overheat.

It is a versatile amplifier that can run the entire system smoothly without any complications. The amp can run all the components, including the front channels and the subwoofer at the bridge mode

Rockford Fosgate R300X4 Prime 4-Channel Amplifier

Rockville dB45

The Rockville car amplifier is a powerful audio system that perfectly fits a Jeep Wrangler JK. It generates a power output of 3200 watts to run all the speakers and the subwoofer in the car.

It has a four-channel output generating high output and a low impedance solution that can power the car’s bass speakers.

Besides, this amplifier features an incredible subsonic filter with a fully adjustable crossover. 

The amp has a bunch of circuitry that enables users to adjust the bass settings depending on their preferred bass taste. It features an inbuilt soft start technology that prevents the amplifier system from starting on a high volume.

Rockville dB45 3200 Watt/800w RMS 4 Channel Amplifier Car Stereo Amp, Loud!!


Installing an amplifier in a Jeep Wrangler JK from scratch is not the easiest task, but with the above-detailed guidance, you can easily acquire a new amplifier and install it in your car without any problem.

However, you need to ensure that you abide by all the precautions for your safety and your Jeep Wrangler JK. However, you need to ensure that you comply with the safeguards for your protection and your Jeep Wrangler JK.