Is Jensen a Good Car Audio Brand?




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To have an enjoyable driving experience, whether you are taking a road trip or commuting to work, suitable car audio devices are essential.

If you look in the automotive market, you will come across Jensen, but is Jensen a good brand for car audio systems? Let’s find out.

Jensen makes excellent products if you are looking for affordable audio solutions for your car. By choosing Jensen, you will get the same features and performance as other audio brands for a lower price.

Jensen had many audio products like amplifiers, speakers & subwoofers, backup cameras, car stereos, including features like receivers with CD player, DVD player, radio, Bluetooth support, GPS navigation, and much more.

They give great value for money, and the software is easy to use. In addition, Jensen has a reputation as a trusted and respected brand.

Tip: The best Jensen stereo is a double-DIN JENSEN – CAR1000 with a large screen with nearly all the same features as the equivalent Sony or Pioneer models, but it costs much less. 

CAR1000 is an excellent piece of car audio if you are on a budget but do not want to sacrifice the sound quality.

In this blog, I will talk about the features and benefits of Jensen car audio products. 

How Good Are Jensen Car Stereos?

Jensen is known for making quality stereo systems, and they have never disappointed their customers with their products.

Like other car stereo manufacturers, Jensen has a long list of features included in their products.

Some of these features are beneficial for a user, and others you may not need at all. In addition, the Jensen stereo comes in both single and double DIN sizes. 

The rule of thumb for touch screen stereos is that the wider the screen, the more expensive the stereo is, but Jensen car stereo offers the same features as in other brands at much affordable prices. 

A great example is my favorite double din Jensen radio CAR1000

JENSEN – CAR1000 costs less than $400 with a 10″ touch screen, HD resolution of 1024 x 600, tilt adjustment for comfortable viewing, apple and android car play feature, Bluetooth connectivity with voice control options, and hands-free controls.

It is available on Amazon, so to check the most recent price, click the above link.

This head unit is Siri enabled to integrate with smart home systems. It also has a USB port for fast charging and direct connectivity. In addition, this stereo comes with a 2-year warranty for both parts and labor. 

What more could you expect at such a reasonable price?

As compared to this stereo, the Sony XAV-AX7000 will cost you around $600.00. Moreover, this sony model has no AUX input, and the screen size is only 6.95″.

The Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX is even more expensive with a screen size of 6.78″ and has nearly the same features as JENSEN – CAR1000.

Who Makes Jensen Audio?

The Jensen brand was started by Peter L. Jensen when he invented the first moving-coil loudspeaker in 1915. 

Jensen is an American brand, and this brand has been present in the consumer electronics industry for more than a century, and that is more than Sony and Pioneer.

In 2004, this brand was owned by Audiovox Cooperation. In 2015, Jensen was acquired by Dual Electronics corporation (Namsung America). So if a brand is serving customers for more than a hundred years, then you cannot doubt the credibility of products. 

Which Is the Best Jensen Touch Screen Car Radio?

Car stereos come in two sizes – Single DIN and Double DIN. In this section, I will show you the best Jensen touch screen car stereo for both sizes. 

Let’s discuss double-DIN size first. 

My favorite double DIN Jensen Stereo is the CMR 270. Its 7 inches, high-resolution LED Backlit LCD touchscreen (800p x 480p) provides a comfortable viewing experience.

On top of the large screen, Jensen CMR 270 has the following features:

  • It supports Bluetooth connectivity with your device. You can easily pair your smartphone and control it on the stereo touch screen – making and answering calls hands-free, music streaming (HFP, A2DP, AVRCP), or access a phonebook. 
  • USB port (1A) at front for charging and connectivity. 
  • MicroSD card support and also 3.5 mm aux provision. 
  • Voice Activation Button (Push to talk) – Interact with your smartphone – Siri / Google voice assistance with the touch of a button. 
  • Navigation hot button for instant access to your favorite navigation app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. 
  • 7 presets EQs – Switch to your favorite listening mode. This model has rock, pop, jazz, flat, classic, beat, and user EQs. 
  • Supports Jasen’s jLinkUSB app to control receivers via Bluetooth. Change the mode, station, volume, etc., without being directly in the line of sight of the stereo. 
  • Provision to install a backup camera so that you are aware of your surroundings when you reverse. 
  • It supports FLAC, MP3 file formats but has no playback feature. 
  • 30 presets radio stations – ( 18 FM and 12 AM )
  • 3 Pairs of 4V preamp and subwoofer outputs, four 50 Watts channels (total 200 watts). 

When it comes to Single DIN, I like the JENSEN CMM10 10.1″ Touch Screen Car Stereo.

The main feature of this model is that its screen size is 10.1 inches with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and supports screen mirroring of your smartphone via USB cable connection.

Rest all the features are the same as Jensen CMN86 6.8 inchexcept it does not have built-in navigation. The cost of this model is just over $200, but to check the most recent price on Amazon, click the above link. 

For more information, check out my article about connecting backup cameras with head units.

Which Is the Best Jensen Car Audio With Navigation System?

Many car stereos have a built-in GPS function that makes your journey easy.

Moreover, car stereo navigation is more reliable than your smartphone, especially if you are traveling to areas where the mobile signal is weak. 

The best Jensen navigation system is Jensen CMN86 6.8 inch LED Multimedia Touch Screen Car Stereo. 

It has the following features: 

  • 6.8 inch LED touch screen display with resolution 800p x 480p providing a comfortable viewing experience, and you can access all the apps. 
  • Build-in navigation – This model has built-in iGo Primo Navigation technology. This technology provides easy to use in-dash navigation which means you don’t have to rely on your mobile phone. 
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free answering and making calls and music streaming using the touch screen. 
  • Voice Activation Button – This model uses a voice activation button to use Siri or Google assistant through Bluetooth. This helps in interacting with your smartphone while driving. 
  • Wireless Remote control. 
  • Rear USB 1A Charging port.
  • Front view camera input and a camera input with audio so that you can be aware of your surroundings as you reverse. 
  • Power: Four 50 Watts channels. 
  • Eight band EQ audio. 
  • AM/FM Radio Data System with 30 stations presets. 
  • Supports XviD, JPEG, MP3G file formats

Which Is the Best Jensen Car Amplifier?

Picking a good amplifier for your car stereo can be tricky, but along with car stereos, Jensen also manufactures good amplifiers that do a fine job and are low-priced. 

The best amplifier from Jensen is the Power 760x5D Multi Channel Car Amplifier with 1,500 watts peak performance. It is an affordable, lightweight, easy to install amplifier. 

Here is the list of other features of Jensen Power 760x5D:

  • This multichannel car amplifier has a provision of connecting all the speakers and subwoofers, thus providing you with good quality sound every time. 
  • As amplifiers require continuous operation, Jensen uses a highly efficient/high current MOSFET design. 
  • These models are designed and engineered in the USA and CEA-2006 compliant. 
  • This multichannel amplifier delivers 1500W peak output – 2 channels for 180W RMS at 4-ohm impedance, 4 Channel with 85W RMS output power at 2-ohm Impedance, four channels at 4-ohm impedance with 60 watt RMS output, or 400 watt RMS via one channel for subwoofers at the 2-ohm impedance and 225 watts RMS through 1 channel at 4-ohm impedance.  
  • It is a D-class amplifier that significantly reduces distortion with higher efficiency of around 90%. It has a compact size with dimensions (13″ x 8.25″ x 2.125″) as compared to other class D amplifiers of the same range. 
  • These amplifiers are safe and offer three-way protection – thermal, overload, and speaker due to built-in DC offset circuit protection. 
  • 1-year warranty of both labor and parts with excellent customer support. 

Another best amplifier is JENSEN XDA94RB, and with the Jensen app, you can remotely control its various functions such as bass, illumination, volume, frequency, and gain via Bluetooth.  

Are Jensen Car Speakers Any Good?

Jensen manufactures speakers for various purposes like cars, musicians, in-wall, in-ceiling speakers, home theaters, etc. 

Jensen speakers are good for any car system, and I am not sure if you will get better speakers for such a low price. 

The best model for car speakers is a 2-way Jensen JS265 – 6.5 inches that can transform your car into an entertainment studio.

The specialty of this product is:

  • Power range of 50 watt RMS. 
  • The two-way design of these speakers enables uniform distribution of mid and high frequencies.
  • For installation flexibility, they have a low-profile basket design. This design is also helpful in heat dissipation and improves efficiency.  
  • Treated paper Midwoofer for accurate bass response and black foam surrounding. 
  • For the unmatched sound quality, they have a frequency response between 80Hz-20kHz and also have a 1″ Black mylar dome tweeter.

If you search for a low price 2-way speakers, then Jensen JS465 6.5″ are perfect.  


Jensen is a well-respected and affordable brand for car stereo, receivers, speakers, amplifiers, backup cameras, and other accessories. It has nearly the same features as other brands in the auto electronics industry.

This brand is specially engineered to operate in demanding conditions and follows higher quality standards. 

The Jensen car audio has various features like CD/DVD players, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation, wireless music and video streaming, integration of back camera, and much more.