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How to Set Clock on Pioneer Car Radio?

It is no secret that most individuals get it complex setting the clock on a Pioneer car radio.

However, this is a straightforward process that you can quickly complete within the shortest time possible. So, when you are wondering how to set a clock on Pioneer car radio, let’s make the long story short and see how this is done.

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When you want to set the clock on a Pioneer car radio, press and hold the function/source/multi-control button on the radio. This will open the clock setting panel and adjust the hours and minutes depending on the time using the directional navigation buttons. After setting the required time, press the source and escape buttons to get back to the main screen.

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In this article, I incorporate detailed information explicitly for car owners with different Pioneer stereo models.

Setting up the Clock in a Single Din Pioneer Car Stereo

Single Din Pioneer stereos are classy and pretty common among cars. However, most Single Din Pioneer stereos available in the market do not have an excellent menu selection. Also, the control panel system is not pretty good compared to the Double Din head units.

Since the selection is not more advanced, setting up the time, although it sounds easy, may not be as simple as many people think. So how do you set the clock on these models? Let’s get started.

Single Din Pioneer Car Stereo With Multi-Control Button

If you have a Pioneer stereo equipped with a multi-control button, follow the steps below when setting up the clock.

  • Ensure the stereo is turned off completely
  • Press and hold the multi-control button for about two seconds until it displays a menu with different options.
  • Rotate the multi-control knob until when the “clock set” option appears on the screen
  • Use the upward and downward buttons to set the correct hours and minutes. Apply the left and right buttons to skip between minutes and hours.
  • After setting up the correct time, press the source or escape button to save the changes and exit.

How to Set Clock on Pioneer DEH Series Car Stereo?

Even though you can apply tons of ways when setting up a clock on a Pioneer stereo unit, the Single Din model is much simpler:

  • Turn Off the Unit 

Before doing anything, turn off the unit to start from the beginning. Besides, you can opt to tweak the settings options and go to the source button. However, this is likely to cause the system to lag or slow down a little bit. 

  • Select the System Settings 

Press the volume control button until you locate the “system settings” option. Then, use the volume controller option to open the system settings.

  • Open “Clock Set”

Scroll through using the volume control knob in the system settings menu until you locate the clock set. Press the enter button to open the settings. 

  • Set the Clock 

Now you are at the right place to set up the clock, and you can adjust the hours and minutes using the volume knob.

As you make the modifications, you will see the changes on the screen. You can also adjust to 12 hour or 24-hour mode and then press the enter key to save the changes. 

How to Set Clock in a Double Din Pioneer Car Stereo?

Most Double Din Pioneer car stereos have the same clock setting procedures, and all you have to do is grasp some basic knowledge about it.

  • Locate and tap the clock icon on the screen, which will display the clock settings.
  • Set up the date and time using your preferred format
  • After setting up your desired time, press the cancel button to save changes and close the icon. 

How to Set Clock on Pioneer AVH Car Stereo?

Setting up the clock on this Double Din Pioneer stereo model is pretty easy once you have some basic information about it.

Initially, most Double Din units were known to have buttons and knobs, but currently, there are the touch screen models, so to set the clock right, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Clock Option

Start by selecting the clock option. Despite the source you are in, you can directly tap on the clock option located at the top of the screen. This will display the setting options. 

  • Adjust Time and Calendar 

Note that anytime you set up the clock, you also need to adjust the date and then get back to the clock and set the exact time you need.

Also, choose the time and the date format that you need to be shown on display. You can then save the changes and clear the clock setting icon.

Reasons Why the Car Clock Does Not Work

A fuse is the major car component that causes the car clock not to work accordingly. Once the fuse is blown off, power does not get to the clock forcing it to turn off.

Faulty wiring is another major problem that affects the functioning of the clock. Besides, wiring is classified among the most complicated issues that are technical to fix.

The clock depends on the car battery to run. Therefore, a slight interruption or connection on the battery affects the normal operations of the clock.

In addition, the ignition switches might get dirty, thus breaking consistent power flow to the clock. This may result in the failure of the clock or call for resetting.


Setting the clock on Pioneer car stereos can seem complex before you are used to it.

The process is straightforward to execute and get everything running smoothly.

Besides, the Single Din units are considered complex to set up since adjusting requires a lot of buttons, although you can do it once you have read all the steps above.