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Is Sound Deadening Spray Good for Car Audio?

Is sound deadening spray worth it for your car audio system? If you’re looking to improve the sound quality in your vehicle, you might be wondering if this popular product is worth the investment.

Sound-deadening sprays for cars are among the best ways to reduce noise transmission into the vehicle. As a result, using sound reduction spays is becoming increasingly popular as a practical and less expensive sound insulation approach for cars.

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Tip: Common alternatives to the ready-made sprays are liquids that can be applied to the car’s interior by a gun or paint brush.

The excellent choice, and my favorite, is the Second Skin Spectrum Water Based Viscoelastic Vibration Damper (link to Amazon), which can be applied not only to the interior but also to the wheel wells and the entire undercoat.

It is especially recommended to be used in older cars where noise level reduction is most challenging to achieve.

In this article, I will dive into what sound deadening spray does and whether or not it can make a difference in your car audio experience.

What Is Spray Sound Insulation?

A sound deadening spray is a type of soundproofing material typically applied to a vehicle’s interior surfaces. This spray works to dampen noise by absorbing sound waves and vibrations.

You can use deadening sprays on both cars and trucks, and they are often used in conjunction with other sound-deadening materials, such as mats and foams.

sound deadening spray for car audio

One of the main benefits of sound deadening sprays is that they can help to improve the sound quality of your car audio system, mainly when applied to small or hard to reach places where sound can escape or waves cause unwanted vibrations.

In addition, sound deadening sprays can also help to reduce road noise, making for a more pleasant ride.

So, if you’re looking for the best sound quality for your car audio system, the sound-deadening spray is definitely worth considering. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully and apply it evenly to get the best results.

By absorbing sound waves and vibrations, these sprays can help create a more precise and accurate sound. In addition, sound deadening sprays can also help to drastically reduce road noise and engine noise transferred to the cabin.

This makes the cabin more sealed for a better audio experience and, more importantly, makes driving more enjoyable.

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your car audio system, the sound deadening spray is definitely worth considering. Follow the instructions carefully and apply it evenly to get the best results.

The sound deadening spray allows us to cover the entire surface without leaving any blank spaces.

In addition to reducing noise and vibrations, sound dampening spray is an excellent product for protecting cars from corrosion, rust, and salt or as a heat barrier.

is boom mat good sound deadening spray

Although spray can be used as a single product to cover the entire cabin, I use it in combination with sound-damping mats. The one I trust the most and can recommend without any doubt is Boom Mat Spray (link to Amazon).

It is a fantastic product if you want to reach not covered by insulation mats or metal elements inside car doors, on the floor, and in the trunk.

It is an easy and fast way to cover the car interior, and although it requires drying time after applying, it is still quicker than preparing and cutting dampening mats. Most importantly though, Boom Mat is much more effective in tight corners.

One thing to add is the coverage that, according to the producer, is 20 square feet from a can. That depends on the roughness of the surface, and if you want to cover flat areas like the roof or floor, it can actually cover more than 20.

Sound Deadening Spray vs. Mat. Which Is Better?

It is a common debate in the car soundproofing world. And there is no single answer to this question.

I have used both methods, and they both work great. It really depends on your needs and preferences.

Some people prefer sound-deadening mats because they are thicker and provide more soundproofing. Others prefer sound deadening spray because it is easier to apply and can reach tighter spaces.

The sound deadening spray is a great product, and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve the sound quality of their car audio system. However, I would only use it in combination with other products for a better final effect.

Sound-damping sprays are made of sound dampening particles mixed with fluid rubber or vinyl sheets. Such material composition guarantees excellent sound absorption and heat resistance.

The sound damping spray’s overall effectiveness depends on the number of layers applied, and for the best results, it is worth covering the car interior twice.

is sound deadening spray good
Door interior filled with dampening spray

Below are a few main advantages of the sound deadening spray:

#1. It reduces unwanted road noise and sheet metal resonance, especially in hard-to-reach tight areas

#2. Will not crack or melt from the covered surface

#3. It helps to prevent corrosion and keeps temperature out of the interior

#4. Fast to apply

#5. For better final results, you can apply multiple layers

I have installed sound deadening mats in quite a few cars. Unfortunately, this process is always time-consuming if you want to make it right.

Mats are great, for example, for covering holes in metal door panels, therefore creating acoustic boxes and helping the speaker to produce better sounds.

However, you can only achieve the final perfect acoustic effect by finishing this job using the sound deadening spray. Otherwise, there is always a possibility that something will rattle in the corner.

I do not like cutting corners and using just mats for soundproofing the car, but not finishing the job with spray is like cutting corners and making it “done” quickly.

The most significant advantage of a spray over the mats is their application speed and ease to use. Unfortunately, many mats have a higher total thickness and are heavy. Because of that, they may be difficult to cut and install properly when they are low quality.

How Does Sound Deadening Spray for Cars Work?

Sound-deadening sprays are designed to create a coating on the metal surfaces and therefore reduce the production of sound waves by vibrating car body panels.

Dried sound deadening spray absorbs any generated sound waves, making noise disappear.

The spray has a significant advantage compared to the sound dampening mats because it covers the entire surface and blocks all sounds.

The typical spray is a liquid version of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), a popular and effective soundproofing material, usually in the form of rolls. Thanks to sticking to the metal surfaces, sound deadening spray reduces vibrations in two ways.

#1. Adding mass to the surface makes it heavier and thicker, therefore, harder to move and vibrate.

#2. By its finishing surface, which is not smooth, it will absorb vibrations and sound waves energy before they will appear.

The sound deadening spray is generally applied to the bare metal of all the interior surfaces, the same way that mats would, but to ensure a solid contact surface, you must clean all metal areas.

However, it is made to withstand very high temperatures and can also be used in the engine compartment, under the car, or as damping material covering wheel arches.

Although mats may be more effective at soundproofing flat and large areas, they are more challenging to prepare and install, so it can be easier to use spray for a sound-deadening car.

If you still want to use mats on flat surfaces, choosing an aerosol for the more difficult areas will be a great option to cover the whole car interior.

How to Spray Sound Deadener?

Applying spray on the metal does not require any special tooling. 

Nevertheless, although there is not much prep work needed before spraying your vehicle, ensure you have the basics covered, especially when using the liquid form that requires a spraying gun.

Here are the basics that you need:

  • A sound deadening spray (bulk or ready to use)
  • A sound deadening gun (if using bulk sound deadener)
  • Protective gloves and clothing
  • A quality respirator mask with filters (optional)
  • Rags or old towels.

Below are the detailed instructions on how to sound deaden your car:

#1. Park your vehicle in a well-ventilated area and ideally at room temperature. If you are sound deadening spray inside the car, make sure to open all doors and windows.

#2. Pick a sound deadening spray that will be easy to apply, and make sure you have enough material. It is much better to have too much sound deadener than too little.

#3. If you are using the bulk sound deadener, mix it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, pour the sound deadening material into the gun and start spraying.

If you are using the ready to use sound deadening spray, shake the can before starting to apply it.

#4. Start spraying from the furthest point away and work your way back. Make sure to cover all the metal surfaces, including door pillars, roof supports, floors, and trunk areas.

Do not worry if the sound deadening spray gets on other surfaces like plastic or upholstery. It will not damage these materials, and you can easily remove it with a rag.

#5. After spraying all the metal surfaces, do not touch them within minutes of application, and leave the car to dry for at least 24-36 hours before moving on to the next step of soundproofing your vehicle.

What Are the Benefits of Using Spray Sound Deadneder?

When you wonder if there are any benefits of using a sound deadening spray for cars, you do not have to think twice about answering yes.

#1. Sound dampening spray used in the car audio is the best way to remove any noise from the car through places too small for other sound-absorbing materials, like inside the door, roof panels, or trunk lid.

In addition, soundproofing spray will access the most hidden corners in parts of your vehicle.

#2. The spray is lightweight. Therefore it is a perfect solution in all places where you want to add only a little weight, such as door panels.

#3. Unlike sound deadening mats, which you cannot use to cover corners and all uneven edges, you can apply a spray to any surface shape.

#4. Using sound dampening sprays save time. You do not have to spend hours measuring, cutting, and pre-positioning anything before application, like in the case of butyl mats.

#5. Sprays are more cost-efficient in comparison to mats. You do not have to cut the needed shape and throw away the rest of the material. Everything inside the can will end up on the car’s body.

#6. In addition to the soundproof, sprays can protect the car from heat, rust, or salt. A spray can be applied on the outside panels, underneath the vehicle, and inside the wheel wells.

#7. If you are unhappy with one layer result, you can add a second or more to improve the sound deadening effect in the car.

How to Choose Right Sound Dampening Spray?

When preparing a car for a high-quality car audio system, it is worth searching for a low-density sound deadening spray.

This material will maximize sound absorption inside the vehicle and create an excellent environment for high-end sounds from the speakers.

Check also other properties of the sound deadening spray. Noteworthy is the ability to protect the vehicle from the heat outside, which is especially important in hotter regions with little or no clouds.

Driving a car that is cool inside is much more comfortable, and it does not overstretch the AC unit.

It can be handy to search for the best material that is flexible to use with various irregular surfaces. For example, with such spray, you can cover the car’s interior and exterior or already installed sound deadening mats.

These are usually high-quality materials, therefore expensive, but you buy them once, and this investment in the sound dampening spray will pay back over a long time.


Only a few changes can compete with sound deadening car interiors when considering improving car audio quality.

We all want to listen to music in a nice quiet cabin while driving, and achieving this does not have to be complicated.

While sound deadening mats can be expensive and tricky to install, using spray foam is a fantastic car audio sound deadening alternative that not everyone is aware of.

When looking for a solution to make a car quiet inside, it is worth considering sound deadening spray that is easier to apply than butyl rubber mats. Sprays can work together with the mats and fill the gaps left by other soundproofing materials.

The sound deadening quality of the sprays is comparable with the mats, especially when we spray the surfaces with more than one layer.

The sound deadening spray has a consistency like the mass-loaded vinyl sheets. It is therefore, not only soundproof but also creates thermal insulation.

Sound-deadening sprays are a fantastic solution to absorb sound waves, making them disappear and reducing door vibrations, especially in connecting a metal panel with plastic interiors.