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Which Are the Best 6.5” Car Speakers?

Are you looking to install new 6.5-inch car speakers in your car?

If yes, then this article is for you. 

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Below, I will show you the eight, in my opinion, best 6.5″ speakers you can install in the car. The models listed below have an excellent sound quality and bass.

After spending hours of extensive research, here are my top picks:

  1. KICKER 43DSC6504 – Best speakers under 100$
  2. JBL GTO 629 – Best 6.5-inch speakers for better bass under 100$
  3. Infinity PR6512IS – Ideal for factory upgrade under 200$
  4. Sony XS-160ES – Best 6.5-inch speaker under 350$ especially for audiophiles
  5. Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO – Best 6.5-inch car speakers under 400$
  6. Focal PC 165 FE – Best Overall 6.5-inch car speakers under 500$
  7. JL Audio C3-650 – Best 6.5-inch convertible Component or Coaxial Speakers under 600$
  8. Alpine R-S65.2 – Best 6.5-inch speakers for high volumes – Premium Quality Speakers

Now let’s explore each speaker one by one. I will be covering all the features, technical aspects, things that I like and do not like. 


Some people do not want to pack their trunks with big subwoofers, and if you are one of them that value simplicity at a reasonable price, KICKER 43DSC6504 may be your best choice.

Kicker is well known for making pretty decent yet affordable car speakers. So if you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade to your factory speakers, this product is for you.

These 6.5-inch coaxial speakers will give you more sound clarity than your factory speakers.

What I Like About This Product

Car Speaker Bundle Combo: 2 Pairs of Kicker 43DSC6504 6.5" Inch 480 Watts 2-Way D-Series Black Car Stereo Coaxial Speaker + Metra Speaker Wiring Harness + Enrock 50 Foot 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

Better Sound Quality

The two-way design of these speakers helps in creating a dynamic sound experience.

The high frequencies are produced by a 1/2″ PEI dome tweeter, while lower frequencies are handled by a 6-1/2″ polypropylene woofer.

They can produce a hefty sound even if you power them from low-power car radios.

If you want more dynamic sound, you can achieve it by replacing the factory radio or adding an amplifier.

Last Longer as Compared To Factory Speakers

KICKER 43DSC6504 has a polypropylene woofer with UV treated foam surround. So, they will last longer even if you are in a climate where your car gets hot, cold, warm, wet, etc.

Also, they have significantly better magnets and stronger tweeters when compared to most serial speakers.

Fits in Most of the Cars

In addition to their excellent sound quality, they have a zero-protrusion tweeter in a low-profile speaker.

This means the tweeter does not stick out over the surrounding top so that it won’t interfere with speaker grills. This will make them easy to install in many vehicles behind door panels.

What I Do Not Like About This Product

The bass produced is not the greatest, so if you need a more dynamic in the car, you need a separate subwoofer. 


JBL has been building good-sounding and high-quality speakers for a very long time.

If you are looking for better bass speakers for under 100$, then JBL GTO 629 is the right choice, and there are not many speakers even at the higher price points that can compete with them, mainly thanks to reduced impedance.

These are conventional two-way coaxial speakers having a six-inch midrange and a one-inch textile dome type tweeter.

The system is rated at 60 watts of continuous power or about 180 watts at peak. 

What I Like About This Product

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker - Set of 2 (Renewed)

Easy to Install

The steel mounting adapter rings are cleverly designed such that these speakers can be mounted into a variety of hole sizes ranging from 6 inches to 6 ¾ inches.

The depth required for mounting JBL GTO 629 is 2 inches. This means that these speakers will fit in virtually any door.

In addition, JBL GTO 629 have color-coded spade terminals, which are straightforward to connect.

If you like to surface mount these speakers, they have a nice set of speaker grilles. You only need suitable mounting hardware. GTO629 have incorporated JBL’s patent +1 technology. 

Greater Power Output

The impedance of GTO 629 is 3 ohms with nitrile rubber surrounding and a parabolic-shaped cone.

Since the impedance is low compared to others, they will produce more power output, but I recommend using them only with the external amplifier.

Flexible Tweeter

The edge dome design one-inch tweeter is made up of high-power neodymium magnets.

To improve power handling and reliability, these speakers use ferrofluid cooling. In addition, you can rotate it at any angle to produce the focus and aim of the tweeter output.  

What I Do Not Like About This Product

Since the impedance is low, a high-power surge can quickly burn the speaker voice coils.

Infinity PR6512IS

Infinity brand speakers are famous for their reliability because they go through lots of rigorous testing like Harman Standard Reliability Testing. 

If you are tired of muddy cymbals, uninspired vocals, and the flabby bass of your factory speakers, then Infinity PR6512IS speakers are for you.

These speakers use famous plus one+ technology, which gives you better bass than other models in this price range.

What I Like About This Product

Infinity Primus PR6512IS 6-1/2" 2-Way Speakers

Tweeter Design

The tweeters of these 6.5-inch speakers have edge-driven design. This gives a smoother sound with minimum distortion at higher volumes.

More Bass

The polypropylene woofer uses plus one+ technology. Due to this design, speakers can deliver punchy bass.

When you see Infinity PR6512IS, you will notice that the cone is stretched up to the edge of the basket. This increases the surface area of the cone, which means more bass. 

Efficient Speakers

The impedance of these speakers is 2.7 ohms. Due to low impedance, more power is drawn by the system.

So, they can produce clear sound with a low-powered stereo, but the external amplifier is recommended if you need to experience more dynamism from music. 

What I Do Not Like About This Product

They are not designed for installation in older cars, so make sure that it fits into the mounting hole before buying this product. Apart from this, Infinity PR6512IS is the best sound upgrade for your car audio. 

Sony XS-160ES

Sony is known for its easy-to-access audio products. Sony XS-160ES comes under the range of premium quality speakers.

Whether you are a fan of listening to female vocalists like Kate Bush or Bonnie Raitt, soundscapes of Daft Punk, or hip hop music, you will never get disappointed by the sound quality of these speakers.

The frequency response of these speakers is extensive, starting from 40Hz to 40,000 Hz.

What I Like About This Product

Mica Reinforced Subwoofer

Subwoofers of these speakers are made from mica reinforced cellular aramid fiber.

This material is lightweight, rigid, and produces nearly no distortion. Thanks to this, the frequency response is excellent at any volume level.

The notch-edge technology saves speakers from wear and tear, thus increasing their life span.

Specialized Tweeter

The tweeters are fabric dome type, and they can deliver frequency response up to 40kHz.

Even though this frequency range is above the audible range of the human ear, the sound output is of higher resolution revealing more texture of vocals and high tunes in classical music.

Can Handle More Power

These 6.5-inch mobile speakers have a built-in dynamic air diffuser that efficiently cools internal speaker components.

Due to dynamic cooling, they can handle up to 90-watt RMS and play excellent with a proper amplifier. 

What I Do Not Like About This Product

The only downside is a depth of 2-3/16″, so it may be difficult to fit them in doors where the space is limited. Before purchasing, make sure they fit your vehicle.

Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO

If you want to feel the emotional power of music, then Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO is for you.

These speakers are manufactured using premium quality components and have cutting-edge designs. 

What I Like About This Product

Hertz MPX 165.3 PRO 6.5" 2 way Car Speakers

Concentric Design

Hertz MPX integrates a tetolon fiber dome type tweeter with a built-in woofer coil. Thus, the sound is generated from a single point, minimizing phase problems and giving a virtual stage sound experience.

Many audiophiles highly like this concentric design. 

Outstanding Power Handling

The woofer coil is made from a 36mm pure copper wound on polyamide. This increases the speaker’s power handling (up to 100-watt RMS) and helps in compression-free music reproduction.

In addition, MPX uses oversized ferrite magnets with iron plates (low carbon content) which helps lower distortion at high volumes.

What I Do Not Like About This Product

The grills are not included with these speakers, so you have to purchase the grills separately if you decide to install them in places other than doors.

Also, they sound flat when powered by factory stereos, so you need a powerful external amplifier to be able to hear what they really can deliver. 

Focal PC 165 FE

Focal has been making quality car speakers for years using flax woofer cones from the field in France.

Focal PC 165 FE, like other Focal speakers, are hand-built.

Flax fiber is an ideal material for a woofer cone. They are lightweight (about half of the weight of fiberglass), rigid and produce a dynamic sound that is free from distortions. 

What I Like About This Product

Focal PC 165 FE 6-1/2" Expert Flax Evo 2-Way Coaxial Speakers

Use of Tuned Mass Damper Technology

This technology is used to stabilize the skyscrapers to make them earthquake-proof.

Focal knows that for the production of quality music, stabilization is critical. So, these speakers use this technology to stabilize and control the woofer cone.

Now you can imagine the clarity of sound output that Focal PC 165 FE can produce. 

M Profile Inverted Dome Tweeter

The inverted dome design of the tweeter helps distribute high-frequency signals evenly, leading to a detailed listening experience.

The aluminum frame provides a solid and non-resonant case to house these premium quality components. 

What I Do Not Like About This Product

The power handling of these speakers is 70 W RMS, which is low compared to other speakers in this price range. 

JL Audio C3-650

These are two-way convertible coaxial or component car speakers with 165 mm woofer and 25mm tweeter.

In some cars, you have to install a tweeter and subwoofer separately, and other times the coaxial approach is better. With this product, you have the flexibility of both configurations. 

What I Like About This Product

Advanced Material Construction

The woofer is made from mica-filled propylene surrounded by a specially designed glass-filled polymer frame to limit resonance. As a result, it can comfortably handle mid and low-frequency signals.

The tweeter can be mounted either on the speaker or at a separate location. It uses ferrofluid cooling and can handle high-frequency signals without overheating.

Separate Crossovers

Yes, JL Audio C3-650 come with adjustable crossovers, which is unique for a coaxial configuration.

You can choose three midrange settings and four levels of tweeter settings to match your system to your listening environment. 

What I Do Not Like About This Product

Due to crossover points and flexible design, you may need professional help to install these speakers into your car. 

Alpine R-S65.2

As alpine is well known for its audio components, Alpine R-S65.2 car speakers are one of them.

With these speakers installed in your car, you can crack up the volume to the maximum without hearing any distortion.

What I Like About This Product

Alpine R-Series 6.5 Inch 300 Watt Coaxial 2-Way Car Audio Speakers, Pair | R-S65

CFPR Components

The Woofer cone of Alpine R-S65.2 is made from carbon fiber polymer reinforced with a deluxe surround. It helps in delivering strong bass and mid-level response.

The tweeter is also designed using CFPR and is responsible for handling an extended frequency range up to 40kHz.

Outstanding Power Handling

These speakers can handle power up to 100-watt RMS, meaning that you can play music louder without burning your speaker. 

What I Do Not Like About This Product

The mounting depth required for these speakers is 2-3/8″, which is quite large when compared to others.

You need an external amplifier if you want to utilize the full potential of these speakers. 

Also, they are expensive as compared to other speakers. 


There are a lot of different car speakers available on the market.

The best 6.5″ car speakers have good sound quality, power, and vibration resistance. The above list of speakers will satisfy all of these criteria.