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Which Are the Best Speakers for Dodge Journey?

When you drive Dodge Journey with family or friends, you need to have an outstanding quality of speakers to allow you all to enjoy traveling even more. But which speakers are the best for Dodge Journey’s front and rear door?

When you are thinking about upgrading Dodge Journey speakers, the speakers you should focus on are coaxial 6″x9″. From the design side, you can choose either 2-way or 3-way speakers, but depending on their type and power handling, they will create different sound effects.

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Although you can spend for the door speakers between $30 paying for the no-name mediocre product, up to way over $500 for the audiophile quality speakers, I recommend JBL Stadium GTO930 for just over $200. I use various JBL Stadium speakers, and I am delighted with the quality and incredible sounds they produce.

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If you would like to try these fantastic speakers, they are conveniently available on Amazon, and by clicking this link, you can check the latest price.

Dodge Journey has a large cabin, so door speakers should have high sensitivity allowing them to fill the entire car with excellent music quality and create sound stage effects and have enough power to create sharp, dynamic sounds.

When you own Dodge Journey, I am sure that you love long trips, and while factory speakers can play, you need to consider something that will make your experience unique.  

I am not trying to convince you to spend money. I am trying to save you time and effort in doing research, and helping you find something that will forever improve car audio in your Journey and will make every trip even more enjoyable.

Why do I need to replace factory speakers in Dodge Journey?

The factory audio system in Dodge Journey is no different from other cars. Its quality is simply mediocre. When we drive our cars, we do not realize how poor factory speakers are, until we replace them with aftermarket speakers. Even when your Dodge Journey has installed an Alpine sound system, it is worth replacing them with more powerful, creating brighter sounds speakers.

dodge journey speakers

When I replaced my first speakers, I could not believe that I was listening for so long to such poor, let’s call it “music.” It was incredible, and with the new speakers, my music experience jumped to a completely different level. 

Music from good quality speakers can change your mood, drive style, even allow you to become more relaxed while driving, and this is why you should replace factory speakers. 

Many people are saying that the first replaced item in the car audio should be a head unit. I cannot agree with this statement, because even the best head unit you will find and spend $1,400, will not make better sounds from the same mediocre factory speakers. 

But on the other hand, standard head units can send good enough signals to the aftermarket speakers, which can actually play them in good, and often incredible quality. 

I changed speakers and head units hundreds of times in different combinations, and the effect is always the same, speakers first. If you want to find out more about improving the car audio system, I wrote a short article about it, so check it out.

Which door speakers should I use for Dodge Journey?

Most of the speakers are compatible with various cars, but this is not just the size we are looking for. The size is, of course, important, and unless you want to modify factory locations, or install additional distance rings, you should place speakers in original mounting places.

People often change speakers’ size when they are small. It is difficult for small speakers to produce a dynamic audio base, or strong mid-bass we want to hear. 

In Dodge Journey, you do not have this problem, because this car has standard speakers in the largest size in the market. There are single cases when you see 8″ coaxial speakers installed, but in Journey, 6×9 are the biggest from the oval speakers you can buy, so there is no need to change their size.

There is more. Both front and rear door speakers in Journey have the same 6″x9″ size, so you do not have to experiment with pairing different sizes for the best sounds effects.  

These speakers, however, have to be in good quality to fulfill your expectations. Below in this article, we will go through JBL and a few other popular speakers for comparison.

Below a short summary of all my three choices, and later in the article, I will go through more details, so stay tuned.

Number one – JBL Stadium GTO930

Dynamic speakers with a low base, which allows them to create strong and deep mid-bass. Although not the cheapest, they are the best speakers in my research, and they work perfectly when powered by a high-quality amplifier. An excellent choice for loud and dynamic music.

Number two – Focal ICU690

A fantastic option for everyone that needs warmer and natural sounds in audiophile quality, but without strong “kicks.” Focal speakers have exceptional mid-range and high tones, and thanks to high sensitivity of 93.6 dB, they do not require an amplifier to play really loud.

Number three – Kicker 43DSC69304

Excellent speakers for dynamic music when you are on a budget. Very loud with high sensitivity for any music type, and they do not require an external amplifier. These Kicker speakers have strong bass but are a little limited on high tones. 

Is it worth spending money on quality speakers?

Have you ever ordered a cheap tool or kitchen appliance that has broken the day after? I am sure you did, and I know how frustrating it can be. It happened to me as well, because we trust too much in nice pictures and marketing strategies.

The same with car speakers, you do not want to have speakers that sound muddy or distort sounds when playing at high volume. And this is what most of the cheap ones do. 

Also, no one wants to disassemble car doors and replace the speaker because it has suddenly stopped working. We want speakers to be reliable and play at any time, creating outstanding sound effects.

Of course, it does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to install high-quality speakers in Dodge Journey. 

Speakers recommended below are the ones I use, and I am extremely happy with their quality and amazing performance.

Which are the best Dodge Journey door speakers?

From hundreds of speakers available on the market, I picked three that I believe are the best, and I am sure you will be happy with either of them. 

Why three?

Because everyone has unique audio needs, and although all of these speakers are amazing, each created sounds a little different and has different features. Let’s go through all of them.

JBL Stadium GTO930 – most dynamic speakers in 6×9 size

GTO930 is the biggest coaxial speaker from JBL’s elite Stadium series, and they do not need much of an introduction. The key features are:

  • Oversized fiberglass cones for deeper bass
  • Oversized voice coils for more power
  • Adjustable tweeters to direct high tones towards your ears
  • High tones can be made louder by pressing the small button at the tweeter’s cover
  • Power – 110W RMS (330W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 35-30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 96 dB
dodge journey jbl speakers

All JBL Stadium speakers are ideal for dynamic music. Also, when your kids are watching TV during the trip, GTO930s will create an outstanding mobile cinema effect. They are available on Amazon, click this link and check the latest price.

Thanks to the lightweight oversized glass fiber cone, the bass starts at 35 Hz and is really strong, deep, and precise, and you do not need a strong amplifier. However, when you use an amplifier, you will experience their full potential with exceptional performance. 

GTO930, like all other speakers in the JBL Stadium series, have adjustable loudness of already bright high tones. This is really handy when speakers are mounted at the bottom of the door. Extra 3dB means, trebles can be twice as loud at the same power level, and the difference is huge.

But this is not all JBL has to offer. Tweeters are adjustable, so you can change their angle on top of the woofer and steer produced sounds towards your ears.

jbl gto930 dodge journey speakers

Focal ICU690 – outstanding high tones

Focal is class on its own and does not need an introduction. It is Rolls Royce in the car speakers, and when you make long road trips and want to enjoy favorite music, you deserve the best speakers. 

Focal ICU 690 speakers are made in the same technology as the home audiophile systems, so you can be sure they will never disappoint you.

If I were buying a 6×9 coaxial speakers now, Focal ICU690 would be ordered today. They actually produce better sounds than my top pick JBL GTO930. They are available on Amazon, and if you are ready to install them, click this link and check the latest price.

You may wondering if Focal is so good, why did I choose ICU speakers, and not, for example, higher class audiophile K2 series, or Utopia? Well, the ICU690 is the top series speakers that Focal makes in the 6×9 size.

Focal ICU690 have been developed for easy installation in the original door locations, and they can create incredible sounds without using an amplifier. This is thanks to the higher than JBL speakers impedance, which means they require less power for similar performance. 

Thanks to the polyglass cone and lightweight surrounding made from thin butyl rubber, tones created by Focal ISU690 are more sensitive and a little softer than in JBL GTO. This sensitivity makes them better fit for classical or live-type music.

You can feel this smooth movement by trying to push the cone towards the magnet gently.

Focal will play any type of music with the highest quality, but instrumental sounds, like violins or saxophones, are simply perfect.

Focal speakers achieved such perfection thanks to aluminum/magnesium tweeters made in inverted technology, and are supported by built-in crossover. The quality of high-end trebles is simply incredible.

dodge journey focal speakers

In addition, tweeters in Focal ICU690 are adjustable, so you can make trebles louder by pressing the small button, like in JBL. That adjustment will increase high tones and compensate speakers’ locations in the door, especially in Dodge Journey speakers.

For more dynamic music, ICU690s should be supported by subwoofer, because mid-bass is not as strong as in JBL GTO bass.  

As I mentioned earlier, the Focal ICU do not require an amplifier, so if you do not have an amplifier in your Dodge Journey, or use one only for a subwoofer and want the best speakers to match the system, I recommend Focal ICU690.

  • Impedance – 4 Ohm
  • Power – 80W RMS (160W peak)
  • Frequency Response – 55 – 21,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 93.6 dB
focal speakers for dodge journey

Kicker 43DSC69304 – excellent quality for a lower price

When your budget is limited, you do not have to sacrifice the quality of your favorite music in Dodge Journey.

Kicker 43DSC69304 speakers play good without an amplifier, and thanks to the 92dB sensitivity, they can be really loud. 

The strongest point of these speakers are the high tones, which, thanks to the PEI dome tweeter and super tweeter, are fantastic. Sounds like vocal, guitar or saxophone are amazingly clear, and there is not a single distortion even at the high volume.

Bass is equally good, and it starts at 30Hz, which is an outstanding achievement for 6×9 speakers. The Kicker did a great job and was able to keep price low, which is a great achievement.

By listening to these speakers, I can tell they should cost more.

If you are searching for reasonably priced speakers to replace the factory system in your Dodge Journey, you do not have to look further. They are available on the Amazon, and if you want to try, click this link to check the most current price.

  • Power 90W RMS (360W peak)
  • Frequency Range – 30-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity – 92 dB
dodge journey kicker speakers


Replacing factory speakers is an exciting task, and the best part is when we turn on the radio to hear the music we have been waiting for.

All of above speakers have outstanding performance, and by choosing one of them you will enjor riding Dodge Journey for a long tome to come.

The best part is, they all can play with or without amplifier, so you do not need to spend extra money on the strong power station.

I would not buy any other speakers for Dodge Journey, they are in my opinion just not as good as JBL, Focal, or Kicker.

I am sure with new speakers, driving your Journey will be an unforgettable pleasure.