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Why Does My Car Radio Say Enter Code?

Having a modern car radio is incredible due to all the new and technologically advanced features.

Some modern car stereos come with an anti-theft system in the form of a radio code. However, most drivers don’t even realize why radios say enter code. Let’s find out more about this.

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The most common reason for the radio to say enter code is because the radio has lost power since it was turned on last time. This safety anti-theft mechanism, which is a sequence of digits, has been reset due to cleared memory bank that keeps all radios stored information, for example, radio station presets and EQ settings. You will need to reinsert the code to get the radio to operate again.

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Tip: If you are searching for the code for your radio and could not find it from either manufacturer or the service or do not have time to make full research all by yourself, there are several online services that can help you.

In this article, I will look over a car radio’s code in detail and answer any burning questions you may have about it. These questions will indeed include, what it is, how it works, how do you insert it, and where you can find it if you did not know about the code in the first place. 

What is car radio code used for?

A car stereo (radio) code is a short sequence of numbers associated with your car’s stereo. It is a security feature that is prevalent in most modern car stereo systems.

car radio says enter code

Why Is My Car Radio Asking for a Code?

Your car radio will be asking for a code because of one main reason:

When it was disconnected from its power source since the last time it was functioning (most likely from the car battery).

When your radio is installed, it is most likely already set up and coded, and you won’t even know that it has a code. 

Different situations and circumstances can also cause instances where your car radio will ask you for a code:

For example, when your car battery has died, or you have replaced the battery. Or perhaps the lead wire connecting your car stereo to the vehicle via the harness has malfunctioned somehow.

Another instance is that if your car stereo shorts and loses power. When that is the case, it will most likely ask you for a code once you have sorted out the fault and turned it back on.

All of these options are possible, and in any event, no matter the reason, the main factor causing it to ask you for a code is because it has lost power and its memory function has been deleted. 

How Does a Car Radio Code Work?

As I already mentioned, the radio in your car has a memory and anti-theft feature (the radio code). When the radio is installed into the vehicle and connected up to the battery for the first time, it will prompt the user or the manufacturer for the code.

The code (being obtained from the manufacturer) is then punched into the radio and saved. The radio then stores that code in its memory function. It tells the radio that it is fully operational, and the user may have access to its operations as long as the radio is continuously powered. 

It is important to note that if the code is not inserted into the radio, the radio will not function at all. 

Because all radios have a lead wire deemed the “constant” that draws power from your battery (it is typically the yellow wire connected to your car stereo), your radio will store the code in its memory bank and not ask for it again. 

If the radio loses power for whatever reason, the car stereo is designed to wipe the code from its memory bank, and it has to be reinserted once the car stereo is turned back on.

Why Does My Car Radio Need a Code?

The primary reason your car radio has a code is for security purposes. This means it is a theft deterrent (anti-theft), and while it still can be stolen, the thief will not be able to turn your radio on without entering the correct code.

Due to the fact that car stereo theft became very apparent and skyrocketed due to new technologies such as USB stereos, Bluetooth stereos, and then with the advent of infotainment systems that featured displays, the amount of car radio theft rose to astronomical proportions in the 90s.

However, car manufacturers started installing quality stereos, and furthermore, they made them theft-proof. They did this by adding the feature of a car radio code, and since then, the number of car radio thefts has gone tremendously. It has even been said to be a dying crime.

What Does It Mean When Your Car Radio Says Code?

When you see COD on the screen, that means your car radio has suffered a disconnection from its power source. Furthermore, the radio code has been wiped from its memory bank.

You will need to insert the code again if you wish the radio to function normally once again, but how to do it? Check out below.

How to Find a Car Radio Code?

There are many different methods of finding your car radios code. I listed them for you and explained them in detail:

Checking the owner or users manual

In some instances, the code will be written down in the owner’s manual of either your vehicle’s manual or your radio’s manual.

Having a written number down is not always a great idea because some people leave their manuals in the car, and then the code is null and void due to this little mishap.

However, if you are purchasing a used car, the code will be written in the manual for safekeeping. Just make sure to store it somewhere safe and not in your vehicle in the event that your radio gets stolen. 

Call the dealer or manufacturer

Probably the easiest thing you could do is to get the code for your radio contacts the dealer that you got your car from or the manufacturer of your vehicle or car stereo.

There will be someone on the line who will help you acquire the code by giving them some information they require. This will usually be a serial number of sorts and perhaps some other information. 

Below you see in a table the manufacturer’s code request customer service numbers and the OEM dealer’s information for your perusal, so you can call and request the code for your radio.

Some dealers even have an online code request option that makes recovering the code even easier.

ManufacturerCode Request From DealerOnline Code Request
Land RoverYesNo

Check the manufacturer’s website

Besides calling the dealer or manufacture, nowadays, because of how far the world has come in terms of technology, you will probably be able to acquire the radio code by navigating through the manufacturer’s website.

This way, you won’t have to speak to anybody, and the process will be very similar. You will just need to navigate and follow the prompts, filling in the necessary information such as serial numbers and any other information the manufacturer’s site requires. At the end of it, you will receive your radio code. 

Search through free online databases

If all of the previous options fail for some reason, then you can always scour the net for databases that have the codes for older stereos within them. Take note that you will probably not find newer car models and more contemporary stereo codes in these databases.

Logic would suggest that if you could, the sole purpose of having a radio code would be negated.

Hence, these manufacturers’ databases will usually only contain codes or solutions to acquiring the codes for stereos that are older than approximately ten years or so. 

Get assistance through a local service center or mechanic.

This is the last option you should attempt only if all the other options we have put forward to you are a dead end. For the most part, one of the above alternatives will help you retrieve the needed radio code. 

I am leaving this option for last because your local service center or mechanic will most likely charge you an absorbent amount for obtaining the radio code for your stereo.

The problem is, they will probably run through the above steps for you and will charge you for what you could have done for free.

They will most likely contact the manufacturer or the dealer you purchased your vehicle or stereo from and try to find the radio code through them. Otherwise, they will search online just as you would.

Take note that a local service center or mechanic won’t just have the code for your stereo laying around somewhere. Again, this would negate the purpose of having a radio code in the first place. 

Hence, after you have exhausted all the possibilities that would give you your radio code, you should only then be willing to spend your money on letting a professional that works in the automotive industry to do it for you. 

How to Enter the Code Into My Car Stereo?

Entering the code is pretty straightforward, and that goes for most if not all car stereos. The method of how you will input the code will vary from stereo to stereo.

Let’s discuss and then list how you would enter the car radio code for various types of stereos.

If you find yourself struggling to insert the code, you can always opt to look through the user manual, which will give you details and explanations on how to input it correctly.

The code would be inserted for stereos that don’t have any buttons by turning the volume dial. As the radio would flash with the code signal, you would turn the dial, and by doing this, individual numbers or letters would be scrolled through. 

Next, press the volume knob in, and that would process the first digit of the code. Then the stereo would take you to the next number or letter in the sequence of the code. You would then just repeat this process until the code is fully inserted.

After inserting the full code, the radio will load and start to operate correctly. 

For stereos with buttons or with displays, the process is much simpler. All you would do is push the button correlating to the correct digit on the code screen if you had a standard radio.

If you are unsure how to proceed, the short video below will explain all.

In some cases, if you have a head unit with a touch screen, the radio will allow you to touch the screen, selecting the digits you needed. 

One thing to note is that if you enter the code incorrectly a certain amount of times, then the stereo may lock you out permanently. This could be problematic for stereos that require you to use the volume or tuner knobs.

Make sure you know what you are doing before you start, or otherwise, you will need to take the radio to the manufacturer and have it reset.

How to unlock a car radio without code?

If your stereo loses power and you do not have the radio code, you may face a problematic situation of not being able to get your radio to operate.

However, there is a way to reset the stereo code for specific models and stereo units without taking your car to the dealer or contacting the manufacturer. 

Keep in mind this does not work for all car radios, and if this does not work, you will need to consult the user’s manual of your vehicle or contact the dealer or manufacturer. 

How to Reset Car Radio Without Code?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that there is power running to your stereo. This means the keys should be in the ignition, but the car does not have to be running. Furthermore, the radio should be connected via the lead cable to the vehicle itself. 

The next thing you will need to do is turn the radio off. You can do this just by pressing the source or power button. 

Following turning your radio off, you will need to press the “minute” button. If there is not minute button present on your radio, you can attempt to press and hold down the left arrow button. For both instances, you will release either button when the display shows “0000”.

Next, you will set the values of the third and fourth digits. This is the new code that your radio will recognize. You will do this by pressing the “minute” button or the left arrow on your radio. It would help if you then released the button once the proper value for the last two digits is displayed. 

Second to last, press the “hour” button or right arrow to set the first and second digits. This is the final part of the new radio code your stereo will save. After this, you should press the “mode” button to lock in the code that you have just set. 

Finally, turn the radio on by pressing the source or power button, and the reset should then be complete, and your radio should be functioning correctly. 

How to Keep My Car Radio From Turning off, So I Don’t Need a Code?

If you have gone through a scenario where you needed to reinsert your radio code and you did not know what it was. The process of obtaining it may have been quite difficult or, if not tricky, perhaps somewhat frustrating. 

For future purposes, you may be wondering if there is a way you can keep your radio powered on in case you have to disconnect the battery for some reason.

It would help if you did not have to insert the code again, and there are such devices that allow you to do so. 

Keep alive devices

These are devices designed to keep your radio powered on when the battery is disconnected for a certain period of time. They only supply a limited amount of power and typically plug into your cigarette lighter. 

These devices are great for such occasions when you require disconnecting your battery, however, do take note that they can sometimes cause a short circuit. Hence they should only be used in particular circumstances, and keeping the radio code safe and close by is typically a better option in general. 


A car radio code is an anti-theft device implemented into your radio. This little sequence of digits has to be inserted into your radio every time the car radio loses power. 

Entering the code can sometimes be a painful experience, especially if you do not have the code, mostly because it is very likely that your stereo came fully functional already, and you did not even know that it existed. 

When needed, you will have to try and find the code to enable your radio once again through various methods.

Having a car stereo stopped working can be quite frustrating, especially if you find that your radio loses power frequently due to a flat battery, a short that is causing it to lose power, or for many other reasons.

You can reset it without the code, but that only applies to specific models and stereos brands.

The best thing you can do is when you purchase a car or a new stereo is to keep the code somewhere safe and be able to retrieve it quickly if necessary.